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Taurus Lucky Numbers, Color, and Days

In modern astrology, knowing whether your Sun is in Aries or Cancer isn’t enough to build a fulfilling present or a successful future. The modern description of each Zodiac sign also includes a numbers horoscope that lists lucky numbers for Taurus and the energy they bring to your life. However, knowing only your good fortune numbers isn’t enough - to get maximum advantage and attract cosmic forces fast, you should know your Taurus lucky days and colors as well.

Taurus Lucky Numbers

  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • 6
  • 9

Though commonly the number of Fire signs, the number of the Sun can bring good luck to Taureans who aim to start a new career or meet new people. For instance, you can start your new job on dates that contain 1, especially the 11th of each month, or visit parties where you can potentially meet new friends and romantic partners.

2 and 5 are Taurus lucky numbers that represent the energy of the Moon and Mercury respectively. The Moon amplifies your sensitivity and intuition, making dates that contain 2 the best days for engaging in creative endeavors or spiritual practices. Meanwhile, number 5 guides your ‘communication’ luck. Plan your meetings at 5 pm, make 5-minute calls, or talk to 5 people on Mercurian days.

6 is the luckiest number in the Taurus numbers horoscope as it stands for Venus, the Taurean guarding the planet. To enhance good luck in your romantic relationships, plan dates on the 6th, 16, or 26th of each month. Meanwhile, use the power of the number 9 to get more passion and vital energy from Mars. You can do that by starting your day at 9 am, performing your night care routine at 9 pm, or practicing 9 minutes of meditation before going to sleep.

Taurus Lucky Lottery Numbers

Taureans are individuals who don’t need to gamble to be financially successful. Most of the time, they know their Taurus lucky number, but they will rarely check it out for the sake of curiosity. Nonetheless, when playing a lottery or spinning the wheel, focus on the lucky digits from your numbers horoscope and numbers that add up to your ‘good luck’ digits.

Taurus Lucky Color

Taurus lucky colors act similar to a lucky number for Taurus - they help Taureans attract positive vibrations from the universe and protect them from negative cosmic forces. As an Earth sign, Taurus can boast two lucky colors - green and brown. As the color of nature, green symbolizes revival and is a perfect color to wear on your first work day or generally a day when you’re starting something new.

Brown can also be an uplifting color, similar to green if you wear chestnut or dark brown shades. As the color of Earth, brown is a perfect color to add to working spaces. It will bring serenity, eliminate distractions, and help you stay focused on your work tasks during the day.

Taurus Lucky Days

Mondays and Fridays are the top lucky days for Taurus who wants to align his or her energy with the Moon and Venus. We discourage you from starting new projects on Monday as the day of the Moon is the time when cosmic forces are most chaotic. Instead of opening a new chapter on Monday, focus on the older tasks and finish the household chores.

Fridays are governed by Venus, and that’s why they are perfect for going on a date with your romantic partner, organizing a self-care evening, experimenting with cooking, or savoring something new at the local restaurant. Other things to do on Friday as a Taurus is to organize a family gathering or host a dinner party for friends.

Taurus Lucky Stone

The symbolism of emeralds reflects the Taurean earthy nature. Called also the gem of revival and renewal, emerald energy supports Tauruses both in starting new relationships and closing the old ones, moving to a different city, or looking for a new job. It bestows serenity on Tauruses, bringing balance and stability to their daily lives.

Meanwhile, rose quartz, the second fortunate stone for Taurus, enhances Taurean intuition and sensitivity while helping Tauruses stay inspired when times get hard. As a Taurus, you can wear rose quartz jewelry if your goal is to get a committed relationship since rose quartz is a stone that heals a broken heart and attracts compatible partners.