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Aries Lucky Numbers, Color, and Days

Knowing your Aries lucky numbers, days, and colors helps you plan your life successfully. Let’s say someone asked you out or you’re having a job interview tomorrow. In this case, you’d want to know which day of the week endows you with luck and charm, right? In astrology, lucky numbers, color, and days are linked to your ruling planet, Mars, and the qualities it amplifies in your Aries personality. So, learning everything about your Aries lucky numbers, colors, and days will help you catch positive vibrations from the universe and make better choices.

Aries Lucky Numbers

  • 9
  • 6
  • 7
  • 24
  • 36

Traditionally, the top 3 lucky numbers for Aries are 9, 6, and 7. The number 9 symbolizes completeness and perfection in astrology since there are 9 planets, one for each Zodiac sign. ‘Nine’ is also the number of Mars, your ruling planet. You might often come across a number 9 in your work life where ambition and confidence are qualities to cherish.

‘Six’ is the symbol of luck and the number of another planet that influences your Aries Zodiac characteristics - Venus. Venus stands for beauty and harmony, so, as an Aries, you can plan your ‘beauty days’ on Saturdays (Saturday is the sixth day of the week), at 6 p.m., or generally on days that include 6 in the date.

Meanwhile, number 7 is the most mysterious number of them all as it stands for human subconsciousness, intuition, and religion. It doesn’t mean you must suddenly turn to religion or start exploring astrology, but what it means is if you’re having second thoughts about a particular decision - look for this number in your surroundings to let the universe help you with decision-making.

Aries Lucky Lottery Numbers

Lucky numbers for Aries don’t end up with 9, 6, and 7. In the lottery, lucky numbers are also 24 and 36. While number 24 typically stands for new beginnings, number 36 symbolizes imagination and prosperity. Our advice? When playing the lottery, look for numbers that contain 9, 6, and 7, as well as numbers whose sum equals one of these digits. For instance, even 15 can be your lucky lottery number, since the sum of the digits 1+5 equals your lucky ‘six.’

Aries Lucky Color

If you thought ‘red’ - you thought it right. As you might already know, red is the color of your ruling planet. It symbolizes your vital energy, aggression, and a natural desire to succeed. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend you to dress all red for a job interview, but you can take a red accessory like a red pen or a red wallet.

The same goes for dates. Opt for a red dress or a red shirt to attract positive vibrations from the universe and feel confident. It doesn’t mean you have to cover yourself in red from head to toe - just add small wardrobe elements to feel confident and comfortable and let the universe guide you towards the right choice.

What to do if you dislike your Zodiac sign color? Well, don’t worry. In this case, look for the hues of red like crimson, brick red, or scarlet. Even pink will work its magic if you let it!

Aries Lucky Days

Have you ever had this feeling when you woke up and already knew the day was gonna end on a bad note? Yes, that was the universe talking to you. As an Aries Zodiac sign, your luckiest days are Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Tuesday is your luckiest day since it’s the day of your ruling planet - Mars. Tuesday is the day of taking action, so it’s the period when you should plan career-related events like job interviews or important meetings.

Fridays are the days of Venus. Got a romantic date? Better schedule it on Friday to let the goddess of love and beauty guide you toward your perfect romantic partner.

Another lucky day for Aries is Saturday. Governed by Saturn, this day is a perfect time to enhance structure and discipline in your life by starting a new hobby, running errands, or cleaning the house.

Aries Lucky Stone

The top lucky stones for Aries are red coral and amethyst. The first stone on the list, the red coral, aligns with the energy of your ruling planet. Here, the red coral stands for vitality and passion. It also stands for protection; so, you must wear jewelry like a ring with a red coral when traveling or engaging in new experiences that can bring a lot of uncertainty.

The second lucky stone for Aries is amethyst. This stone is related to spirituality and wisdom. As the color of lavender, it brings calmness and grounds you, helping those who wear it deal with stress. Amethyst balances the red coral energy, which is often wild and uncontrollable, and gives you a feeling of peace in times of chaos and unpredictability.

Should you wear them both simultaneously? Sure! You can combine Aries gems if energetic harmony and balance are what you’re striving for in your daily life.