illustration with quotes "return your ex", "find your soulmate", "find yourself", "become happy"

Psychic readings and astrology guidance for being happy in relationships

A psychic reading by Nebula advisors can change your life. We have helped thousands of people to sort out important aspects of life, find soulmates, regain love, recover relationships and get help with personal finances and careers.

illustration with quotes "return your ex", "find your soulmate", "find yourself", "become happy"

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  • NI

    This was exactly what I needed. The guidance to trust myself and what I believe. The response was direct in the way I need, especially with who I am as a person.

  • VA

    It’s scary how accurate this reading is. I can’t believe it. I never write reviews but I really needed to with this one. I love it, it helped me so much to understand myself.

  • MI

    Very assuring and on the level. Really helped my confidence in some big decisions coming up.

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Why choose Nebula

Our advisors can execute a variety of online psychic readings such as love readings, tarot readings, spiritual readings, astrology readings, and dream analysis. In addition, our counsellors can give you life, career and relationship advice to help keep balance in all your life areas.

  • Learn about the possible twists of fate in your love life (marriage, divorce, pregnancy and more).

  • Gain insight on what you need to do in order to find your way to happiness in the present and in the future.

  • Get peace of mind, insight on relationships and closure.

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    Resolve unanswered questions through a professional medium reading.

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    Find out if your partner is your soul mate or a recipe for disaster.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can click the "Advisors" tab on the main page and choose the expert to start the chat. Chatting on Asknebula is similar to chatting with messengers. Our astrologers will shed light on any sphere of your life, such as: when you will get married, whether your partner is loyal to you, or your loved one is thinking about you.

  • Yes, absolutely. All your conversations are anonymous and 100% private. Your data won't be shared or disclosed to any third parties. All the conversations you have with your expert will stay protected.

  • You will be charged a per-minute fee. During that minute, you will be able to send as many messages as you want free of charge. You won't be charged for the time it took the astrologer to answer you.

  • The love reading will be provided by your psychic through a messenger. Once you choose your package, you'll be redirected to a chat room to start a conversation and get the answers.

  • When the Astrologer is online, you can get the answer within 2 minutes. Sometimes, it might take longer, depending on your request. Some questions require deeper analysis. To provide you with complete satisfaction from the astrological consultation and obtain clarity on your questions, Astrologer should study and analyze your horoscope thoroughly and meticulously, and it can take some time.

    When the Astrologer is offline, you will get your answer within 24h. Thank you for your patience and understanding! In case you miss a reply, we'll notify you via email.

  • It can take up to an hour from the time of order to generate a compatibility report based on the information provided and send it to you. You will get your report at the email address you used to register on the platform. Please check your inbox and spam folders carefully.

  • To determine your Zodiac sign, Modern Western Astrology looks at the three most important factors:

    • Your date of birth
    • Your place of birth
    • Your time of birth

    The change of sign does not happen precisely at midnight. The exact time when the Sun switches signs also depends on your location.

    For example, in 2019, the Sun entered Virgo on August 23rd at 6:02 AM in New York, but in Los Angeles, it happened at 03:02 AM. In 2020, since it was a leap year, everything shifted one day (after February), and the Sun changed from Leo to Virgo on the 22nd of August at 11:45 AM in New York and 8:45 AM in Los Angeles.

    The dates for the “beginning” of a new Zodiac sign are the dates when (most of the years) the Sun changes signs. Thus, by providing a specific time and location you help us determine where the Sun was positioned at the exact moment of your birth.