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Leo Lucky Numbers, Color, and Days

As a Leo, you love action and energy. Nonetheless, before you roar into action (pun intended), learn how to hit the jackpot from the very start. All you need to know is that lucky numbers, days, and colors can uplift your spirits and attract good fortune. The most surprising thing is that the same number can be a Leo lucky number and the unlucky one for any other Zodiac sign. Therefore, find out which elements like color and stones can bring you a fortune and which to avoid.

Leo Lucky Numbers

  • 1
  • 4
  • 5
  • 9
  • 13

In Leo's numbers horoscope, 1 takes a special place as it’s the number of Leo’s ruling planet - the Sun. Like their ruling planet, Leo radiates warmth and positive energy and is always on the quest of conquering new heights whether in career or love life. Therefore, dates that contain 1 (11, 21, 31) are the perfect days for accomplishing Leo’s big goals.

Numbers 4 and 5 represent Uranus and Mercury respectively. As Uranus stands for risk and innovation, number 4 can help Leos start new projects confidently. For instance, they can do it on the fourth day of the week or divide the project into 4 parts. Meanwhile, number 5 is associated with Mercury. So, days that contain 5 in their dates are suitable for writing messages, catching up with your friends, and making important phone calls.

Numbers 9 and 13 are also lucky numbers for Leo. In Leo's numbers horoscope, 9 symbolizes Mars and amplifies Leo’s vital energy and passion. Meanwhile, if you keep noticing 13 in your surroundings, this might be a sign to reassess your current life and be courageous enough to make changes.

Leo Lucky Lottery Numbers

Leos are commonly not the ones who’ll risk it all in the name of luck and money as they prefer hard work and dedication. When aiming to win the lottery as a Leo, make sure to keep an eye out for your lucky numbers printed on the ticket. Here, your lucky numbers are 1, 4, 5, 9, and 13, and other numbers that contain them, such as 14, 15, 19, 59, 45, etc.

Leo Lucky Color

Leo lucky colors range from royal gold to fiery red, precisely reflecting Leo’s element, the Fire. Leo lucky colour, royal gold, stands for wealth and success and is a perfect color choice for Leo’s career. Adding accessories in royal gold, whether in jewelry or office stationery, can help you feel more confident during work meetings, especially when you need to close big deals.

Other colors that can uplift Leo’s spirits are fiery red, yellow, and orange. In Leo’s palette, these colors are very close to each other in the energy they display. All of them amplify Leo’s high energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. Adding yellow pillows to your sofa or a red vase to the table as part of your home decor will help you avoid falling into an energy slump.

Leo Lucky Days

Leo lucky days are Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Tuesdays are the days of Mars and are the best days for work competitions and physical activities. You can plan your sports sessions on Tuesdays or complete challenging tasks that require competition with your colleagues.

Fridays are the days of Venus and the perfect time to catch up with your romantic partner, go on a date and plan a sensual experience like getting a massage or going to a new restaurant. Other than that, Fridays are Leo lucky money days when they can save money on beauty procedures or luxury items.

Sundays are the luckiest days for Leo as they are the days of Leo’s ruling planet. Sundays are perfect for spending time with your family as a Leo, growing spiritually, and sharing your love and creative talents with others.

Leo Lucky Stone

Similar to lucky numbers, lucky stones for Leo are talismans that align Leo’s energy with cosmic forces and bring good fortune to Leo’s life. The top lucky stones for Leo are peridot and carnelian. Peridot, also called ‘the gem of the Sun,’ blocks the negative energy that can interfere with your emotional well-being and prevents you from getting overwhelmed and exhausted.

Meanwhile, carnelian is known for bringing courage to those who wear it. As we know from Leo facts, Leos are risk-takers who love boasting their courage. For Leos, carnelian is a stone to wear during public speaking, important work meetings, and any other situation where confidence and charisma are must-haves.