cancer & leo Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 65%
  • Love 82%
  • Sex 86%
  • Family 100%
  • Friendship 90%

cancer and leo Compatibility

A paradoxical couple

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • self-expressive
  • passionate
  • witty
  • courageous
  • dynamic
  • generous

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • stubborn
  • impatient
  • braggart
  • self-absorbed
  • selfish
  • brooding


The vision you have for your relationship might not match up exactly with what your partner has in mind.

While there can be some shared interests, finding your stride together will require patience and graciousness for each other!

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Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Leo is ruled by the Sun, which means these two signs have an inherent, yet paradoxical effect on each other. The Sun represents the self as the center of the solar system, and provides the light that illuminates the lunar surface. Leo too is able to light up and energize the personality of the Cancer. These two make much better friends or business partners than they do lovers. These two often find it hard to reach a common ground as their priorities differ and they are adamant about how things should go.

Values for cancer and leo

Cancer and Leo are next to each other on the zodiacal wheel, which means their energy is very different from the other one. Both are, however, highly expressive and are able to articulate and share their inner desires and feelings with ease. Leo, being a fire sign, is passionate and temperamental, while Cancer being a water sign, is sensitive and moody. Together this makes for a lot of personality in one couple! They can have serious issues when trying to make their needs known, and often get upset with each other because of all of the heightened emotion. In addition, Leo, the lion, can be domineering to Cancer's crab-like nature, and Cancer will often feel they have to retreat and hide from Leo's often theatrical emotional outbursts. However, these signs are extremely generous and giving, they both are associated with the chest area of the body, Leo the heart and Cancer the breasts: which is where the heart chakra of affection, empathy, and emotional connection is.

cancer and leo Love Compatibility

This couple can find that they both tend to want different things out of a partnership. Leo, being a fire, positive sign, wants someone to share experiences with, travel with, and be friends with while Cancer being a water and negative sign, wants someone to build a home with, settle down with, and emotionally connect to. Cancer will never be able to feel totally secure with their Leo partner, as Leo is charming and flirtatious making Cancer always feel jealous or unstable within the partnership. Leo likes to be the center of attention, and although Cancer loves to provide for others, they will not always feel emotionally up for giving so much of themselves. This sign of the crab needs a lot of time to recharge and rest in order to maintain social interactions. When it comes to sex and intimacy, Cancer and Leo don't tend to like each other very much. Although both are generous lovers, they have trouble feeling passionate towards one another and sex will most likely fall flat.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Fixed

Leo can identify exactly what needs to be done, and they start doing it without procrastination. Cancer is very visionary. They have the talent to create new things and inspire Leo.

Polarity: Feminine-Masculine

Leo is not afraid to be the center of attention, while Cancer is more of an introvert. However, both have a lot to teach each other about life.


They do share cosmic energy. Both modality and polarity levels show great chances for this two. A playful attitude and a desire for an enduring romance can match them on a personal level.

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Shared activities

If they compromise, both will enjoy traveling and romantic time together. Together they will take care of one another. Leo wants to visit different places, Cancer wants to visit their close friends and family. Anyway, they will travel together and enjoy a walk by a lake or have a romantic evening at the movies. Whatever they do, they like it with a little intimacy to it.

cancer and leo Marriage Compatibility

Cancer and Leo make an interesting pair, with Cancer's emotional depth and nurturing nature complementing Leo's passion and exuberance. The Cancer and Leo compatibility for marriage lies in their ability to fulfill each other’s needs. Cancer's need for security and comfort can be well met by Leo's protective and loyal nature. The Cancer and Leo marriage compatibility is about understanding and balancing their differences. Cancer's emotional approach can help Leo become more in touch with their feelings, while Leo's enthusiasm and vitality can encourage Cancer to be more expressive and adventurous. These signs’ compatibility can be enhanced by Cancer's ability to teach Leo about emotional sensitivity, and Leo's ability to teach Cancer about stepping outside of their comfort zone. They must openly converse so that neither feels overwhelmed or ignored. Their bond has the potential to be truly loving and mutually gratifying if they exercise patience, empathy, and respect. Compatibility in marriage between Cancer and Leo requires patience and understanding. Despite their differences, they can form a nurturing and passionate bond. They need to respect each other's unique qualities and learn to balance Cancer's emotional needs with Leo's need for recognition and admiration.

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