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Expertise: Astrology Tarot

    Born as a 1993 millennial, I’m part of a generation that is interested in going beyond the world I’ve known. My curiosity is great about themes related to esoteric and occult topics, especially when linked to different cultures and historical events. My main goal in life is to develop my career as an artist, combining performance, music, and literature with the knowledge that astrology and tarot have given me. Being passionate about art makes me a sensitive person, with touch for others’ emotions. Because of this, I’m always attentive to a person’s process and their unique perspective. I enjoy the sessions that I have where I can deeply empathize with whoever is beyond the screen.

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    What I do

    As an astrologer, I make use of different methods to cast astrological charts, in order to obtain the specific information that you may need. Astrology isn’t just the sum of a planet and a sign, but it’s understanding how this art can reveal someone’s innate experience in life and what is going on for them. Trying to know what comes in the future is just the first step that can be overcome by understanding astrology’s real power: to free yourself from expectations, mostly created by modern culture. As a tarotist, I follow the same line. I mazy use a reading to answer any of your questions, but I’ll always try to take you out of any anxious situation where you need to know what will happen, so you can start asking yourself where you are, where you are heading from there and what you really need. Wondering what actions you can take to manifest the reality you desire is way more efficient than obvious questions about others.

    How Can I Help You

    By contacting me, I’ll use all my tools to offer guidance. Whether it’s a simple decision-making question, or a deep insight generating reading, my advice is always in service of creating the best outcome for you and all the people involved in your situation. This is because I’m always focused on social life and how destiny is created by the interactions of multiple agents, and not just your own behavior. Understanding that there will always be good and bad in any possible situation is key to letting go from fears and worries.

    My experience and qualification

    I’ve been studying Tarot for 15 years, and Astrology for 12 years. However, I understand that this is my own process and that I still have a lot to learn and keep questioning me. I see myself learning with every reading, since every session brings new meaning to the symbols in the Tarot and in astrological language. I learned these languages first by myself, and then attending workshops and accessing theory texts from local schools in my country. My approach comes from a mix of esoteric and literary influences, with a huge amount of information that I obtained during my studies in public college, where I studied Anthropology. This last influence gave me a global view of any human situation, which is necessary to understand how our fates are all linked together.

    My Approach to Readings

    As a result of my studies, I developed an understanding of human interactions based on multiple theories, but most of all, through a holographic approach to human conflict. The method I crafted is unique and tries to apply sacred techniques like Tarot or Astrology to unveil the illusion of separateness that creates tension between people. Thanks to my anthropological approach I can see that basic emotions and needs are universal and that we all solve them through mutual cooperation. This isn’t an easy task: but anyone who feels this is the way, I’ll be there to guide them step by step in this process.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    Choosing me as your Divine guide is embracing a legacy of mystical exploration that stretches back through generations. My unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights ensures that your consultation is not just a reading but a transformative experience. From traditional divination to holistic healing, each session with me is a step toward understanding the profound interconnectedness of your journey. With Alexis by your side, you embark on a journey where the divine truth is revealed, and the path forward is illuminated with clarity and purpose. Trust in the legacy of my great-grandmother and the whispers of the stars – let me be your guide in unlocking the secrets of your destiny.