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Virgo Lucky Numbers, Color, and Days

Lucky numbers, colors, and days carry unique properties and energies that can impact the turn of events in your life. These elements can overturn your fortune if you don’t know how to apply the cosmic powers they carry correctly. So, by learning the lucky numbers for your Virgo Zodiac sign and combining this knowledge with Virgo fortunate days, gems, and colors, you can build a strong foundation for dealing with life’s twists and turns as a Virgo.

Virgo Lucky Numbers

  • 3
  • 5
  • 7
  • 17
  • 23

Number 3 symbolizes Jupiter and is connected to abundance, growth, and creativity. You can use 3 in your creative endeavors, for instance, devote 3 hours of your time to writing, painting, or DIY projects per week. Meanwhile, if you truly want to succeed, add the influence of the number 5 - the number of your planetary guardian Mercury. It endows you with great communication skills, eloquence, and an ability to solve conflicts gracefully and diplomatically. So, if you’ve got an important meeting or conversation, better plan it on dates that contain 5.

Numbers 7 and 17 are similar in energy. Both stand for the collective consciousness reflected in metaphors and dreams, while 17 also symbolizes a perfect order and restoration. As lucky numbers for Virgo, 7 and 17 will appear in your life as a sign from the universe, often in times of chaos, as a reassurance that you’re on the right path and you’ll find a balance soon.

Last but not least is 23 - the Virgo lucky number of generosity and abundance. To use the energy of this number successfully, plan your volunteering activities and donate your time and skills on the 23rd of each month.

Virgo Lucky Lottery Numbers

Virgos often give an impression of individuals who are too practical and grounded for playing a lottery. They’d prefer playing a ‘fake’ lottery with their friends and family rather than going to a casino. When playing a game, choose your lucky digits and numbers, especially number 5.

Lucky Virgo lottery numbers are also numbers that add up to your lucky digits, for instance, number 41, which equals 4+1 = 5, and 5 in this case is the number of Mercury, hence your fortunate digit.

Virgo Lucky Color

As Virgo is an Earth sign, their most fortunate color reminds us of the Eden garden. Among Virgo lucky colors is green, particularly its neutral and muted shades. This color bestows a sense of stability and groundedness on Virgos who cherish predictability and reliability in everything they do. Green is known for balancing Virgo’s mood and providing some extra energy during times of stress and chaos. For instance, you can wear green for meetings that are make or break for your life’s path. You can also add green to your relaxation sessions whether it means buying a yoga mat in olive colors or a sports crop top in teal or artichoke green. You can also combine green with brown shades to ensure a harmonious connection with your surroundings.

Virgo Lucky Days

Typically, Virgo’s most fortunate weekdays are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays are the days of their planetary guardian and are perfect for catching up with friends daily, collaborating on projects, and exchanging ideas. As Mercury is the god of trade, Wednesdays can be Virgo lucky money days whether it means making a big purchase or winning at a casino.

Thursdays are the days of Jupiter, and for the pragmatic Virgo, always on a quest for stability, Thursdays are a perfect time to take new career opportunities without the fear of risking it all. Other than that, Thursdays are great for connecting with nature as well by taking a walk in the park or doing some home gardening.

Virgo Lucky Stone

The gem that resonates deeply with Virgo's analytical disposition is the blue sapphire. Its serene and calming qualities not only bring inner peace to the wearer but also have the potential to attract good luck in romantic endeavors. Thus, Virgos may find wearing a blue sapphire particularly beneficial during challenging work situations or when seeking a compatible partner.

Another gem that can potentially bring good fortune to Virgos is Carnelian. Though traditionally not an Earth stone, carnelian shows great potential for boosting Virgo’s energy and confidence, hence helping this Zodiac sign overcome doubt and reach their goals.