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Aquarius craves a light, fun, and exciting environment where they can be themselves and grow at their own pace. This may be puzzling for those unfamiliar with the Aquarius love language. But for those who are, it's what makes loving an Aquarius an unforgettable journey.

If you're looking to build a future with this independent and progressive sign, it's critical to delve into astrology a bit to understand Aquarius love compatibility and know which Zodiac signs are compatible with Aquarius.

aquarius compatibility chart


Aquarius' values are deeply rooted in their fixed Air nature and their ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus. They include freedom, progress, and intellectualism. Aquarius relationships are based on intellectual companionship, mutual respect for independence, and shared dreams. This Zodiac sign sees love not just as a personal connection but as a partnership that contributes positively to society.

When Aquarius falls in love, they see their partner as a rare gem that should be cherished and protected. They take their time to find a unique individual who shares their love for humanity and has a deeply rooted desire to see the world progress and evolve.

Aquarius is a gentle and stable lover. When the perfect level of Aquarius compatibility is achieved, they value their partners more than they could verbally express at times; they prefer to show it. Don't let their aloof front confuse you. Despite their individualism, Aquarius is a deeply emotional and sentimental sign. You just need to invest some time in getting to know them.

Aquarius Compatibility Chart

The best compatibility for aquarius

For the Aquarius, love runs deeper than mere attraction. They seek intellectual stimulation and shared ideologies. The best compatibility for Aquarius is with a companion who resonates with their desire for independence and exploration. In their partners, Aquarians seek intellectual stimulation and mutual respect for each other's individuality.

Aquarius compatibility with fellow Air signs

Aquarians gravitate towards those who can engage them in meaningful conversations, match their intellectual wavelength, and appreciate their unique perspective. Their ideal partner is someone who values their independence and shares their vision for a better world. This might explain why Aquarians often find themselves drawn to fellow Air signs (Gemini and Libra), who can meet their intellectual needs and understand their love for freedom.

Aquarius compatibility with Fire signs: Sagittarius and Leo

The same applies to Sagittarius, who appreciates freedom and a sense of novelty. Unsurprisingly, Aquarius is instantly drawn to this Fire sign. On their quest for freedom, innovation, and exploration, Aquarius also has a complex yet intense relationship with their sister sign, Leo, who shares many of their values but shows them in a different way. When these two signs meet, they either get along instantly or can barely stand each other.

aquarius love compatibility

In love, Aquarius plays by its own rules, just like in every other aspect of life. They seek a partner who stimulates their mind and respects their independence. Aquarius appreciate original things, meaningful conversations, and a shared vision for humanity. Love for Aquarius isn't just about romance; it's about partnership, understanding, friendship, and shared freedom. The ideal relationship for them feels like coming home to their best friend and spending some quality time (both together and separately).

Aquarius is a fixed Air sign known for its intellectual depth, inventive spirit, and strong desire for freedom. They are ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, but also Uranus, the planet of rebellion and innovation. These celestial bodies grant Aquarius a unique blend of stability and innovation. As a result, they have a rational mindset while also chasing novel ideas and progress.

At first, it may seem like looking for love isn't the primary goal in life for the Aquarius Zodiac sign. But don't let the independence, obvious in the Aquarius personality, fool you. In reality, they do want to find a partner, someone to join them on their life-long quest for knowledge and innovation.

Aquarius romantic compatibility as a fixed sign

Aquarius’ love life reflects their fixed Air attributes and planetary rulers. Their journey in love, similar to their essence, is a fascinating fusion of steadfastness and novelty. As a fixed sign, Aquarians have a clear sense of self, defined values, and strong dedication to their loved one (once they commit to a relationship).

However, as an Air Zodiac sign, Aquarius also lives with a constant thirst for intellectual stimulation, novelty, and freedom. That's why they seek partners who are stimulating, fun, authentic, and somehow different from everyone else they know. To capture Aquarius' attention, you need also need to be hungry for knowledge and have a variety of hobbies and dreams. Unshakable loyalty to your loved ones is a non-negotiable, too.

Aquarius' compatible signs across the Zodiac

Since Aquarius values personal freedom and growth in a relationship, they get along amazingly with their fellow Air signs—Libra and Gemini. With them, Aquarians can immerse themselves in intellectual stimulation and exploration. Another likely match for them is with Fire signs, such as Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. Their optimistic and bold nature can inspire Aquarius to show their authentic side and have fun. 

In contrast, Water signs are on the opposite side of the Aquarius relationship compatibility spectrum. Aquarius might not understand the emotional nature of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. They might even go as far as to intellectualize their partner's problems, which is bound to cause friction in the relationship.

Earth signs, such as Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, aren't the best match for Aquarius, either. Their practical and stable nature clashes with Air signs' need to explore conceptual ideas and learn new things. 

An Aquarius needs a partner who values their freedom, authenticity, and life-changing ideas. They yearn for someone who shares their love for exploration and has a passion for justice. These qualities make them seem like they are looking for a good friend. This isn't wrong. The perfect lover for Aquarius is their closest and most trusted friend.

Female gender symbolaquarius  woman compatibility

When an Aquarius woman falls in love, she brings into the relationship a beautiful blend of intellect and independence. She treasures a love that fuels her curious mind, sparks her creative spirit, and embraces her unique worldview. Aquarius female compatibility stems from shared interests, passions, and a dream for a better world. That's why Aquarius women are drawn to Fire and Air signs, such as Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, and Leo.

An Aquarius woman demands respect for her time and individuality; she refuses to blindly conform to societal norms. This makes her sister sign Leo a complex yet wonderful match for her. Aquarius' partner must understand that for her, personal space and freedom are as essential as the air she breathes. A partner who makes her feel confined will suffocate her vibrant spirit, and she will quickly decide to leave. No wonder Water and Earth signs are at the bottom of Aquarius love compatibility.

Male gender symbolaquarius  man compatibility

A male Aquarius in love is an intellectual and steady charmer. He craves a relationship that stimulates his mind and aligns with his futuristic visions. Often seen as a bit detached, his emotional expression is simply different. An Aquarius man isn't prone to grand romantic gestures. Instead, he expresses his love through intellectual companionship and shared dreams. Even if it seems like he isn't paying attention, he has a deeply emotional side that inspires him to do anything for his partner—and never mention it.

Aquarius male compatibility isn't much different from its female counterpart. An Aquarius man cherishes his freedom and seeks a partner who respects his need for personal space. His love story is one of shared dreams, intellectual camaraderie, and mutual respect for individuality. This makes him incredibly fond of Fire and Air signs, such as Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra. He needs someone who inspires him and believes in his unconventional ideas.

aquarius marriage compatibility

Marriage with an Aquarius is an expedition through an untamed intellectual wilderness, a journey of mutual growth and shared dreams. An Aquarian partner is someone who will always strive for progress, continually pushing the relationship to new heights.

While Aquarius may not always express love in a traditional sense, they make a dedicated, loyal partner. They seek a companion who respects their space and values their intellect. Communication is paramount to them; they crave an equal, a confidante, someone who shares their dreams and visions.

Priorities in marriage for Aquarius

Aquarians require a partner who understands their need for freedom and personal space. This understanding will provide a foundation for a marriage that thrives on intellectual stimulation, shared passions, and mutual respect. At times, it might seem like Aquarius' relationship with their spouse isn't much different to them than the bonds they share with friends. Be prepared—this sign has a strong need for equality and freedom, which makes it challenging for Aquarius to prioritize their closest person over other loved ones.

Aquarius marriage compatibility across the Zodiac

Such a difficulty rating their closest people (and other important things in life, for that matter) makes Aquarius unfit for long-lasting relationships with Earth and Water signs—Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. Water signs demand a more practical and devoted approach to love and might struggle to understand Aquarius' love language.

However, Aquarius' fellow Air signs enjoy the freedom that an Aquarius brings into their life. It's refreshing to know that your partner lets you explore life and grow at your own pace while being only a few steps away if you need them. Once again, another amazing match for Aquarius is with Sagittarius. Sagittarius' need for exploration and growth, as well as their intoxicating optimism mixed with fiery honesty, is a great combination of qualities for an Aquarius.

It's essential to remember that Aquarians remain fiercely independent even in marriage. But that's in no way a flaw. Quite the contrary—Aquarius will be a loyal, devoted, and inspiring partner that grants you freedom and expects the same in return.

aquarius sex compatibility

An Aquarian's approach to intimacy mirrors their overall personality—it's unique, intellectual, and not bound by conventions. Physical relationships for Aquarius are mostly about mental stimulation and diversity. In bed, Aquarians are looking for a deep connection that fuels their intellect and sets free their inventive ideas. They are willing to try almost everything and are happy with a partner who enjoys thinking out of the box.

Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius—the most compatible signs for Aquarius in bed

Because of this love for the new and unconventional, Aquarius Zodiac compatibility is the highest with Gemini, Aries, and Sagittarius, especially in the bedroom. These signs share an explorative approach to intimacy that suits Aquarius' intellectual and experimental nature. In the intimate life of an Aquarius, there is nothing off-topic or taboo. 

Aquarius seeks a partner who shares the same approach and is ready to try anything with them. But don't be intimidated. Aquarius' innovation and creativity make them an exciting lover ready to explore your wildest fantasies.

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  • The best compatibility with Aquarius is Gemini and Libra. According to astrology, Sagittarius, Aries, and fellow Aquarius aren't far behind; each of these signs is a great match for Aquarians. Basically, any Air or Fire sign can be a good partner for Aquarius, which can't be said about their Water and Earth counterparts.

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