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virgo & aries Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 91%
  • Love 98%
  • Sex 95%
  • Family 83%
  • Friendship 87%

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virgo and aries Compatibility

A match of balance and potential

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • strong-minded
  • optimistic
  • generous
  • expressive
  • humorous
  • protective

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • temperamental
  • controlling
  • stubborn
  • egocentric
  • domineering
  • sulky


While this relationship can seem like a mismatch on the surface, there is some hidden potential here.

With the right approach and a lot of patience for your partner's fiery personality, you can have some unique experiences together.

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This pair initially seems like an unusual couple that should not be together at all but they can make fantastic friends and business partners, romantic relationships will require more work! As an earth sign, Virgo's natural calmness is not exactly a good match for fiery and aggressive Aries. Partners have an opportunity to learn from each other, making the relationship quite the experience for both signs.

Values for virgo and aries

Virgo appears in control of their emotions and notices the details while Aires will leap into things without much forethought. This can cause some tension in the relationship, but secretly Virgo may enjoy this spontaneity. In general, though the couple has opposing energies and seems almost too polar to be in unison. The stable, grounded, energy that is Virgo is a far cry from the fiery, impulsive and dominant energy that Aries possesses. As it's often said that opposites attract, if both signs can look beyond their disparities, they will make a great couple: after all, Virgo can teach the fire sign, Aries, to be more stable and pay attention to the little things that count. Virgo can teach Aries to value processes and hard work. Business is where they shine as bold Aries can bring the outgoing energy needed and Virgo keeps them on track.

virgo and aries Love Compatibility

Together, these two can make a great dynamic, when both of their energies are combined and channeled correctly. However, they tend to lose patience with each other when it comes to love and relationships overall. Fire and earth have different energy levels and their minds go at very different paces. Whereas Aries wants to be loud, dynamic, and energetic Virgo tends to think much more analytically and be more precise and methodical in their approach to life. The physical agility of Aries mixed with the subtle but concise mindfulness of Virgo will result in very different energy expressions, especially in intimacy. They find they provide each other what the other one lacks in bed: Virgo to spice things up and Aries to slow down. They can make sex work but tend to lack chemistry in general. They need to rely on common interests and spend time doing what the other person wants in order to make this partnership last.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Mutable-Cardinal

Aries has a unique ability to inject excitement into the relationship. They excel at coming up with innovative ideas. On the other hand, Virgo is known for being focused on the smaller details and maintaining organization. However, at times, Virgo may appear more reserved and inclined to hold back.

Polarity: Feminine-Masculine

Aries has a strong outward strength and energetic nature, whereas Virgo is highly disciplined in their approach. When they come together, they complement each other perfectly.


Determined Aries can help Virgo to be more balanced. If they use their differences to complete each other success in all areas is very possible.

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Shared activities

The relationship between Aries and Virgo is weak but never boring. Emotionally, their compatibility is much better than sexual compatibility. Good thing is that both care to live healthfully, so they could easily include anything healthy in their uncanny relationship. They can go out for a run and spend some time in nature or just work out together.

virgo and aries Marriage Compatibility

The Virgo and Aries marriage compatibility is not obvious at first, but it's there. Analytical and risk-averse Virgos often need someone to teach them how to stop calculating everything and just be. That's where Aries' impulsivity and love for adventure come in very handy. They can balance Virgo's pragmatism and help them live a little. But Virgo also has a lot to offer to Aries. Aries' fearlessness and willingness to take risks might be exciting, but it's not always sustainable in the long run. They need a Virgo in their life to show them that a bit of practicality won't kill passion but will ensure a secure and viable long-term relationship. Simply put, the Virgo and Aries compatibility for marriage stems from these signs' exceptional ability to smooth out their partner's rough edges. It works both ways. Understandably, challenges and conflict are inevitable in the Virgo-Aries relationship because of how different these signs are. But if both spouses keep being intentional and communicative, they can work everything through and come out better on the other side. Once this happens, there won't be many barriers to Virgo and Aries' longevity and compatibility in marriage.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility Chart