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Cancer -

Ruling planetMoon
Lucky number2
Lucky daysMonday, Thursday
Best careersNurse, real estate agent, psychologist, hotel manager
StrengthsCaring, generous, adaptable, intuitive, compassionate
WeaknessesOversensitive, manipulative, insecure, moody, clingy

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Cancer Zodiac Sign’s Personality: Traits, Characteristics, and Dates

The Cancer symbol accurately reflects the Cancer personality in many ways. Like the Crab, people born during the Cancer dates have a tendency to hide when things get tough. Though individuals born under the Cancer Zodiac sign will express great typical Cancer traits like a caring attitude and empathy, they’d still need reassurance and validation from those around them. Cancer characteristics make Cancerians loyal friends and romantic partners who are always ready to offer unwavering support and build connections based on trust and mutual respect.

What are Cancer Season Dates?

Cancer season dates range from June 21st to July 22nd. Individuals born in the Cancer season are under the strong influence of the Moon. The ruling planet amplifies Cancer traits like intuition, emotional sensitivity, and creativity. Other planets that transit through the constellation of Cancer and shape key personality traits of Cancerians are Mercury and Jupiter. While Mercury bestows eloquence and great social skills on Cancers, Jupiter adds optimism and vitality to this Sun sign.

Cancer Positive Traits

  • Supportive
  • generous
  • flexible
  • intuitive
  • empathetic

Dates and personality traits are interconnected in astrology. So, the Cancer star sign would often represent key personality traits that their ruling planet Moon bestows upon them. 

Nurturing and Caring

Like Pisces and Libra, Cancer supports their loved ones through acts of kindness or attentive listening. Cancerians love creating meaningful bonds and thrive in environments where they can show genuine care in both practical and emotional ways to those in need. 


Like Taurus and Sagittarius, Cancers shower their best friends and romantic partners with constant attention and are always ready to lend a sympathetic ear. They also like showing their affection for others with material gifts and acts of service like cooking their partner’s favorite meal or planning a surprise trip. 


As a Water sign, Cancerians possess innate intuition that helps them decipher the emotions of others and navigate through life complexities. They prefer listening to their gut feeling rather than weighing facts and making logical decisions.


Individuals born under the Cancer Zodiac sign bring creativity to everything they do. Cancerians are known for their rich imagination, which fueled by innate intuition, allows them to explore endless possibilities in both professional and personal endeavors. 


Like Gemini and Aquarius, Cancers are flexible in their approach to life. Those born under the Crab symbol easily adapt to changing circumstances with resilience and determination. Whether it’s a new job or a relationship, Cancerians perceive new experiences as opportunities for growth and personal development.

Cancer Negative Personality Traits

  • Oversensitive
  • vindictive
  • insecure
  • needy
  • clingy

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect astrological sign’ in astrology. Therefore, Cancer in astrology would display both positive and negative personality traits. Nonetheless, an astrologer would tell Cancers that instead of getting frustrated, they should perceive negative traits as growth points. 


Similar to Aries, Cancer experiences mood fluctuations and might be unpredictable in their actions. At one moment, Cancerians can be loving and affectionate, but later, they might become irritable and distant without any apparent reason. 


Clinginess and neediness are the top negative Cancer Zodiac traits an astrologer would warn you about. As Cancers are an insecure Star sign, they constantly look for external admiration and validation, which might be exhausting for their partners. 


Cancer Zodiac personality is caring and nurturing. However, such behavior might border on being controlling and monitoring. Though Cancerians have the best intentions to ensure the well-being of their loved ones, they should learn to respect the boundaries of others. 


In their manipulations, Cancer reminds of Scorpio. Though not vindictive at first sight, individuals representing the Cancer Zodiac sign might use gaslighting and guilt-tripping to influence the behaviors of others.


As often mentioned in the Cancer horoscope, the lack of confidence is a feature that Cancerians refuse to work on. They’re deeply afraid of rejection and failure and would go the extra mile to avoid getting into situations where their feelings might be hurt.

What Makes Cancer Happy

Artistic Endeavors

Whether it’s building a comfortable home adorned with their personal touch or discovering a new artistic outlet, the Crab symbol representatives find joy in creativity. They love engaging in artistic pursuits and surround themselves and their loved ones with beauty and balance.

Security and Stability

Similar to Virgo and Capricorn, Cancers love routines and schedules. They cherish predictability and find comfort in knowing what to expect from their job or relationships.

Family Time

Family comes first for people born on Cancer Zodiac dates. They find happiness in nurturing others and cherish moments of closeness and connection spent while celebrating special occasions or simply enjoying each other's company.

Memories and Traditions

Deep nostalgia and sentimentality are core characteristics of the Cancer Sun sign. They treasure memories and cherish moments spent with their loved ones, often making videos and taking photos that soothe them when times get hard and support is needed.

Cancer in Love and Relationships

When it comes to relationships with other Zodiac signs, Cancerians love expressing their nurturing attitude and supportive nature through acts of service. They thrive in relationships where both parties are ready to lend an ear while also not avoiding conflicts and showing complete understanding.

Cancer compatibility is the highest with other Water signs who share their emotional depth and appreciate security and stability in relationships. Additionally, Cancer Zodiac traits like protectiveness and a down-to-earth approach make Cancerians compatible with the Earth signs.

At the same time, Cancer compatibility is the worst with Fire and Air signs who are more spontaneous and independent and will struggle to meet Cancer’s emotional needs.

How Cancer Personality Traits Affect Career Choices

According to the Cancer Zodiac sign guide, the best careers for Cancer that align with their personality traits are ones where Cancerians can be nurturing and creative. These are often jobs in design, the hospitality industry, and psychology. Meanwhile, Cancer personality characteristics make Cancerians the worst candidates for industries that are competitive and full of rigid work structures. These are often industries like investment banking, high-pressure finance, or corporate law, where social skills may not be as important as competition and aggression.

Careers for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Best Careers for Cancer Zodiac Sign

  • Nurse;
  • Psychotherapist;
  • Teacher;
  • Real estate agent;
  • Hotel manager.

Worst Careers for Cancer Zodiac Sign

  • Stockbroker;
  • Sales manager;
  • Data analyst;
  • Bank employee;
  • Law enforcement officer.


  • Cancers traits include strong intuition, a desire to protect and care for others, creativity, and generosity.

  • A Cancer personality can be characterized as nurturing, intuitive, generous, moody, and protective.

  • Cancer Zodiac sign spans from June 21st to July 22nd.

  • Cancer Zodiac sign typically falls between June 21st and July 22nd