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Leo -

Ruling planetSun
Lucky number1, 4
Lucky daysSunday, Monday
Best careersManagement, politics, entrepreneurship
StrengthsCharismatic, loyal, generous, caring, responsible 
WeaknessesDominant, attention-seeking, arrogant, impulsive, rigid

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Leo Zodiac Sign’s Personality: Traits, Characteristics, and Dates

Generous, determined, and charismatic - these are Leo traits that come to one’s mind when describing the Leo Zodiac sign. Leo personality fully reflects the Leo symbol which is the Lion - the majestic creature known for its dominance in the animal kingdom. Like the Lion, individuals born in Leo dates possess natural leadership and command respect and attention wherever they go. Leo characteristics also include generosity and protectiveness towards their loved ones, mirroring Leo’s devotion to its pride.

What are Leo Season Dates?

Leo birthday falls in Leo season which spans from July 23rd to August 22nd. This is the time when the Sun transits through the constellation of Leo and bestows charisma, vitality, and self-confidence upon Leos. Other planets that go through the Leo sign constellation are Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Mars magnifies Leo’s energy and determination, while Venus brings harmony, love, and beauty as well as the desire for luxury and indulgence. The last planet on the list is Mercury - it amplifies Leo’s communication skills and adds mesmerizing eloquence to Leo characteristics.

Leo Positive Traits

  • Charismatic
  • devoted
  • generous
  • supporting
  • caring

A typical astrologer would agree that Leo Zodiac sign personality fully reflects Leo’s symbol - the Lion. Like the mighty Lion, individuals born under the sign of Leo possess strength, courage, and dominance among many other admirable qualities.


Dates and personality traits align in traditional astrology, and since the ruling Leo planet is the Sun, calling Leo the most confident horoscope sign is fitting. The Sun is the center of the solar system, and like the ruling planet, Leos gravitate towards the spotlight. Leos exude confidence in their actions and tackle problems with unwavering belief in themselves.


Leo in friendship and a romantic relationship is a person who showers others with attention and thoughtful gifts. If you have Leo friends, you can rest assured that they will never forget your birthday and will likely bring you the gift you've secretly been dreaming of for so long. 


Innate charisma and the ability to draw attention wherever they go are core Leo Zodiac traits. Like Aries and Sagittarius, Leos exude vibrant personality and magnetic energy that makes them the life of the party. 


Like Scorpio and Virgo, Leos treasure loyalty and are protective of the ones they love. Leos show their loyalty and commitment through unwavering support and respect, caring about the safety and well-being of their friends and family.


As a Fire sign, Leos irradiate warmth and enthusiasm. They hold a positive outlook on life, inspiring others to follow their example and tackle challenges with courage and determination.

Leo Negative Personality Traits 

  • Arrogant
  • boastful
  • impulsive
  • dominant
  • rigid
  • defensive

Leos are often admired for their positive personality traits, but like other Zodiac signs, they’ve got some negative characteristics to work on. 


Individuals born under the Leo sign might use arrogance as a defensive mechanism when criticized or challenged with a different opinion. They might come across as overly self-confident and will eventually refuse to consider alternative viewpoints. To assert their opinion, Leos might shut down the conversation and put the entire friendship or romantic relationship under strain.


Like Sagittarius and Aries, Leos enjoy having all eyes on them. They strive for validation and recognition from other signs and will go to great lengths to feel admired and appreciated. Unfortunately, such a behavior might cause tension as others feel overshadowed by Leo’s presence.


Like Taurus and Aquarius, Leos often act without weighing all the pros and cons. Such a behavior leads to hasty decisions, driven by their fiery and spontaneous nature. No wonder a typical Leo would often find themselves regretting their decisions and wishing to turn back in time and play the game differently. 


An individual born under these Zodiac dates tends to follow their heart and disregard the opinions of others. If Leo wants to take their family on a trip to the mountains in cold November weather, nothing will stop them. Their assertiveness can sometimes border on dominance, and they may insist on their plans despite any objections from others.


Leo dislikes being criticized and would often get defensive even in situations when the feedback is objective. They act so to protect their pride and self-worth, but to keep their relationships harmonious, Leos should learn how to approach conflicts with an open mind.

Leo in Love and Relationships

Leos find joy in building relationships with others, approaching them with enthusiasm and a generous heart. As romantic partners, Leos are fiercely loyal and devoted. They can sometimes be demanding and ask for attention when their partner is not ready to give it to them. However, with proper communication, all Zodiac signs can find common ground with Leo.

With all that said, Leo compatibility is the highest with Fire signs. For instance, Aries will gladly share Leo’s quest for novelty and adventure. Spontaneous road trips, parties, and new experiences are embraced by both signs, fostering a dynamic relationship.

Meanwhile, the worst Leo compatibility is with Water and Earth signs. For instance, Zodiac signs like Cancer and Virgo are known for stability, order, and a generally down-to-earth attitude in life. For Leos who hate monotony and structure, relationships with these signs might feel suffocating and restrictive.

What Makes Leo Happy

External Validation

Unlike some other astrological signs, such as Gemini or Capricorn, Leos value the opinion of others. They enjoy being admired for their achievements, talents, and charisma and will go the extra mile to hear praise.

Love and Romance

Leos cherish romantic relationships where they feel adored and appreciated. They're deeply loyal to their partners and love showering them with attention and grand gestures. However, this all happens under the condition that admiration and respect are reciprocated.

Communication and Parties

If Pisces and Libra are known as culture vultures, then Leo could be considered the ultimate party animal (pun intended). A Leo horoscope would tell you that Leos thrive on connecting with others, and parties are the perfect setting for them to showcase their charisma.

Adventure and Novelty

Unlike Water signs that treasure peace and stability, Leos are always on the quest for adventure and novelty. They hate monotony and would often look for new exciting opportunities and experiences.

How Leo Personality Traits Affect Career Choices

Charismatic and ambitious, Leos are drawn to careers where they can make an impact while being the center of attention. That’s why the best Leo compatibility is with careers that offer leadership and public speaking. They thrive in fields where they can take charge and inspire others. These are often fields like politics, corporate management, and entrepreneurship. Yes, many Leos are great entrepreneurs who possess a vision, love guiding others, and know how to lead their projects to success.

At the same time, careers that misalign with Leo Zodiac traits are solitary job positions with monotonous tasks, rigid hierarchies, and strict regulations. These positions are typically in fields like banking, science, writing, and software development.

Best Careers for Leo Zodiac Sign

  • Entrepreneur;
  • Executive;
  • Politician;
  • Marketing manager;
  • Creative director.

Worst Careers for Leo Zodiac Sign

  • Accountant;
  • Data entry clerk;
  • Technical writer;
  • Research assistant;
  • Software developer.


  • Leo sign dates range from July 23rd to August 22nd.

  • The traits of Leo are charisma, generosity, leadership, determination, and optimism.

  • Leo Zodiac sign is associated with July and August. The Leo season typically starts at the end of July and ends in the third week of August.