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The Strength

Tarot Card Meaning

  • Upright Keywords:

    Courage, Inner Strength, Compassion, Patience, Confidence, Influence, Resilience

  • Reversed Keywords:

    Self-Doubt, Weakness, Insecurity, Impatience, Overbearing, Lack of Self-Discipline, Vulnerability


The Strength represents inner courage, emotional and mental resilience, and the power of compassion and patience. It symbolizes confidence in the face of major challenges and proclaims the value of mental over physical strength.

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What Does The Strength Tarot Card Mean?

The Strength tarot card depicts a woman holding the jaws of a lion. This image represents domination, control, bravery, and courage. The lion itself symbolizes courage and survival. So, according to professional tarot card readers, the card generally connects survival with control and bravery.

The woman in the picture is simultaneously tender and strong, which captures the complexity of the meaning of The Strength card. It doesn’t merely represent strength in its traditional understanding; it’s also about the power of compassion and courage. The Strength emphasizes that it’s the mental strength that gives us the ability to move mountains (as opposed to physical strength).

The Strength Upright Tarot Card Meaning

The Strength card in the upright position generally represents the person’s ability to overcome stressful situations and the abundance of inner strength in him or her. Upright, The Strength stands for grace and confidence one demonstrates in the face of adversity. It’s a beautiful symbol of vigor but also vulnerability (which is the ultimate form of strength).

The seemingly gentle woman depicted in The Strength is a reminder that compassion and understanding are actually evidence of great power. Being gentle doesn’t mean being weak. On the contrary, it means being self-assured and open to the world.

The Strength Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

The Strength card in an upright position refers to a strong relationship that involves intense feelings. This type of relationship has its pros and cons, like obsession and jealousy, but also deep adoration and protectiveness of one’s partner. So, you and your significant other need to use your inner strength to navigate the challenges of your relationship; this will bring you closer to one another.

The Strength Meaning: Money & Career

If you’re someone who lets their emotions get in the way of their career and business, this card indicates that you need to work on yourself to put an end to this. It’s time you worked on the skill of self-control and learned how to become the master of your own life.

You have enough skills and courage to do that. If you’ve always wished to run your own business but failed due to emotions and the fear of failure, it’s time you gathered your courage and took the first step. Your investment will pay off, and there will be an inflow of money, not to mention a sense of accomplishment.

Upright Meaning: Past

If you draw the upright Strength when asking the tarot deck something about your past, it might point toward a situation in the past where your strength and resilience helped you achieve what you wanted. Perhaps the cards are trying to remind you about that to light the flame within you and show you how strong you actually are, even if it doesn’t always feel like that.

The Strength Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Strength card in the reversed position represents self-doubt, vulnerabilities, and a feeling of not being enough or ready. If this card shows up, that means you’re going to experience or are already experiencing fear or anger. You’ve forgotten all the good about yourself and the life around you, which is weakening you.

Perhaps you have recently experienced something traumatic, and that trauma left you feeling weak and unsure of yourself. If that’s the case, the cards likely want to show you that you are the number one person responsible for your own happiness and success. Once you gather your inner strength again, you will get back on the right track.

The Strength Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

If you draw The Strength in a reversed position when asking the deck about your love life, it means that you need to reduce the dependency on your partner or relationship and incline yourself towards your own interest. It’s important to make yourself strong, and it will, in turn, make your relationship stronger, too. This card may also reflect the domination of one partner over the other. Reflect on your current relationship to make sure you aren’t being oppressed.

The Strength Meaning: Money & Career

Are you feeling constant fear or stress about moving forward in your career or making critical business decisions? The reversed Strength indicates that your fear is discouraging and harming you. You need to let go of the fear of failure to make your career or business thrive. Also, the deck might be telling you that you should be a bit smarter and more cautious when it comes to spending money.

Reversed Meaning: Past

If you draw the reversed Strength card when seeking answers about your past, it might mean that the cards are trying to remind you about the situation in the past when your indecisiveness and self-doubt got in the way of what you wanted. The deck’s goal here is to reassure you and prevent such a situation from happening again.

Is The Strength a Yes or No Card?

Upright Strength Meaning: Yes or No

When you’re asking a yes or no question, The Strength card in the upright position stands for a cautious yet quietly confident yes. It suggests that with patience, compassion, and inner courage, you are likely to achieve everything you want. It’s a sign of encouragement and an indication that your inner strength is enough for what’s in store for you.

Reversed Strength Meaning: Yes or No

The Strength card in the reversed position during a yes or no reading is a no, or at least not at the moment. The cards are telling you that while your plan isn’t necessarily doomed to fail, now is definitely not the right time to bring it to life. You don’t have all the resources you need to succeed, and your confidence isn’t where it should be yet.

Reading The Strength in a Spread

The Lovers. When drawn together, The Strength and The Lovers represent a harmonious relationship built equal parts on passion and compassion. They point toward a strong bond born out of mutual respect and understanding.

The Emperor. When paired with The Emperor, The Strength symbolizes a powerful combination of discipline and inner resolve. The deck is telling you that you have the determination and emotional strength to achieve all your goals, no matter how ambitious they are.

The Tower. The combination of The Strength and The Tower represents the ability to stay calm and composed even in times of crisis. The Tower points toward some upheaval, but The Strength suggests that you’ll be able to navigate it with grace and no fear.

The Star. When paired together, The Star and The Strength predict a time of optimism and hope. Whatever it is you are planning, it is going to be a big success. All you need is to believe in yourself and hold your ground no matter what.

The Chariot. When drawn together, The Chariot and The Strength represent a powerful blend of inner strength and outward action. You might face some obstacles on your way to success, but the cards are sure that you will be able to overcome them and come out on top.

The Strength Tarot Guide

The Strength Tarot Card Meaning