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Scorpio Lucky Numbers, Color, and Days

As a mysterious Scorpio, naturally drawn to the unknown, you might already know that cosmic energy influences your life and the decisions you make in the most unbelievable ways. Each color you wear has positive or negative vibrations, and your responsibility as a Scorpio is to choose colors that bring you good fortune. The same goes for days and numbers. To attract luck, you should plan your activities in accordance with your lucky planetary days and lucky numbers.

Scorpio Lucky Numbers

  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 7
  • 9

Number one is typically one of the Fire Zodiac numbers. Still, 1 can be a lucky number for Scorpio too. The symbol of leadership and confidence, this digit can help Scorpios tackle obstacles without hesitation. So, consider dates that include  (11, 21, 31) if you have important decisions to make.

Numbers 2 and 4 stand for the Moon and Uranus respectively. Both are lucky numbers for Scorpio in work as they amplify Scorpio’s innate creativity and sensitivity. You can exercise the power of these planets by working in 2 or 4-hour blocks with 20 or 40-minute breaks and finishing 2 or 4 big tasks each week

7 is the planetary number of Neptune. As a Scorpio lucky number, it symbolizes fantasies and dreams and stands for empathy and spirituality. Dates that contain 7 are great for revitalizing your creative energy and starting a new hobby.

Meanwhile, 9 represents one of your planetary guardians - Mars. It helps you resurrect your ambition and energy when your natural resilience fades and helps you stay focused on your goals.

Scorpio Lucky Lottery Numbers

Scorpios are extremely cautious when it comes to their finances and might even get expert advice on financial planning before hitting it big in the lottery. When it comes to handling money, Scorpios are cautious: perhaps, they will consult a financial adviser before they scoop the lottery win. Meanwhile, when pulling the lever or buying a lottery ticket, look for your lucky numbers and the numbers that hold them – 47, 79, 12, etc.

Scorpio Lucky Color

Lucky colors for Scorpio are ones that go well with the traditional palette for a Water Zodiac sign but are deeper and saturated. Navy blue and deep purple emphasize Scorpio’s magnetic nature and help Scorpios navigate their spiritual journey and protect themselves by intuitively understanding people’s intentions.

Other colors that can complement Scorpio’s traditional Water sign palette and bring out Scorpio’s qualities bestowed upon them by Mars are deep maroon and dark red. Maroon is the color of ‘grounded passion,’ which means that it allows you to showcase your Scorpio passionate side without losing your head. By adding office decor elements or wearing maroon clothes for your work meetings, you’ll be able to show your dedication and a pragmatic attitude at the same time.

Scorpio Lucky Days

Similar to Scorpio's lucky colors, lucky days can determine whether you’re going to be fortunate in your endeavors or not. For the Scorpio Zodiac sign, the top lucky days are Tuesday, the day of their guardian planet, and Thursday, the day of Jupiter. As Mars is the planet of ambition and desire, Tuesdays are your best Scorpio days for pitching new ideas at work, going on a date, and having a sports session.

Meanwhile, Thursdays are the days of overindulgence, expansion, and gratitude for this Zodiac sign. For instance, you can expand your mind by watching a documentary or showing gratitude to your community by donating money or helping at the local shelter. All in all, use Thursdays to grow mentally and nurture your inner world.

Scorpio Lucky Stone

The top lucky stone for the Scorpio Zodiac sign is topaz. This stone comes in all shades of yellow and is traditionally associated with wealth and royalty. For Scorpios, topaz is a talisman that improves concentration and brings stability in life. You can wear topaz as a part of your jewelry or set a few topaz crystals in your working space.

Citrine amplifies the vital energy of its wearer, and we all know how much Scorpios need their energy levels to be stable in the pursuit of happiness and ambition. The stone bestows prosperity and growth on Scorpios, making citrine jewelry the best choice for work meetings and job interviews where Scorpios must embrace their full potential.