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Exploring Aquarius Luck: Lucky Numbers, Days, and Colors

All Zodiac signs have lucky numbers, colors, days, and gems that match the energy of each celestial body. You might wonder why knowing these details is so important. Well, it’s believed that selecting a lucky number and wearing your ‘good fortune’ color can help draw in the positive cosmic vibes aligned with your Zodiac sign. Here, your Aquarius lucky number, day, and color are defined by the Aquarius ruling planet - Uranus.

Aquarius Lucky Numbers

  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
  • 9
  • 11

The top 5 lucky numbers for Aquarius that help Aquarius Zodiac people harmonize their lives with cosmic forces are 1, 2, 4, 9, and 11. Number ‘one’ reflects the Sun and symbolizes new beginnings and leadership. This number influences your ambitions and career. Therefore, dates that contain this digit are perfect for closing big deals.

The number 2 represents the Moon and showcases your intuitive and creative side, making dates with these digits perfect for starting new projects. At the same time, numbers 4 and 9 represent Uranus, the planet of risk and innovation, and Mars, the planet of passion and energy. Both 2 and 9 are great dates to make big life decisions associated with risk and the lack of stability.

The last number is 11. As the combination of the ‘one’ digit, the number 11 has the double energy of that digit and is another number that stands for Uranus and endows you with high spirituality and sensitivity.

Aquarius Lucky Lottery Numbers

The same top 5 lucky numbers for Aquarius that we’ve mentioned before can bring huge luck if an Aquarius decides to play a lottery. When buying a lottery ticket, they should look for 1, 2, 4, 9, and 11 as well as the combination of these lucky numbers such as 12, 14, 19, 29, and others. Nonetheless, remember that the top lucky number for Aquarius is 4 as it represents Uranus, so pay special attention to this number if you want to maximize your potential with Uranus energy.

Aquarius Lucky Color

Aquarius lucky colors or power hues are electric blue, turquoise, and generally all shades of blue. Like Aquarius lucky numbers, the blue color acts as a talisman for Aquarians, helping them to clear their mind and listen to their inner monologue. For Aquarians, deep blue is the color of Air, the Aquarius element, that stands for mental energy. Therefore, use the blue color in your surroundings to concentrate better by adding blue home decor elements or painting the walls in a lighter shade of aquamarine.

Other shades of blue are turquoise and electric blue. Turquoise can help you attract more dollar signs and numbers into your financial life, so you’ll no longer need those lucky numbers in the lottery ticket.

Meanwhile, the electric blue is known for helping Aquarians find peace. Wearing clothes or accessories in this color is great if you’re on a healing journey or started psychotherapy recently.

Aquarius Lucky Days

Traditionally, lucky days for Aquarius are Thursdays and Fridays. Thursdays, governed by Jupiter, are Aquarius lucky money days when numbers matter. So, if you’ve decided to try your lucky numbers and play a lottery or have been planning to close a lucrative deal, do all these things on Thursday. As Jupiter is the planet of growth and prosperity, you’ll be able to catch its positive vibrations on Thursday.

Fridays, the Venus planetary days, can also bring good fortune in love and friendship for Aquarius, especially if the dates align with Aquarius lucky numbers. For instance, you’ll get double luck if you plan a date on the 4th of June, Friday, compared to the 5th of June, Friday. Additionally, Venus days are good for beauty appointments and creativity.

Aquarius Lucky Stone

Blue sapphire and amethyst are gems that help Aquarius reach that inner balance, maintain peace, and concentrate. Similar to other Air Zodiac signs, Aquarius struggles with self-discipline and organization. As blue sapphire is the gem of Saturn, the planet that symbolizes hard work and discipline, it will help you stay focused and motivated when studying or working. Meanwhile, amethyst will help you stay attuned to your inner voice and open up to others in a calm way.