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cancer & virgo Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 88%
  • Love 89%
  • Sex 87%
  • Family 92%
  • Friendship 84%

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cancer and virgo Compatibility

An energetic couple

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • patient
  • practical
  • sensual
  • considerate
  • thoughtful
  • affectionate

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • secretive
  • vindictive
  • controlling
  • picky
  • judgemental
  • worried


This relationship gives you exactly what you want with your compatibility showing you have similar values and desires.

You build trust together with ease and find this leads to a deep and consistent love connection!

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With Cancer as a water sign and Virgo as an earth sign, this pair is a potent combination. This also means that Cancer will be more emotional while Virgo is more levelheaded, and therefore these two can balance each other out. The two signs have a powerful connection that has the probability of thriving for long: brought together by their sexual energy and love for each other. Cancer and Virgo also make excellent friends, as they both are receptive or yin signs, and therefore give off a similar vibe of mutual respect, support, and understanding for each other.

Values for cancer and virgo

These two share similar values, but are also very different, and often complementary. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, values security, romance, and connection while Virgo, ruled by Mercury, values organization and being of service to others. This means Virgo will always be willing to help Cancer out and meet their needs no matter the request, along with keeping the details of their relationship sorted out. Cancer's energy, and watery nature is sometimes a lot for rational Virgo to handle, however, they will accept their Cancer partner for who they are. Virgo is changeable, and therefore they are able to be more flexible than their Cancer partner. This going with the flow attitude will help keep the peace and balance between these two signs. Together, they find a deep emotional bond, amazing conversations, and many common interests. Cancer does well when in relationship with a grounded earth sign, to anchor and root their highly emotional energy.

cancer and virgo Love Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo put a lot of trust in their relationship. Cancer would hate to lose familial ties because of untruthfulness while Virgo believes the basis of a good relationship is trust. Virgo may take a while to put their faith in their partner, but Cancer has enough calm and patience for their partner to build confidence in them. Therefore, both signs stay cautious of dishonesty and deception, and their love connection remains topnotch. Though they may be genuinely in love, their minds still work separately: Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is much more cerebral and information processing while Cancer, ruled by the Moon is much more intuitive and empathic. Sex, between an earth and water sign, is incredible. Both are sensual lovers, attentive, and deeply aware of pleasing their partner. They may not be the kinkiest or wildest couple in bed, but they certainly know how to give and receive fulfilling pleasure. This couple creates a very intimate, physical bond.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Mutable

Cancer is a cardinal sign, so they are very visionary, and sometimes unrealistic even. Virgo is detail-oriented and organized, but sometimes they tend to be very withheld. Both must try to find a balance in order to function well.

Polarity: Feminine-Feminine

They both like having a behind-the-scenes role. Virgo and Cancer as signs they prefer to focus on the work instead of the people.


Cancer wants commitment, while Virgo is not always up for it and wants to be free. Try to avoid problems by realizing that sometimes Virgo can offend sensitive Cancer just by talking about things in an insensitive way.

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Shared activities

Always something they can do together even if they have different likes. As a couple, they will have enough movement and romance in the relationship, so both will feel special. Together they will gladly go to a movie and eat some popcorn, so there is always something they can do together, even if their likes can be very different.

cancer and virgo Marriage Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo form a harmonious duo, sharing many values that contribute to a strong Cancer and Virgo marriage compatibility. Both value emotional security, consistency, and a structured lifestyle, which provides a solid foundation for their relationship. Cancer, being a water sign, navigates life with an emotional approach, while Virgo, an earth sign, takes a more practical route. The Cancer and Virgo compatibility for marriage is heightened by their shared desire for a peaceful, nurturing environment. Cancer's emotional depth can provide comfort and understanding to Virgo, who in turn can offer a sense of order and practicality to Cancer. Compatibility in marriage between Cancer and Virgo is about understanding each other's needs and perspectives. Despite their different approaches, they have a lot to offer each other. Virgo can help Cancer create a structured environment, while Cancer can teach Virgo to embrace emotions more openly. Through patience and mutual respect, they can build a stable, nurturing relationship. Virgo and Cancer can create a strong foundation of love, understanding, and mutual respect with the practicality of Virgo and the nurturing nature of Cancer, which can aid in the success of their partnership. Their partnership exemplifies the lovely synthesis of reason and feeling.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility: Pros and Cons


  • Emotional Connection: Both Cancer and Virgo are sensitive and emotional signs, which allows them to connect deeply on an emotional level. They understand each other’s feelings and provide the support and comfort they both need.
  • Loyalty and Commitment: Cancer and Virgo are both loyal and committed to their relationships. They prioritize their partnership and work together to create a stable and secure foundation.
  • Nurturing and Supportive: Cancer’s nurturing nature complements Virgo’s practicality. They offer each other the care, understanding, and support necessary to thrive in their relationship.
  • Shared Values: Cancer and Virgo share similar values such as family, loyalty, and stability. They are likely to have common goals and work together to achieve them.


  • Overthinking and Worrying: Both Cancer and Virgo tend to overanalyze and worry about things, which can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety in their relationship.
  • Communication Challenges: Cancer’s emotional nature and Virgo’s practicality can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties in effective communication. They need to find a balance between expressing emotions and discussing practical matters.
  • Different Approaches to Decision-Making: Cancer relies on intuition and emotions, while Virgo prefers logical analysis. This difference in decision-making styles may cause friction and conflicts in their relationship.

Cancer and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo make excellent friends due to their shared values and similar outlook on life. They both appreciate loyalty, dependability, and a genuine connection. Cancer’s nurturing nature and ability to provide emotional support align well with Virgo’s practicality and helpfulness. They can rely on each other in times of need and offer valuable advice and guidance. Their friendship is built on trust, sincerity, and a deep understanding of each other’s emotions. While Cancer may bring warmth and compassion, Virgo offers practical solutions and thoughtful analysis. With a friendship compatibility level, Cancer and Virgo create a reliable and supportive bond that lasts a lifetime.

Communication Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo have a strong potential for effective communication in their relationship. Both signs value open and honest dialogue, which allows them to express their emotions and thoughts without judgment. Cancer’s intuitive nature helps them understand Virgo’s practicality and attention to detail, while Virgo appreciates Cancer’s sensitivity and emotional depth. They have a natural ability to listen and offer thoughtful advice, creating a safe space for open communication. However, Cancer’s emotional sensitivity and Virgo’s tendency to be critical can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. By practicing patience, empathy, and active listening, Cancer and Virgo can navigate these challenges.

Life Compatibility for Cancer and Virgo

Cancer and Virgo share a high level of life compatibility. Both signs are responsible, dedicated, and value stability. They have a practical approach to life and work diligently to achieve their goals. Cancer’s nurturing nature aligns well with Virgo’s need for organization and efficiency. They support each other’s ambitions and create a harmonious balance between work and home life. Their shared values and commitment to building a solid foundation contribute to their overall life compatibility. With effective communication, mutual respect, and a shared vision, Cancer and Virgo can create a fulfilling life together.

Moon And Rising Sign Compatibility

When considering Moon and Rising sign compatibility, Cancer and Virgo share a deep emotional connection and a harmonious blend of energies. Cancer’s nurturing and intuitive nature resonates well with Virgo’s practicality and attention to detail. They understand each other’s emotions and needs on a profound level, creating a strong bond. Their combined energies create a balanced and stable partnership. Their shared values and ability to provide emotional support contribute to their compatibility.


Cancer Man and Virgo Woman Compatiblity

The compatibility between a Cancer man and a Virgo woman is highly promising. Their shared values of commitment, loyalty, and emotional depth create a strong foundation for their relationship. The Cancer man’s nurturing nature aligns well with the Virgo woman’s practicality and attention to detail. They both seek security and stability, and their ability to understand and support each other’s needs contributes to their compatibility. With mutual respect and effective communication, the Cancer man and Virgo woman can achieve a high compatibility level.

Cancer Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

The compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Virgo man is characterized by a deep emotional connection and a strong sense of loyalty. The Cancer woman’s nurturing and caring nature resonates well with the Virgo man’s practicality and attention to detail. They share a mutual understanding and support each other’s ambitions and goals. However, they should be mindful of potential challenges arising from the Cancer woman’s moodiness and the Virgo man’s critical nature.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, Cancer and Virgo are compatible signs. They share common values, such as loyalty, commitment, and a desire for stability, which form a solid foundation for their relationship.

  • Cancer and Virgo are both nurturing and caring signs. They are sensitive and intuitive, with a deep emotional understanding. They value security, family, and creating a harmonious home environment. Both signs are detail-oriented, practical, and strive for perfection in their endeavors.

  • Cancer and Virgo may face challenges due to their tendency to overthink and be critical. They may have different communication styles, with Cancer being more emotionally expressive and Virgo being more analytical. Virgo’s perfectionist nature may clash with Cancer’s emotional sensitivity, leading to conflicts.

  • To maintain a healthy and happy relationship, Cancer and Virgo should focus on effective communication, understanding, and appreciation of each other’s strengths. They should embrace their differences and find a balance between emotions and practicality. Building trust and providing emotional support are essential. Creating a stable and nurturing home environment where both partners feel secure is also important.

  • Some famous Cancer and Virgo couples include Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre, and Julianne Nicholson and Jonathan Cake. These couples demonstrate the compatibility of Cancer and Virgo through their shared values, commitment, and ability to support and understand each other.