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Libra Lucky Numbers, Color, and Days 

Numerology can help you find the right path and purpose in life while surrounding yourself with things in your luckiest color and making decisions on your luckiest days as a Libra. What we mean by that is that from now on, you’ll know when cosmic forces have the highest potential to guide you toward success. Whether you’re looking for a job or trying to build a fulfilling romantic life, you’ll know which days are the best for dates, which color can bring you harmony, and more.

Libra Lucky Numbers

  • 5
  • 6
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

Number 5 symbolizes Libra’s adaptability and ability to transition when change is needed. Liberty and flexibility come naturally to Libra, and that’s why dates that include number 5 are great for communication, whether work meetings or family gatherings. 

Number 6 is the luckiest for Libra as it represents Libra’s guardian - Venus. So, dates containing 6 are perfect for charming your paramour and building a strong romantic relationship. 

Meanwhile, 8 and 9 stand for Saturn and Mars. As Libras often lack self-discipline and tend to fall into an emotional slump, these numbers help Libras stay on track and tackle problems with extreme resilience. As a Libra, you can use the power of these numbers when you lack motivation and can’t properly focus. For instance, divide your task into 8 or 9 parts and set deadlines for each of them, or make a list of 8 or 9 project goals. 

Last but not least, ‘ten’ combines numbers 1 and 0. While 1 symbolizes the beginning of a new cycle, 0 represents infinity and completion. For Libras, 10 is a number for leadership, independence, and innovation; therefore, a perfect date for starting new hobbies or finishing important work tasks.

Libra Lucky Lottery Numbers

Libra is a person who won’t necessarily play a lottery but will always ensure that the prizes are divided equally. However, if you’ve decided to play the slots or spin the roulette wheel, use the power of lucky numbers for Libra - ones that align with your guardian planets. Also, look for numbers that contain your lucky digits, such as 59, 86, etc.

Libra Lucky Color

As a dual Zodiac sign, Libras have more than one color to call ‘lucky.’ Pink and blue are the top Libra lucky colors that represent the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ Libra energy. Both colors are great for creating a peaceful environment, and we all know how much Libras cherish tranquility. Buy a pink pillow or a self-care set to let this color fully relax you.

Meanwhile, adding home decor elements in soft blue tones like cushions and tea sets can help Libras gain clarity in thought and grow in spirituality. For instance, you can bring your relaxation sessions to a new level if you buy a yoga mat in soft blue tones and combine it with sportswear in soft pink ones.

Libra Lucky Days

One of the most interesting Libra facts is that this Zodiac sign has a set of contradictory lucky horoscope days, namely, Fridays and Saturdays. While Fridays inspire Libras to indulge in sensual experiences and stay calm, Saturdays, governed by Saturn, symbolize hard work and discipline. All in all, Fridays are perfect days for sensual pleasures, such as art exhibitions, cooking, and romantic dates. 

Meanwhile, to avoid falling into the self-indulgence slump, use the energy of Saturdays to instill some self-discipline whether by doing household chores or planning your next week.

Libra Lucky Stone

Opals can help Libras mend a broken heart if that’s what you’re going through currently as a Libra. Also, wearing opal jewelry will bring you a sense of confidence and improve your decision-making process. As Libras are notoriously known for their self-sacrificing nature, opals inspire them to focus on their needs first before considering the needs of others. 

The second luckiest gem for Libra is a diamond. Known as gems of Venus, diamonds bring prosperity and harmony to the wearer. For Libras, diamonds serve as talismans that attract balance and can potentially improve Libra’s relationships. Wearing a diamond on a Friday, the day of Venus, will help you stay more persuasive in social interactions, especially romantic ones.