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taurus & aquarius Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 66%
  • Love 66%
  • Sex 68%
  • Family 66%
  • Friendship 64%
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taurus and aquarius Compatibility

An ambitious couple

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • individuality
  • smart
  • loyal
  • eccentric
  • unique
  • brilliant

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • sassy
  • sarcastic
  • egocentric
  • rigid
  • controlling
  • judgemental


An odd couple to be sure, your compatibility shows you will appreciate the unique and eccentric experiences you tend to have when together.

You will need to work on understanding and making space for the individualistic nature of each other's personalities in order to move into a harmonious connection.

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Taurus and Aquarius both love success in all areas, but have contrasting approaches as they are different elements. Taurus being an earth sign loves stability and hates change while Aquarius as an air sign is experimental, therefore, their energy is constantly at odds. An Aquarius doesn't understand Taurus' obsession over true love, and Taurus doesn't understand how Aquarius feels like emotions are a sign of weakness. There is no emotional connection. In addition, the ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus, which brings a wild eccentricity and electrified approach to being that Venus-ruled Taurus often finds aesthetically unpleasing and stressful.

Values for taurus and aquarius

These two signs have dynamic energy and a lot they can learn from one another. Taurus can be self-conscious or shy around their Aquarius partner who is Uranus ruled and therefore they do not care so much for fitting into what society expects of them, while Taurus, being ruled by Venus, deeply values and cares about other people's opinions of them. Aquarius has trouble grasping that Taurus needs to feel comfortable physically and emotionally, and sometimes does not feel great about themselves if everything is not in its proper place in their life. Taurus thinks very differently from Aquarius and being honest with each other can lead to further confusion and misunderstanding. If Aquarius wants to build love with a Taurus, they have to let go of their self-righteous attitude and be concerned with their partner's feelings. Also, Taurus needs to stop taking to heart what everyone says and start being verbal with their emotions.

taurus and aquarius Love Compatibility

In love, the Taurus Aquarius connection is oddly strange, they often appear mismatched for each other, but may fall in love for a brief time and later realize they aren't a good fit for one another. Aquarius might look flexible but is quite rigid, just like Taurus, and when two such signs get together tension tends to build over time and resentment may develop between them. In addition, Aquarius as an active, positive sign, therefore pushes their ideas and dominance in the relationship while Taurus as a receptive sign tends to be less able to vocalize and share what they want and desire in love and sex. Aquarius moves quickly while Taurus moves slow, which can make for a mismatch in their sex life. The earthy sensuality of Taurus often cannot find the detached Aquarius sexual energy attractive. This match needs the gentleness and calmness of Taurus to merge with the self-contained and isolated Aquarius if they are going to make this partnership work!

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Fixed-Fixed

Taurus and Aquarius are both most focused when they have set a goal. Sometimes they can be quite stubborn, but their hardworking nature outshines that flaw.

Polarity: Feminine-Masculine

Taurus has strong and powerful intuition, while Aquarius is outgoing and social. Together they complete each other and make an incredible connection.


They can easily complement each other in order to be in a harmonious relationship. However, modality compatibility shows that inflexibility and stubbornness can be a big problem for them. They must work on being more tolerant.

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Shared activities

Almost an impossible mission to combine these two and find shared activities for them. Generally, the signs are not even attracted to each other, however, Taurus will gladly visit a strange place they have never been to by the initiative of Aquarius, of course. But afterwards Taurus will go home while Aquarius doesn't have this need and wants to always be on the move, so this is where their together activities will end up, and both will continue doing different things.

taurus and aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius are definitely on the "opposites attract" part of the Zodiac compatibility spectrum. An outsider looking in might even claim that these signs can't build a harmonious relationship because of how different they are. But that's not true—the Taurus and Aquarius marriage compatibility can get surprisingly high over time, as long as both partners stay intentional about listening to one another and searching for common ground. If you're a Taurus, you value stability, security, and loyalty. Aquarius' love for freedom and unpredictability might seem foreign to you, even if you are naturally drawn to these qualities. You might even be annoyed by your Aquarius partner's bottomless curiosity and continuous attempts to reinvent the wheel. In turn, don't be surprised if they accuse you of being too conservative or even boring in the middle of a heated argument. On the bright side, though, the two of you complement each other and can achieve good Taurus and Aquarius compatibility for marriage against all odds. To prevent losing your partner because of your differing values and paces, make open communication the number one rule of your relationship. Only if you learn to listen and appreciate each other's uniqueness will you maximize your compatibility in marriage.

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: Pros and Cons


  • Opposites attract: Taurus and Aquarius are opposite signs, which can create an intense attraction between them.
  • Intellectual stimulation: Aquarius loves to explore new ideas and theories, which can intrigue Taurus and broaden their perspectives.
  • Creative pursuits: Both signs have a love for art and creativity, which can lead to inspiring and fulfilling projects.
  • Stability and excitement: Taurus provides stability and comfort, while Aquarius brings excitement and adventure to the relationship.


  • Communication differences: Taurus values straightforward communication, while Aquarius tends to be more abstract and theoretical.
  • Social lives: Aquarius values independence and social connections, while Taurus prefers a smaller circle of close friends and family.
  • Emotional expression: Taurus can struggle with expressing their emotions, while Aquarius can have a hard time understanding and connecting with their own feelings.
  • Stubbornness: Both signs can be stubborn, which can lead to disagreements and conflicts.

Taurus and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

When it comes to friendship, Taurus and Aquarius have the potential to complement each other well. Taurus can bring stability, loyalty, and a grounded perspective to the friendship, while Aquarius can bring their creativity, spontaneity, and independent nature. Taurus may find Aquarius exciting and enjoy their unconventional approach to life, while Aquarius may appreciate Taurus’s reliability and dependability. However, conflicts can arise due to their different ways of approaching life. Taurus can be more traditional and conservative, while Aquarius is more progressive and unconventional, which can lead to disagreements. Additionally, Taurus may not appreciate Aquarius’s tendency to be emotionally detached at times. Overall, Taurus and Aquarius can make good friends if they respect each other’s differences and find common ground.

Communication Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius can have significant differences when it comes to communication, as they have different communication styles. Taurus tends to be practical, straightforward, and values stability, while Aquarius is more unconventional, independent, and focused on ideas and abstract concepts. This difference can sometimes create misunderstandings and conflicts between the two signs. However, with effort and patience, they can learn to understand and respect each other’s communication styles. Taurus can teach Aquarius to be more grounded and practical in their communication, while Aquarius can teach Taurus to be more open-minded and innovative. Their differences can create a dynamic and exciting relationship, but it requires effort and a willingness to compromise. Overall, their communication compatibility can be challenging, but with effort, it can improve over time.

Life Compatibility for Taurus and Aquarius

When it comes to life compatibility, Taurus and Aquarius can face some challenges due to their different approaches to life. Taurus is practical and likes to take a slow and steady approach to things, while Aquarius is more spontaneous and likes to take risks. Taurus values stability and routine, while Aquarius craves excitement and novelty. However, if they can find a way to balance these differences, they can complement each other well. Taurus can help ground Aquarius and bring some stability to their life, while Aquarius can bring some much-needed excitement and spontaneity into Taurus’ life. Ultimately, their success will depend on their willingness to compromise and find common ground.

Moon And Rising Sign Compatibility

When it comes to the compatibility of the moon and rising signs between Taurus and Aquarius, there may be some challenges. Taurus is an earth sign and tends to be practical, reliable, and grounded, while Aquarius is an air sign that values freedom, independence, and intellectual pursuits. These differences in approach to life may make it difficult for the two to see eye-to-eye, particularly when it comes to emotional expression and communication. Additionally, Taurus may find Aquarius to be too unpredictable and detached, while Aquarius may see Taurus as too stubborn and set in their ways. However, if both signs are willing to make an effort to understand and appreciate each other’s differences, they can still find a way to create a harmonious and fulfilling partnership.


Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatiblity

The compatibility between a Taurus man and an Aquarius woman can be challenging as they have different personality traits. Taurus men are stable, practical, and value security while Aquarius women are independent, innovative, and love their freedom. However, they share a strong physical attraction that can bring them closer. The Taurus man can offer stability and security to the Aquarius woman, while the latter can bring new ideas and excitement to the relationship. Communication and understanding are vital to maintain a happy relationship between these two signs. They need to appreciate each other’s differences and find common ground to build a healthy relationship.

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

When it comes to Taurus woman and Aquarius man compatibility, the initial attraction might be strong, as both signs are independent and have a certain level of mystery. However, as the relationship progresses, there may be some significant differences that can cause conflict. Taurus values security and stability, while Aquarius thrives on change and unpredictability. Additionally, Taurus tends to be more practical and grounded, while Aquarius is more intellectual and free-spirited. However, if they can find a way to balance their differences and appreciate each other’s unique qualities, there is potential for a strong and fulfilling relationship.

Taurus and Taurus Compatibility Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Taurus and Aquarius are not considered highly compatible signs in astrology, but with effort and compromise, a successful relationship can be achieved.

  • Taurus is known for being reliable, practical, and grounded, while Aquarius is known for being independent, unconventional, and intellectual. Both signs value loyalty and honesty, but have different approaches to life and relationships.

  • The main challenges in a Taurus and Aquarius relationship stem from their fundamental differences in approach to life and relationships. Taurus values stability and routine, while Aquarius craves freedom and novelty. Communication can also be an issue, as Taurus is more direct and practical, while Aquarius can be more abstract and detached.

  • To maintain a healthy and happy relationship, Taurus and Aquarius must learn to appreciate and respect each other’s differences, communicate openly and honestly, and find ways to compromise and make each other feel valued and supported.

  • Famous Taurus and Aquarius couples include George Clooney and Amal Clooney, as well as Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks. While these couples have had their challenges, they demonstrate that a successful relationship between Taurus and Aquarius is possible with effort and understanding.