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Five of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning

  • Upright Keywords:

    Financial Hardship, Insecurity, Isolation, Poverty, Worry, Neglect, Struggle

  • Reversed Keywords:

    Recovery, Improvement, Hope, Renewal, Overcoming Challenges, Support, Resilience


The Five of Pentacles symbolizes financial hardship, insecurity, and struggle, often indicating feelings of isolation and neglect. Reversed, it suggests recovery, improvement, and the rediscovery of hope, highlighting the ability to overcome challenges through resilience and finding support.

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What Does The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean?

The Five of Pentacles in tarot often reflects a difficult period of financial hardship, insecurity, or loss. This card is typically represented by two figures in a snowstorm passing by a lighted window, symbolizing a feeling of being left out in the cold or neglected. The Five of Pentacles suggests a time of struggle, where you may feel isolated, worried about your financial situation, or experiencing a sense of poverty, either materially or emotionally.

This card can indicate the need to seek support or assistance, reminding you that help is available, even in tough times. As any professional online tarot reader will tell you, it's a call not to lose hope and to remember that hardship can lead to personal growth and eventual improvement.

The Five of Pentacles Upright Tarot Card Meaning

Upright, the Five of Pentacles indicates a phase where you might be facing financial difficulties or feeling a sense of lack and insecurity. This card suggests that you may be experiencing a tough time, feeling isolated or unsupported in your struggles. It's a reminder that it's important to reach out for help and to remember that difficult times are often temporary.

The Five of Pentacles encourages you to seek support from your community or loved ones and to explore available resources that can help you through this challenging period. It also reminds you to take care of your emotional well-being, as feeling neglected or isolated can take a toll on your mental health.

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

In love and relationships, the Five of Pentacles can signify a period of emotional hardship or feeling disconnected from your partner. It might indicate that financial stress is impacting your relationship or that you or your partner are feeling unsupported or neglected.

This card encourages open communication about your struggles and seeking mutual support within the relationship. It's a reminder that facing hardships together can strengthen your bond and that it's important to be there for each other, especially during challenging times.

The Five of Pentacles Meaning: Money & Career

Regarding career and finances, the Five of Pentacles often indicates a time of financial strain or professional setbacks. It suggests that you might be facing job loss, reduced income, or overwhelming expenses.

This card encourages you to look for assistance or new opportunities, even when things seem bleak. It's a reminder that persistence and resilience are key to overcoming these challenges and that exploring different avenues for financial stability or professional growth can lead to eventual improvement.

Upright Meaning: Past

Reflecting on the past, the Five of Pentacles in an upright position may represent a time of financial struggle or emotional hardship that you have experienced. It could symbolize a period where you felt unsupported, isolated, or worried about your material circumstances, emphasizing the challenges you've overcome.

The Five of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When reversed, the Five of Pentacles suggests a period of recovery and improvement from financial hardship or emotional isolation. It indicates a shift towards a more hopeful and positive outlook, where the struggles and challenges you have faced are beginning to improve. This card can symbolize the finding of support, the renewal of hope, and the overcoming of obstacles that once seemed insurmountable.

The reversed Five of Pentacles encourages resilience and reassures you that the difficult period is passing, opening the way for better times ahead. It's a reminder to acknowledge your strength in overcoming adversity and to continue seeking solutions and support, as they will lead to further improvements.

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

In a reversed position regarding love and relationships, the Five of Pentacles can indicate a reconnection and renewed support within a partnership that previously faced difficulties. It suggests overcoming emotional or financial challenges that have strained the relationship, leading to a stronger and more supportive bond.

For those who have felt isolated or neglected, this card signals a time of healing and renewed connection, encouraging open communication and mutual support to rebuild the relationship’s foundation.

The Five of Pentacles Meaning: Money & Career

Reversed in career and financial readings, the Five of Pentacles indicates a turning point where financial situations or professional challenges begin to improve. It suggests finding new opportunities for income or career growth and recovering from previous setbacks.

This card encourages you to stay optimistic and to continue exploring different avenues for advancement, as your efforts are likely to pay off. It's a reminder that perseverance and adaptability are key to overcoming financial difficulties and achieving stability and success.

Reversed Meaning: Past

Looking back, the Five of Pentacles reversed may reflect a past period of hardship that has since improved, highlighting your resilience and ability to overcome tough situations. It could represent a time when you found the support or resources needed to move past financial struggles or emotional challenges, emphasizing the importance of hope and determination in difficult times.

Is The Five of Pentacles a Yes or No Card?

The Upright Five of Pentacles Meaning: Yes or No

In a yes or no reading, the upright Five of Pentacles generally suggests a no, indicating that you may be facing challenges or hardships in the situation you are asking about. It's a sign to prepare for potential difficulties and to seek support where needed.

The Reversed Five of Pentacles Meaning: Yes or No

Reversed, the Five of Pentacles in a yes or no reading leans towards yes, suggesting that you are moving away from difficulties and towards a period of improvement and recovery. It indicates that the challenges are subsiding, and the situation is getting better.

Reading The Five of Pentacles in a Spread

In a tarot spread, the Five of Pentacles’s position and surrounding cards can offer insights into your current challenges and the path toward recovery and improvement.

Five of Pentacles and The Star. This combination suggests that hope and healing are on the horizon. The Star adds a sense of optimism and renewal, indicating that your difficulties are leading to spiritual and emotional growth.

Five of Pentacles and The Devil. Together, these cards can indicate being trapped in a negative situation, possibly due to material or emotional dependencies. The Devil suggests the need for self-awareness and breaking free from limiting patterns or behaviors.

Five of Pentacles and The Six of Swords. This pairing points to moving away from hardship towards a more stable and peaceful situation. The Six of Swords indicates a transition phase, suggesting that while challenges remain, you are heading towards calmer waters.

Five of Pentacles and The Ten of Cups. When combined, these cards suggest that despite financial or material difficulties, emotional and familial support is available. The Ten of Cups adds an element of emotional fulfillment, indicating that love and support from those around you are key to overcoming challenges.

Five of Pentacles and The Knight of Pentacles. This combination represents a diligent and practical approach to overcoming difficulties. The Knight of Pentacles suggests that steady effort and a methodical plan will be effective in navigating and improving your current situation.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Guide

Five Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning