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  • TA
    Tai Mitsuyasu
    Opening quotation marks

    Kind, clear & gave direct answers. I feel a sense of peace again after being so emotional for a period of time around a relationship issue

  • JO
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    Guidance gave me confidence in the next steps and reduced confusion. Helped me to look both ways with my decisions! Told me a lot that helped me trust my intuition and guts!

  • MI
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    Amazing, absolutely amazing! The affirmations I received and nurturing advice, were worth everything! Truly, thank you!

Nebula Review: Everything You Need to Know

Are you missing someone or something important? Or maybe you are always wondering whether or not your partner is cheating on you.

What if we told you there is a special place where you can get answers to all the innermost questions concerning your past, present, and future? 

The answer is Nebula—a website that connects the most powerful psychics and their clients from different parts of the world, and it also has a mobile app.

With the help of various types of psychic readings, experts help people discover all the depths of life and understand how to improve their lives with a few effective steps. 

If you want to meet powerful psychics who can turn your perspectives of the world upside down, then the Nebula website and app are the places to be.

Our platform may have its pros and cons, but what matters the most is that it allows you to interact with psychics who call themselves experts or advisors. You head to the most suitable expert using search filters or our matching quiz and get the help you seek. 

Facts About Nebula

If you are wondering whether Nebula is the right choice for you, then you might feel the need to check out interesting facts about our website: 

A lot of Nebula's reviews are not only focused on the work of the psychics; some of them are customer service reviews. The point is that our platform has a prompt and responsive customer service team, and clients are satisfied with their work. 

If you check the Nebula App review, you'll see that Nebula's mobile version proposes a beauty and health calendar where you can keep tabs on your health and emotional state. 

Nebula psychics have helped hundreds of people and brought the reputation of both our website and the app to a higher level.  Check Nebula reviews or Nebula App reviews to see for yourself.

Nebula's Pros

  • Convenient 1:1 chat readings available 24/7
  • Expert guidance for your romantic relationships
  • Free horoscopes and personalized astrology advice
  • Free credits for your first reading
  • An effective psychic-client matching tool
  • SA
    Samantha Lynn
    Opening quotation marks

    The guidance was full of care and natural flow while providing such attention to detail to all factors within. I love to focus on inner work, self-love, and compassion. ❤️

  • BR
    Opening quotation marks

    Absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad I reached out! They helped me more than just with what I had intended to ask! Very insightful🥰

  • MO
    Opening quotation marks

    Very insightful and caring!! I came with a very heavy heart and left feeling so much lighter and will be back for sure with any future concerns.

Nebula proposes a bunch of free services:

  • Personal daily horoscopes
  • The focus of the day
  • Beauty calendar (Nebula App)
  • Health calendar (Nebula App)

Informational articles on love and relationships as well as various psychics-related topics.

The great thing about Nebula is that you can download our app and get answers from psychics who reside in different parts of the world.

In this Nebula review, you are going to discover the main advantages of our platform and everything you need to know about the customer experience on AskNebula and Nebula App.

Is Ask Nebula legit? The functionality of the Nebula review platform and the skills and experience of our psychic advisors can be easily tested once you take a look at the AskNebula website’s main features and offers:

Experienced Nebula psychics. There are 300+ advisors on Nebula that can be selected once you visit our homepage. Our psychics are ranked by Nebula customers, so you can be sure that all customer reviews are 100% legit. Every AskNebula review and Nebula App review tells a true story of a client's experience with our services.

Smooth user interface. The Nebula psychic network is known for its exceptional operational functions geared at risk-free experience with no glitches or technical inconveniences. Your Nebula psychic advisor can be found in a few clicks. 

Wide choice of reading themes. If you want insight into the matters of love, career, life choices, and finances, Nebula psychics are going to provide you with life-changing advice. Asknebula reviews confirm a rich selection of reading types, including love readings, medium readings, tarot readings, fortune teller services, past life readings, and astrology readings, among many others.

Trial features and offers. The Nebula platform offers a welcome package for those who are new to the site. This allows customers to get a feel of what we offer to our long-term users. Once you sign up at our website and complete a quiz, you will be given $14 in free credits that can be used on any psychic and reading type.

Live chat feature. If you love getting a detailed reading while on the move and don’t have time for email readings, a live chat feature on Nebula allows you to get your fate interpreted instantly. Nebula reviews have only great things to say about the online chat experience.

Get matched feature. This Ask Nebula review would not be complete without the mention of Nebula’s matching tool. You will be asked questions to determine your preferred reader, from your experience with psychic advisors to your main area of psychic interest. This will help us find the best reader fit for you, and according to Nebula psychics review, our clients appreciate this feature.

Nebula—Legit or Scam?

Is Nebula legit or a scam?

People often are eager to know the answer to this question since their life depends on the reliability of the psychics. Unfortunately, a lot of them were victims of terrible scams in the past. But you're safe with Nebula. Here is why: 

When you check out Nebula reviews, you will see the positive effects of readings on people. Our clients write reviews based on their experience with our experts, and the overwhelming majority of Nebula horoscope reviews, Nebula astrology reviews, and other types of clients' feedback is very favorable. 

The process of hiring a psychic is meticulous, which means not every person who thinks they have extrasensory abilities can become a psychic. Our future experts are interviewed beforehand and asked to prove their skills by showcasing their abilities. 

Nebula: Pricing and Discounts

We use a package policy where a new member purchases a subscription to Nebula.

However, all new clients get a welcome bonus in the form of 14$ in free credits, which they can use for quick interaction with psychics. Here are the ways you can pay for the services:

You can purchase a basic package for $19.99.

If you are a new member, you can buy a weekly subscription for $7.99 with a 3-day trial (Nebula App).

You can choose a monthly subscription for $24.99 with a 3-day trial (Nebula App).

Or you can opt for a three-month subscription for $29.99 (Nebula App).

A minute of communication with an expert charges 50 credits.

  • PA
    Opening quotation marks

    So sweet and great advice and guidance. Clarity is given as always quick to respond and explain everything

  • AM
    Opening quotation marks

    WE ARE WOMEN; HEAR US ROAR! SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND! I got the best feminine boost! Epiphany was just perfect. I was able to calm my fears, and nerves and also gain more respect for myself!

  • GY
    Opening quotation marks

    Extremely helpful with my relationship questions, helping me look into many different scenarios. Helping me see that even though I am unsure in what path I would choose, that I will be okay.

Why Nebula Psychics?

Nebula is a great way to widen the spiritual borders of your soul. Psychic reading sessions may not only bring answers but also strengthen your inner powers and heal old wounds because skilled Nebula psychics are well-experienced. What kinds of pros does this website offer?

  • Firstly, it’s a fast registration to the site. The sign-up process will take only several minutes. You will have to write only your email and come up with a nickname for your future account.
  • Secondly, Nebula offers a decent number of spiritual advisors. Almost 170 experts will exploit their psychic powers to help you discover the truth about your future, past, and present. You will be able to set questions about surprising events, unexpected newcomers, impending illnesses, past life occupation, your source for inspiration and the growth of your potential, or advice from deceased relatives and friends.
  • Thirdly, Nebula customers have the privilege of using advanced filters to select a psychic reader. You can set such requirements as Vedic or Western astrologers, the language of your psychic chat session, and the experience you prefer to see in your reader. Besides, you can mention the life issue expertise you need help with and the number of consultations you want your potential psychic to have.
  • In addition, the members of Nebula receive daily affirmations to their accounts, as well as biorhythm checking. Also, they can read for free beauty and health calendars.

Types of Readings on Nebula

Nebula, like many other psychic platforms, proposes a whole range of engaging and effective readings for different purposes.

In our experience, the most popular among them are:


This is your chance to get the answers to the most eternal or mysterious questions by using tarot cards. 


You can have an online live chat with Nebula psychics, who can tell a lot about your fears, plans, hidden desires, and more by just reading your energy. 


Naturopathy helps you treat diseases without traditional medicine but with the help of massage, control diet, and exercise, alongside other holistic methods.

Other popular psychic readings are:

  • Numerology 
  • Clairvoyance
  • Occult Reading
  • Angel Reading 
  • Spirituality
  • Mediumship 
  • Runes 
  • Pendulum
  • Past Life 
  • Aura

All readings delivered by our experts can help you deal with any problem you face. They will connect with your energy to heal your mind and body.

Sessions mostly help you recover from terrible experiences, give you a plan for a better future, and also build prolific relationships with people in your life.

As you can see, Nebula offers sessions that focus on different areas of our lives— from love issues to health problems and beyond.

Almost any Nebula or Nebula App review will show you that our platform includes powerful experts who do not waste anybody’s time with unnecessary information and give you only the truth.How to Use Nebula Site?

Our website aims to help users get a reading of their dreams.

First things first, however, you'll have to follow the usual process of creating an account and finding a psychic advisor. We took it upon ourselves to outline the main steps of getting a reader who can help you resolve your issues no matter what they are:

Create an Account. On the Nebula homepage, you will see a Sign-In button that you need to create an account. You can either sign up with Google or enter your name and email and create a password. We'll then ask you to complete a quiz with questions about your personal data (for example, your date and time of birth), your preferred reading types, and the communication style you'd like your advisor to have. Once you do, you'll receive $14 in free credits to spend on your first reading. You can refill the credits on your Profile page anytime.

Your birth date is required to prepare an authentic Nebula birth chart and horoscope customized to match your personality and provide daily readings on the go.

Based on your quiz responses, you'll get matched with a few experts who meet your criteria the most; the point of this matching tool is to optimize your experience and make sure you vibe with the advisor you get. This valuable function is enabled once you click the Find Your Advisor button at the top of Nebula’s homepage.

If you are ready for a real psychic chat, find the Chat Room tab at the top of the page and click the Start Chat button to have a conversation with any psychic. Before you begin, you can study the psychic’s profile and their per-minute rate to make sure the pricing fits your budget.

Nebula Mobile App

If you start browsing Ask Nebula reviews, you will see that we also have our own state-of-the-art mobile app available on Google Play (4.2 rating) and App Store (4.7 rating). What is even more convenient, our mobile application matches our desktop version in terms of features and tools.

Chat readings and horoscopes will await the fans of all things spiritual as they start using our app to get a psychic session on the move. The Nebula app is a helpful addition to the main version of our site; it serves clients who prefer instant scheduling and chat communication on the go.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a platform that is best known for its simplicity and straightforward approach to psychic readings, Nebula is the one that overshadows other services.

For starters, we allow customers to claim free credits for their first reading to get a feel of the psychic and understand their true goal.

Also, you can choose between several welcome packages to pay for the services on the Nebula site or app. If this is not enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, we should also mention the Find an Advisor tool that makes your choice of the right psychic that much easier.

According to the Ask Nebula review, Nebula is a platform that should be praised for its convenient credit-based system and subtle yet well-thought-out design. We agree!


  • Is Ask Nebula legit? If you’ve been troubled by the same pressing concern, we’ve got an answer: Nebula is a psychic platform that is 100% trustworthy. Each psychic has a personal rating, with credible advisors placed on top of the list and the customer support team ready to help. A uniform approach to psychic profiles is what makes Nebula easy to navigate.

  • If you are not satisfied with the services provided by a psychic advisor, you can contact the customer support team, which will help you find the best possible solution. This may include a refund for your first reading, credits for the next reading, or a combination of both to make your experience on Nebula a positive one.

  • A quality Nebula website review will always contain tips and tricks on how to find the best psychic. You can start by analyzing the psychics’ profiles and the types of services that they provide. If you wish to get your reading immediately, you can get matched with a psychic by completing our quiz.

  • If you are familiar with Nebula psychic reviews, you know that our platform’s approach to spirituality is different compared to a variety of other psychic services. Here, you can get one of the best astrology readings, with the advisor using your birth chart information to glean insight into your heart and soul.