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Pisces Lucky Numbers, Color, and Days

As Pisces, you have an innate interest in mystery, and perhaps, already know your lucky numbers, days, colors, and how they manifest in your life. All these elements carry different vibrations and influence your destiny and personality on peculiar days. You might have even wondered why your work meetings go well on Thursdays (your luckiest day) and fail on Fridays. Well, it’s all about the energy: if you choose the right element, the universe will gladly reward you with happiness and fortune.

Pisces Lucky Numbers

  • 3
  • 7
  • 9
  • 12
  • 15

Number 3 implies the energy of Jupiter. It’s the energy of abundance, adventure, and prosperity. So, dates containing the number 3 are perfect for realizing your career ambitions or going on a trip. Also, this number is important for your career, so use it wisely: divide your projects into 3 parts, plan 3 pm meetings, and generally plan important tasks on dates including number 3.

7 and 9 represent Neptune, your spirituality guardian, and Mars, your energy guardian. While number 7 emphasizes your true Piscean nature, drawn to mystery and the unknown, 9 bestows passion and energy so you have enough resilience and motivation to face adversity.

Number 12 implies completion and divine order. This date works perfectly as a deadline for your spiritual and mental health endeavors. Meanwhile, 15 stands for balance and structure. As Pisces are chaotic in their creativity, the number 15 can help them add balance and organization to daily life. For instance, by adding 15 indoor plants to your art space, you’ll be able to boost your productivity while staying calm and peaceful.

Pisces Lucky Lottery Numbers

Pisces aren’t natural risk-takers and might play the lottery for the sake of curiosity. They like testing their intuition and checking how well their luck aligns with the cosmic forces. So, if you’ve decided to win money for a charitable cause or test your Pisces luck, look for your lucky numbers and ones that contain your lucky digits, such as 37, 79, 93, etc.

Pisces Lucky Color

Aquamarine and all shades of sea green are considered lucky for Pisces. Not only do these colors reflect the Water element, but also combine the energies of blue and green simultaneously. For Pisces striving to maintain balance and harmony in both career and personal life, sea green can bring the feeling of relaxation and calmness. For instance, choosing the sea green color for the walls of your office or adding greenery to the table will help you keep your energy level stable.

As for aquamarine, this color is especially important for Pisces having ‘communication’ professions, such as writers, therapists, and teachers. Adding aquamarine to your stationery palette will help you express your thoughts more effectively and cultivate compassion.

Pisces Lucky Days

Mondays and Thursdays are lucky days for Pisces, since Monday is the Moon's planetary day, and Thursdays represent Jupiter. The Moon amplifies Pisces’ compassion and imagination, that’s why Mondays are the best days for Pisces to exercise their creativity even if it simply means choosing a new menu for the week or making a vision board.

For Pisces, Thursdays are all about growth, abundance, and expansion. Planning to expand your business? Start doing that on Thursday. Even small things like expanding your garden with greenery or your library with books matter. Expand your mind with documentaries or the menu with new dishes - all in all, do things on Thursday that let you grow and prosper in the long term.

Pisces Lucky Stone

Looking to buy a jewelry gift for a Pisces? Start with aquamarine. This stone, also called ‘the ocean gem,’ was traditionally used by sea merchants to help them safely navigate the waters and avoid adversity. For Pisces, aquamarine can help them navigate life without getting stressed too much. Wearing aquamarine soothes Pisces’ anxiety, brings serenity, and deepens spirituality practices.

Surprisingly, another stone that can bring fortune to Pisces is yellow sapphire. As the gem of Jupiter, it will bring more energy to Pisces and help them attract career and education opportunities. Yes, wearing yellow sapphire can help you climb the career ladder faster without losing your optimism and zest for life.