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Sagittarius Lucky Numbers, Color, and Days

In the divinity plan, your Sagittarius birth date directly assigns you the elements such as lucky days and colors that help you align with the universe throughout your entire lifetime. Why are lucky days for Sagittarius as well as lucky days, gems, and colors so special? Well, we are all energy, and some elements might be compatible with us, hence bringing good fortune, while others will only lead to bad luck. Building a life that considers the impact of your lucky elements will allow you to realize your potential and take successful actions.

Sagittarius Lucky Numbers

  • 3
  • 5
  • 6
  • 8
  • 9

Number 3 brings Sagittarius luck as it is directly linked to Jupiter, the planet of abundance and joy. Dates containing this number are perfect for getting social, traveling, trying new experiences, and pampering your inner creative self.

5 and 6 are lucky numbers for Sagittarius since they represent Mercury and Venus respectively. For Sagittarius, dates containing 5 are perfect for preparing a work presentation, engaging in social media activities, socializing with your friends, and writing creatively. Meanwhile, dates containing number 6 are great for satisfying your hedonism whether by going to a party, organizing a self-care evening, or taking photos.

The last ones are 8 and 9 or, in other words, the lucky numbers representing Saturn and Mars. As Saturn is the god of discipline and hard work, you might get more motivated to declutter your home and self-organize on dates that contain 8. If you lack the energy to do so, try your luck on number 9 dates: Mars will bestow you with energy and resilience to keep going without falling into a slump.

Sagittarius Lucky Lottery Numbers

A typical Sagittarius player is that larger-than-life person whom you’d expect to play the lottery and win. Sagittarius’ fiery nature turns them into natural risk-takers who are ready to spin the wheel and have fun. So, if you want to try your luck in the lottery as Sagittarius, focus on your lucky numbers, especially 8 and 9, and other numbers that include your lucky digits, such as 36, 38, 89, etc.

Sagittarius Lucky Color

Like a lucky number for Sagittarius, a lucky color brings good fortune and allows the universe to guide you toward the right decisions. Purple and orange are two complementary colors that align well with Sagittarius’ wisdom and unwavering energy. The first Sagittarius lucky color emphasizes Sagittarius’ extravagance and adventurousness, while the orange color allows Sagittarius to be that high-energy person who gets things done. When combined, these colors balance Sagittarius' impulsiveness - the purple color brings a sense of calm, while the orange one ensures stable energy.

Other colors that can bring good luck to Sagittarius are deep navy and red. Wearing clothes in a deep navy color can bring out that growth mindset and optimistic outlook in your personality. Meanwhile, the red color symbolizes your fiery side and is perfect for wearing on days when your energy is low and you need a quick confidence booster.

Sagittarius Lucky Days

There is a whole set of lucky days for Sagittarius to choose from. Though most Zodiac signs have 2 fortunate days, Sagittarius boasts 3: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Wednesdays, the time of Mercury, are perfect days for Sagittarius to focus on their communication with friends, organize a family gathering, make important phone calls, and answer emails.

Thursdays, governed by Jupiter, are great for education and travel. It’s the perfect time to apply that growth mindset by making a smart financial investment, developing your work-related skills, and traveling to places you’ve never been before. Additionally, Thursdays are the perfect time to be generous. As a Sagittarius, you can do that by volunteering or donating money.

Fridays are the days of Venus. For Sagittarius, Fridays are all about getting hedonistic and prioritizing sensory pleasures. However, as an adventurous person, you might find self-indulgence boring. If this is your case, opt for some intellectual stimulation and artistic pleasure - visit a theater, check out the latest concerts, or think of a movie night with your loved ones.

Sagittarius Lucky Stone

Turquoise is the top luckiest gem for Sagittarius. When Sagittarius wears turquoise, their openness and optimism automatically get boosted. Turquoise is said to help Sagittarius stay grounded, which can be beneficial for Sagittarians who tend to act without thinking first. By wearing turquoise they may find it easier to approach situations with less emotional influence.

Amethyst is another stone believed to bring luck to Sagittarius. Besides its healing properties, amethyst is thought to bring peace and balance to one’s energy. Given Sagittarians tendency towards chaos and moodiness, wearing amethyst could aid in maintaining composure and resilience. Additionally, wearing amethyst jewelry may assist Sagittarius in connecting with their intuition and making choices that resonate with their desires.