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cancer & taurus Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 79%
  • Love 84%
  • Sex 80%
  • Family 76%
  • Friendship 76%

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cancer and taurus Compatibility

A sweet and sensual couple

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • loyal
  • sensual
  • thoughtful
  • caring
  • dependable
  • understanding

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • stubborn
  • controlling
  • secretive
  • rigid
  • work-obsessed
  • manipulative


You will feel supported by your partner and able to breathe and be yourself in this connection.

Your compatibility tends to be harmonious, loving, and sweet, built to last!

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A combination of Cancer and Taurus brings out each other's most gentle and sweetest sides. These two have the potential for a harmonious blend of energy. Their deep mutual need for familial love and security makes the bond like no other. They want the same things and this draws them closer to each other and keeps them together. They are both very emotional and find it hard to forget the past. However, Cancer has a forgiving nature which is of great help in moving forward and forgetting mistakes, when Taurus is having trouble moving on.

Values for cancer and taurus

Cancer has a tendency to be rather moody, as their ruling planet implies, and Taurus' earthy and rooted energy can withstand these emotional ups and downs with ease and calm. These signs value quality over quantity and both prefer a night in compared to a wild night out when together. As water and earth signs they share a love for family, bliss, compassion, and understanding. They enjoy the finer things of life and can be fixated on material security.

cancer and taurus Love Compatibility

Both Cancer and Taurus are very emotional signs and can get hurt by the littlest of things. These signs are very mindful of this fact and tread carefully with each other, although Taurus being the sign of the bull sometimes does accidentally trample over the emotional energy of poor Cancer. In sex and romance, they are perfectly matched. Both sensualists in bed and slow, passionate lovers make them very sexually compatible. In addition, they share a love of romance and showering each other with compliments and adoration. These two both secretly feel insecure, therefore, the constant praise and encouragement from each other keep their bond very intimate and strong. The Venusian influence of Taurus gives Cancer exactly what they want to experience in love while the Moon provides Taurus with just enough mystery and potential to keep them interested in a long-term love affair.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Fixed

Cancer individuals possess a strong intuition, making them highly perceptive but also prone to having impractical tendencies. On the other hand, Taurus individuals are focused on attaining their goals and excel in executing well-thought-out plans. Therefore, Taurus can assist Cancer in becoming more grounded and realistic.

Polarity: Feminine-Feminine

Both individuals have a preference for staying in the background, often redirecting attention towards others. As indicators, they possess excellent instincts and can be highly responsive.


They are not much into going out, but they need people whether to have a richer Social life or more successful business. Both can benefit if they try to be more outgoing.

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Shared activities

Cancer and Taurus love the home, are sentimental, and have an appetizing libido. Together they can cook and have a romantic candlelit dinner or watch movies while cuddling in on the sofa together. They share a connection with nature so romantic camping is perfect. They are an adorable match. Cancer is affectionate and this is what every Taurus is searching for.

cancer and taurus Marriage Compatibility

If there's one pairing that screams "lifelong marriage" instead of "casual fling," it's Cancer and Taurus. They have shared values and needs in romantic relationships, which ensures fantastic Cancer and Taurus marriage compatibility. As a Cancer, you won't need to explain yourself to your Taurus partner over and over again; these two signs simply get one another. All Cancers are incredibly emotional beings who want their partner to be their ultimate support system. Trust, loyalty, and sensitivity are some of Cancer's top priorities. And despite their seemingly tough front, Taurus will happily offer all that to you—deep down, they crave emotional depth as much as you do. What's more, Taurus can guarantee their Cancer partner stability and security. Add Cancer's ability to be the most nurturing spouse in the world, and you'll get a perfect recipe for an unbreakable bond. No wonder the Cancer and Taurus compatibility for marriage is so high. There's almost nothing that can break a Cancer-Taurus partnership. The possible issues to be aware of are less about your compatibility in marriage and more about your personal growth. Neither Cancer nor Taurus is a risk-taker; stepping out of one's comfort zone to fulfill one's dreams requires an active and intentional effort from both of them.

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility Chart