leo & libra Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 85%
  • Love 87%
  • Sex 78%
  • Family 68%
  • Friendship 59%

leo and libra Compatibility

An energetic combo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • emotional
  • sensual
  • romantic
  • social
  • outgoing
  • cooperative

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • jealous
  • incredulous
  • hesitant
  • skeptical
  • indecisive
  • unsure


Your partnership is marked by true admiration, awe, and generous respect for each other.

You both know how to have a good time which is brought into this fun relationship!

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The expression of ‘power coupled' comes to mind with the Libra-Leo relationship. Both of these signs are in the active, positive category which means they project their energy and desires. In addition, Libra is an air sign and lends a steady sense of rational calm to fiery Leo. At times they present to the public as complete show-offs, especially when together. But to the parties of this reputable relationship, it is an undeterred balance of respect and strong personal identities that makes them so strong.

Values for leo and libra

Leo esteems a strong personality that shows off self-pride and heroism. Ruled by the Sun they are invested in self-development and expression of their authentic inner self to the outside world. Libra, on the other hand, ruled by Venus has slightly different values. For example, they value justice, peace, unity, and group dynamics - as opposed to Leo's love for individual identity. Libras, as an air sign and with a love of balance, is indecisive and fastidious in nature, so most activities and skills would look good to them. Leo is much more precise and able to make strong decisions with great judgment and tact. This ends up being a great balance for these two in partnership. Libra helps Leo see another side of things and Leo helps motivate Libra.

leo and libra Love Compatibility

Leo and Libra both enjoy letting the public know about their relationship: they love to be seen at events together both looking sharp, regal, and presentable. In love, they will find this creates a unique common ground for them to play out their relationship desires and personalities. Libra as an air sign admires Leo's fiery spirit and confidence, and Leo loves admiration so they will be pleased with this match. Their love life is usually filled with respect, and they would most likely try out new skill sets to make it better. Libra, as the balanced symbol of the scales, wants life to peaceful, beautiful, and enjoyable. Leo, more flamboyant wants life to be enjoyable as well, while also creative and a bit wild at times. They will be well matched in love as these traits tend to compliment one another. Sex between them is inspiring. Leo and Libra will be able to create a beautiful sexual energy between them. Libra, will pull from their leading energy, while Leo will motivate them to enjoy the experience. Their energies complement each other and the relationship is very loving, charming, and romantic overall.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Fixed-Cardinal

Leo as a fixed sign is aiming high and always has eyes on the prize. Libra is the who inspires and thinks big. Both push and motivate each other to success.

Polarity: Masculine-Masculine

Leo and Libra are very friendly, outgoing and they use outer energy. They do well with crowds and a large group of people.


The problems can often occur due to their polarity. Both share the same traits and most likely by being impulsive, they tend to overreact. Together need to learn to see things more realistic and try not to exaggerate.

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Shared activities

"Red carpet" events and elegant parties to show off their partner. There is a strange similarity in the energy levels of these two together. They will mostly enjoy “red carpet” events and elegant parties where they can both show one another to the world. Shopping is also a great idea for this fancy couple.

leo and libra Marriage Compatibility

Leo and Libra form a compelling pair with their shared love for social engagements and personal interaction. The Leo and Libra marriage compatibility lies in their shared love for a vibrant social life and their appreciation for beauty and harmony. Leo's passion and charisma coupled with Libra's diplomacy and love for balance make for a harmonious relationship. The Leo and Libra compatibility for marriage lies in their shared values and mutual respect. Leo's boldness can add excitement to Libra's balanced life, while Libra's diplomacy can bring harmony to Leo's passionate world. Compatibility in marriage between Leo and Libra is about balancing Leo's fiery energy with Libra's need for balance and harmony. With a shared love for socializing and mutual respect for each other's needs, their union can be a harmonious and exciting one. Leo and Libra need to always maintain respect for one another and shared social inclination. While Libra's love of harmony can lend a feeling of balance to Leo's life, Leo's enthusiasm and charismatic nature can stimulate the world of Libra. Their relationship can be harmonious and interesting because they both enjoy social interactions and appreciate one another.

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