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leo & taurus Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 83%
  • Love 80%
  • Sex 85%
  • Family 80%
  • Friendship 86%

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leo and taurus Compatibility

A dynamic duo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • sensual
  • caring
  • sexually expressive
  • loyal
  • reliable
  • practical

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • braggart
  • stubborn
  • rigid
  • particular
  • overly-cautious
  • obsessive


Your connection and chemistry is magnetic in this relationship that is built to achieve shared dreams and long-term goals.

You both have the stamina it takes to keep focus and work through challenges if you can overcome your shared stubborn tendencies.

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This is a challenging scenario where the deep and sincere emotions of Taurus are faced with the passionate and proud energy of Leo. These signs make a square aspect in the zodiac, which means dynamic energy and a learning experience overall! A relationship between these personalities could thrive on a sweet note if the energy can be balanced in equilibrium. This implies that a healthy relationship between these two is dependent on compromise, mutual respect, and lots of forgiveness. They often come up against each other, wanting different things, and having trouble making room for each other wants, needs, and desires.

Values for leo and taurus

Considering these two conflicting personalities, values would be different as Leo would seem to place rank on things that Taurus would consider emotional. They both value stability, loyalty, and financial security. But with Leo being a fire sign and Taurus being an earth sign things start to differ a bit. Leo prefers taking more risks and pursuing their individual creative interests while Taurus will be more cautious and do what they need to do to make money. A synergy of values occurs if both persons look deep into each other's likes and dislikes to find common ground. Leo is ruled by the Sun and therefore personal creativity and soul purpose while Taurus is ruled by Venus and therefore is associated with beauty and refinement. This often matches them to be lovers of fine art, literature, good food, and merriment. They both like to enjoy themselves, with Leo being the more social of the two, but nonetheless will make space in the relationship for socializing and events. They value having excellent taste and good style.

leo and taurus Love Compatibility

A love life between these two could spell trouble and tension with parties wanting to get their way, there will be little room for compromise. Leo, as the symbol of the lion, likes to mark their territory and make their space their own. They want to lead and prefer a relationship that centers on their needs and wishes. . . and Taurus tends to want their way as well. This can lead to a clash in personalities that is hard for these two to overcome. When it comes to sex both of them tend to desire different things, with Taurus, being ruled by Venus wanting to be cuddled, loved, and caressed and Leo, being ruled by the Sun wanting to be passionate and fiery in bed. Intimacy between them is possible, as both enjoy romance and spending quality time with the person they love. Regular date nights, vacations, and other exciting ventures are sure to be a part of this couple's love life. Overall, a sexual affair is fun and enjoyable as the emotional and sensual Taurus would be most likely satisfied by the passionate and energy-driven Leo.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Fixed-Fixed

The Taurus and Leo pairing works well together. Both individuals have a knack for recognizing tasks that require attention and, being proactive in nature, they quickly take action without delay.

Polarity: Masculine-Feminine

Taurus has a strong capacity for understanding and being emotionally aware. On the other hand, Leo is a social and extroverted sign, finding their energy from external sources. Together, their qualities complement each other well, resulting in a perfect equilibrium.


Both are work-driven and focused. They will function in the business field, however privately the relationship can last if Taurus is prepared to be in the shadow of might Leo.

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Shared activities

Durability, constancy, and dedication characterize this romance. They are in luck because they are ruled by Venus and the Sun, both are warm, kind, and with a tendency to be close to one another. It is easy to find shared activities, but the favorite one for sure is Taurus cooking for Leo, while Leo's generous nature shows off with gifts for Taurus. Going outside can be fun if it combines fancy restaurants (Leo) and good food (Taurus).

leo and taurus Marriage Compatibility

If you've found yourself in a relationship with a Taurus, congratulations—the Leo and Taurus marriage compatibility is among the highest across the Zodiac. The two of you have just the right amount of things in common to build the proper foundation while also complementing each other. The only issue might be your shared stubbornness, yet it's nothing you can't work through together. The Leo and Taurus compatibility for marriage could hardly be any higher. As a Leo, you love attention and want your partner to admire you. At the same time, you embrace commitment and want a stable and secure relationship. A Taurus partner satisfies both of these needs. They will genuinely admire you and stay loyal no matter what. In response, you'll make your Taurus partner's life more exciting, which is something they can't always do on their own. But that's not to say that Leo and Taurus' life together is always a walk in the park. These signs have strong personalities and big egos, which might affect their long-term compatibility in marriage. To make sure that you stay one another's support system forever, you and your Taurus spouse will need to put a lot of work into your ability to recognize each other's needs and compromise.

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