cancer & cancer Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 100%
  • Love 77%
  • Sex 73%
  • Family 68%
  • Friendship 60%

cancer and cancer Compatibility

A lasting emotional bond

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • emotional
  • empathic
  • intuitive
  • considerate
  • caring
  • loyal

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • secretive
  • insecure
  • overly-worried
  • jealous
  • manipulative
  • moody


Your relationship will have an emotional depth and understanding that is undeniable.

Together you can help each other overcome insecurities, this connection is one of support, care, and meaning.

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Cancer is gentle in nature, as the zodiac sign ruled by the Moon, they are deeply sensitive and need a lot of sweetness. So when two Cancers get together it can be a beautiful thing! Together, they have a lot to give each other, they are both very attentive and caring which will dominate the relationship and lead to an understanding and deeply emotional connection. As two water signs together, there is a lot of moodiness to go around, Cancers together will need to be patient with each other and keep their moods in check at times in order to keep the peace between them! But overall, they are harmonious, supportive, and an excellent match!

Values for cancer and cancer

Cancer being highly emotional — and one of the most passionate in the zodiac — is all for domestic love. When they think about their partner or potential partner, long term potential is what comes to mind. This symbol of the crab seeks out people who will stay in their lives for the long haul. They don't want fairweather friends or lovers for that matter! They value stability, security, and want the vulnerability they experience when getting to know someone to not be taken for granted or not be worth it in the end if things don't work out. As water signs, their emotions are real and run deeply. And with the Moon as the ruling planet, the possibility of high emotional drama is likely. These two should watch out at the Full Moon because tension is heightened and both will be feeling antsy and energetic. Cancer values nurturing and sensitivity, therefore, sharing and understanding each other will bring a great deal of satisfaction.

cancer and cancer Love Compatibility

These signs take great effort in life to be resourceful and make situations work for them. This energy combined with Cancer's watery need to feel secure makes it so two Cancers together are constantly worrying and doing everything they can to stabilize and solidify their life together. They can fall in love deeply and will do almost anything that is necessary to make their union work. When it comes to sex and intimacy these two will find their stride. As receptive, yin signs they like to take in each other's sexual energy and build trust through sex. Their bond grows deeply over time and is highly considerate, tender, and often very intimate. Cancer is a softy for romantic gestures and loves love. They will worship each other and shower each other with gifts and affection. Their moody nature is the only thing that can get in the way, therefore, both should be willing to give the other one space when necessary for a lasting relationship!

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Cardinal-Cardinal

Cancer is a thinker and they generate big ideas. They have creative talents and you can always count on them to get fresh energy flowing.

Polarity: Feminine-Feminine

Cancer tends to be self-observant and individualistic. They have strong discipline and powerful intuition. They are successful behind the scenes because both prefer to focus on the work instead of the people.


They will share conversations about their dreams and bide ideas. The intimate nature they have will keep them private and reserved. However, it is good to try to control their emotions as some arguments can become more serious just because they both tend to overreact.

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Shared activities

Tendency is to spend a cozy evening at home. Cancers together as a couple don't have a problem sharing any activity but might have a problem starting one. Most of their time will be spent cuddling in bed with a movie, because of their passive natures they have a tendency to spend a cozy evening at home.

cancer and cancer Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between two Cancer signs can be deeply emotional and nurturing. Both value security, comfort, and emotional connections, making the Cancer and Cancer marriage compatibility high. Their shared understanding of each other’s emotional needs and their mutual desire for a peaceful and secure home life can enhance the Cancer and Cancer compatibility for marriage. The compatibility in marriage between Cancer and Cancer can be a nurturing and protective haven. Their shared intuitive nature helps them understand each other's feelings and needs without the need for explicit communication. They can build a deep emotional bond that provides comfort and security to both partners. However, they also need to be careful to maintain their individuality and avoid becoming overly reliant or possessive of each other. With understanding, patience, and care, their relationship can be a sanctuary of love and mutual support. Two Cancers’ shared need for security, comfort, and emotional connections contributes to their high compatibility. Together, they create a nurturing and protective haven where their intuitive nature allows them to understand each other's feelings without even speaking. Yet, they should also remember to maintain their individuality and avoid becoming overly possessive. With understanding, patience, and love, their marriage can be a beautiful journey of togetherness.

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