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cancer & aries Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 77%
  • Love 81%
  • Sex 79%
  • Family 85%
  • Friendship 62%

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cancer and aries Compatibility

A unique combo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • independent
  • passionate
  • bold
  • theatrical
  • fun
  • adventurous

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • stubborn
  • egocentric
  • domineering
  • secretive
  • temperamental
  • impulsive


Your relationship will require a steady commitment as your partnership will tend to attract some drama.

With a concerted effort though, you can have some good times together!

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The impressionable, agreeable, and gentle Cancer quite differs from Aries who is at times blunt and abrupt. One adores their immediate family while the other feels suffocated in it. Cancer loves the attention from their partner and will withdraw if they feel insecure or aren't getting what they need. The water element of Cancer makes them deeply emotional and sensitive to others. Aries, on the other hand, is a fire sign and has the potential to hurt Cancer's feelings without meaning to. Cancer has a much more subtle approach while Aries is assertive.

Values for cancer and aries

Aries and Cancer are both highly emotive and tend to attract a lot of drama. These signs share values when it comes to work, friendship, and following their instincts. The Aries ram symbol implies the energy and strength with which they approach areas of life while the Cancer crab symbol, shows how they want to build up a strong protective barrier to hide and protect their sweeter nature. Problems arise when they do not fully understand their feelings while dealing with a partner they do not entirely fathom. With the ruling planet as the Moon, Cancer is likely to be concerned with nurturing Aries. These signs are highly protective of the ones they love, together they find common ground in their defensive and vigilant nature!

cancer and aries Love Compatibility

A lot of effort has to be put in for this relationship to work as persistent disparities will arise because these signs make a tense square aspect to each other within the zodiac. However, if they both can pull this off, their sex life will be fire. There is potential that they get dependent on each other's intensity and may not feel the same way with anyone else. There are high drama and intensity experienced through body, mind, and soul when these two fall in love. Aries is brazen and impulsive like fire while Cancer is careful and intuitive. One helps balance out the other if they can learn to be patient with each other and not rush headfirst into an argument, which is the typical Aries way. The ruling planets, Mars with Aries and the Moon with Cancer demonstrate the potential for a radical sex life full of experimentation. Intimacy is possible but these two easily slip into a dynamic where Cancer is always trying to fulfill Aries' desires and demands.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Cardinal

Aries and Cancer, when combined as zodiac signs, possess exceptional foresight. They possess the ability to innovate and motivate one another.

Polarity: Feminine-Masculine

Aries prioritize the outward energy, whereas Cancer appreciates depth and puts values above everything. Both can learn from one another and become more well-rounded.


Their modality says they will have success, but Cancer needs to be more open towards people, and Aries can help them with that.

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Shared activities

Aries love the unpredictability, while Cancer wants a safe and supportive atmosphere. Both of these people have extremely different sexual and emotional needs. Cancer doesn't want to be pressured to go out and party, so Aries must be happy to stay at home, so it will be challenging to find a shared interest.

cancer and aries Marriage Compatibility

Cancer and Aries are surprisingly compatible because of these signs' exceptional ability to balance each other out. They might not have an instant connection with sparks flying. But once they get to know each other and commit to being together, they form one of those deep relationships where anyone can see the profound bond between the two. With enough emotional investment and work from both partners, Cancer and Aries compatibility for marriage is promising. The thing is, Cancer and Aries both have important things to offer to enrich their relationship. Cancer's empathy and emotional sensitivity pair well with Aries' passion and love for adventure. When the two form a long-term partnership (particularly marriage), they rub off one another. As a result, Cancer learns to give Aries the space to unleash their individuality, while Aries gradually becomes the support system Cancer craves. Sure, these signs' compatibility in marriage depends on their ability to listen to one another and understand what their partner wants. If they put in the work to accommodate each other's needs, Cancer and Aries can achieve a harmonious blend of emotional depth and fiery passion. It'll likely be a long and fulfilling marriage.

Cancer and Aries Compatibility Chart