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Explore Cancer Lucky Numbers, Stone and Days

Lucky numbers, colors, and planetary days carry cosmic vibrations and energies that can change one’s aura and influence the event's outcomes. For Cancers, lucky numbers align with their life path and can bring good fortune and positivity in their career and matters of heart. So, if you’re a Cancerian who wants to change his or her life for the better, learn the lucky numbers, colors, and days for your Zodiac sign and apply that knowledge when planning important events in your life.

Cancer Lucky Numbers

  • 2
  • 7
  • 11
  • 43

The top 3 lucky numbers for Cancer are 2, 7, with additional auspicious numbers being 11 and 43. In particular the number 'two' holds significance for Cancers as it symbolizes the Moon and amplifies Cancer’s sensitivity. Therefore, dates that contain 2 are great for reigniting the communication with your loved ones and building new connections.

Neptune is associated with the number 7, and Mars is linked to the number 9. The days related to Neptune (7th, 17th and 27th of every month) are ideal for sparking creativity and engaging in self-reflection. Meanwhile, the dates aligned with Mars (19th and 29th) are opportune moments for making significant life choices and embarking on transformative journeys.

The last Cancer lucky numbers are 11 and 43. Number 11 represents Uranus - the planet of change. Cancers aren’t risk-takers, so the number 11 can add confidence and energy to Cancer’s sensitive nature. Meanwhile, 43 combines the energies of the 4 and 3 digits, the number of Uranus and Jupiter, which stand for hard work and creativity respectively. Therefore, 43 is a Cancer lucky number in their professional endeavors.

Cancer Lucky Lottery Numbers

Unlike Air and Fire Zodiac signs, Cancers prefer stability and security in their finances. They don’t naturally believe in luck and have a down-to-earth approach. However, if you’ve decided to play a lottery, do that on your lucky money days for Cancer and look for your lucky numbers in the ticket. Also, don't forget to consider numbers that include your lucky digits, such as 27 or 92, when playing the game.

Cancer Lucky Color

Soft blues, white, and silver are the top lucky colors for Cancers. These are typically colors that all Water Zodiac signs can wear to stay happily in their element (pun intended). Calm and comfort are the main things that Cancers appreciate in life and their surroundings. So, adding home décor elements like cushions in soft blue pillowcases or white stationery can help Cancers reach inner balance in their personal and professional life.

Wearing silver jewelry is also a great way for this Zodiac sign to stay collected and get a sense of tranquility when times get tough. As white and silver are also the colors of peace and spirituality, adding candles and mandalas to this color palette can also improve the outcomes of meditation and relaxation practices for the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Cancer Lucky Days

There are two lucky days for Cancer - Monday and Thursday. Monday is the day when the Moon's influence is the highest. As the Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet, people born under this Zodiac sign might feel that luck is on their side on Monday. They’re never late for their work meetings on this day, their energy is consistent, and they find it easier to tap into their intuitive side. Mondays are great for channeling Cancer’s energy into reigniting their passion in matters of the heart, upgrading their home space, and completing their household chores.

Thursdays are governed by Jupiter, which symbolizes expansion, abundance, optimism, and generosity. For Cancers, this is a great time to plan a trip, volunteer, buy gifts, or start a new hobby together with your loved ones.

Cancer Lucky Stone

Moonstones and pearls are the luckiest gems for the Cancer Zodiac sign. Moonstones channel lunar energies and emphasize your emotional and intuitive side as a Cancer. Wearing moonstone jewelry can awaken your spiritual side and create a protective shield against the negative cosmic forces. Meanwhile, pearls symbolize the divine feminine energy and amplify Cancer’s nurturing and protective instincts. For instance, if you’ve recently become a parent, wearing pearls can help you foster a deeper bond with your child.

Combining these two stones in jewelry can help the Cancer Zodiac sign ensure emotional stability, gain inner wisdom, and heighten their intuition.