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Learn yourself fully with Nebula's zodiac birth chart calculator:

  • Explore the hidden aspects of your personality
  • Reveal your subconscious fears and desires
  • Find the perfect career path for you and achieve everything.

Natal Chart Calculator: Find Out What Each Placement in Your Birth Chart Means

Everyone who appreciates horoscopes, zodiac compatibility analysis, and other insights we can get from astrology can't just stop learning what their zodiac sign means. You can understand so much more with a full birth chart. It holds secrets about who you are as a person, what makes you happy, and what strategy you should follow to achieve everything you want. It's like an astrology report that describes what the sky looked like when you were born and what each celestial body's position means for you.

Finding someone who can prepare your astrology birth chart isn't all that difficult. But there's no need to pay a random astrologer; instead, you can use a free natal chart calculator. Ideally, you should then talk to an expert to have your chart patterns and placements explained, but that's still cheaper than having someone both prepare and interpret your birth data.

So, if you are ready to go beyond surface-level zodiac sign interpretations and learn more, we encourage you to try Nebula's free birth chart calculator. We promise you will be surprised by how much information a free astrology birth chart can reveal.

What you can learn from your birth chart

  • Who you are as a person (beyond what you know based on your zodiac sign)

  • What are the things you are destined to do, and how you can get where you want to be

  • What are the challenges that stand between you and everything you desire

  • How you can overcome any obstacles and achieve complete harmony with yourself.

What's the Purpose of an Astrology Birth Chart Calculator?

There's so much you can learn from someone's birth chart.

First, it can explain the personality traits you've been curious about in yourself or someone else. You get to learn about your behavior partners in different situations and answer why you act the way you do. If you have the date, time, and location of another person's birth, you can look at their natal chart, too. It's your chance to understand someone you're interested in on a deeper level.

Also, your natal chart holds answers about your emotions and how you process them. If it's something you struggle with in one way or another, the information from a free astrology birth chart can help you identify unhealthy patterns and improve your emotional regulation. You can also learn those things about another person, which will help you communicate with them effectively,

Next, when organized correctly, your birth data can even predict and explain your career aspirations. Certain planets and houses—we will explain those below—can show potential careers you're likely to succeed in but haven't thought of yet. If you aren't fully happy with where you stand career-wise, our zodiac birth chart calculator can change that.

Finally, in the right hands (meaning a professional astrologer), your birth chart can reveal things about your health, family life, karmic insights, and so much more. You will need to talk to a good astrology expert to get to those, but it will be worth it in the end. The more information you have—especially about yourself—the better equipped you are to build a thriving life and reach all your goals.

Houses and Planets in a Natal Chart

The 12 houses in the chart all stand for different aspects of one's life, while the planets represent the energies that determine what's happening in those aspects of life.


The first house represents your Self, meaning your self-image and everything that has to do with your relationship with yourself.

The second house reveals what your relationship is with material goods and finances.

The third house shows how you communicate, and it also describes your relationships with your singlings (if any).

The fourth house stands for your home, family, and roots.

The fifth house represents creativity and romance.

The sixth house describes your health and lifestyle.

The seventh house represents different partnerships in your life (both personal and professional).

The eighth house can tell things about your sexuality.

The ninth house stands for higher education and philosophical beliefs.

The tenth house reveals your ambitions. It's the house of your career.

The eleventh house stands for friendships and group dynamics.

The twelfth house represents your deepest, darkest secrets and can help you understand what's going on in your subconscious.


Sun—Identity, ego, lifepath

Moon—Emotions, instincts, the unconscious

Mercury—Communication and intelligence

Venus—Love, beauty, personal values

Mars—Energy, ambition, aggression

Jupiter—Growth, expansion, prosperity

Saturn—Responsibility, structure, lessons

Uranus—Innovation, rebellion, sudden changes

Neptune—Dreams, illusions, spiritual enlightenment

Pluto—Power, transformation, deep changes.

What's So Special About Nebula's Free Birth Chart?

First, you don't need to pay for our birth chart, which is a huge perk in itself. We do encourage our clients to not just use our natal chart calculator but to talk to a professional astrologer afterwards as well. However, if that's not something you have room for in your current budget, you don't have to. There's no financial commitment involved; you can always use our natal chart calculator to get your chart and walk away.

Also, the birth chart you will get if you use our natal chart calculator is exceptionally accurate. There are countless alternatives online, but few of them are as insightful as ours. Our astrology experts were in charge of creating Nabula's natal chart calculator, so you can be confident in the information you get from it.

Finally, Nebula's new client offer (3 free minutes + 80% off your first reading) gives you an opportunity to have your birth chart analyzed for free or almost for free. Make the most of it! We guarantee that you won't regret having a professional analyze your chart patterns. They will get way more from your birth chart than you can.

Why It's a Good Idea to Talk to an Expert After Using Any Online Birth Chart Calculator

Once you use our astro birth chart calculator, you can try to read your birth chart yourself. There are countless astrology guides online, so it shouldn't be a problem.

However, if you want something more than just to have fun, it's better to have an astrology expert read your birth chart. They understand the nuances of each planet, the intricate interactions between planets and the houses they occupy, and, most importantly, the impact of each individual placement on all others.

When you read your birth chart on your own, you can grasp the meaning of its individual elements but not the overall picture. Only an expert understands the relationships between different planets and houses to do that correctly. So, if you want your natal chart calculator session to be productive, we recommend you talk to an astrology advisor afterward.


  • A natal chart is a map of the sky at the moment of your birth. It reveals where different planets were back then and can answer questions about your personality, hopes, and dreams. Some like to think of their birth chart as the longer, more in-depth version of the information they get from their zodiac sign alone.

  • To read your birth chart, you need to know what each house stands for and what the position of every planet in a certain house can tell you. Learning how to do this correctly requires time and effort, which is why we always recommend talking to an astrology expert after you use our natal birth chart calculator and get your chart.