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Nebula VS Oranum

Oranum Review

Stress and other negative feelings affect our lives. But what if we told you there is a way to relieve ourselves of them? Too good to be true? Well, that’s what psychic reading services are for. Now, let’s analyze if Oranum is as good as its proponents claim it is.

Oranum is one of the oldest psychic reading sites currently available online, even though it’s not necessarily the best one. Still, it does offer numerous features that cater to the needs of even the most demanding users. For example, not every psychic reading has video calls available. Oranum does.

Are you interested in the services of the site? Then, read this review (on top of clients’ reviews online) to learn about the features, perks, and prices of the platform, as well as its flaws.

Oranum Pros & Cons


  • Psychic live streams are available 24/7, and pre-recorded videos
  • A large selection of reading categories
  • A mobile app


  • The credit-based system can be confusing
  • The homepage looks cluttered
  • You need to be a VIP member to access a large portion of the content (which isn’t cheap)

Top Oranum Features

There are a few Oranum features that deserve a special mention in this Oranum review. If you have been studying reviews, you might have come across those features yourself. They include:

Live readings. If you want to connect with Oranum psychics on a more profound level, you can use video chat. Having a webcam is not required: you will still get to see the psychic in their element and use the chat box. Webcam owners can speak to the psychic directly if they want the advisor to be able to see them as well.

Payment system. Oranum makes customers purchase credits they can later use on their favorite psychics. The Oranum pay system makes it possible for psychic experts to establish their own rates, so you can choose one that matches your criteria and has the most reasonable price. However, the cheapest Oranum psychics are also the ones with the lowest customer ratings.

Welcome offers. The coin system that can be found at Oranum grants specific benefits to first-time users. If you are new to Oranum, confirming the payment method and validating your card will give you 10,000 coins as a welcome offer (most psychics charge 1,000-2,000 coins per minute).

Pre-recorded videos. Before you decide to get a reading from the Oranum psychic, you can unlock their exclusive content and watch pre-recorded videos made by the psychic experts to get a feel of what they are doing and determine whether you like their vibe. Observing an Oranum psychic at work can help you decide whether they are authentic.

Variety of reading types. Sites like Oranum offer various reading types to customers who want professional advice on matters of the heart and are ready to receive advice on career and life choices. From astrology to energy work, Oranum has the same reading types as most of its big competitors.

Oranum search tool. The website has an optimized search filter, allowing you to find the right psychic by category, topic, years of experience, price, session type, language, and region.

Oranum Pricing & Discounts

The prices at Oranum aren’t the lowest, and this review considers them in detail. You can expect to spend $0.98 to $10.99 (and even more if you’re after the top readers) per minute on the site's services. Since Oranum uses a credit system, you will need to purchase one of the available packages to use the services.

The large package means more bonuses, and you can also count on extra bonuses. As a newcomer, you can get $9.99 for purchasing your first credit package and a certain amount of credits for confirming your credit card.

How to Use Oranum

How does Oranum work? If you have been asking the same question, this Oranum review will help you make sense of the service:

Sign up. First, you need to visit the Oranum homepage and find the Join Now button. It will take you to the sign-up page, where you have to fill in essential information: your email, username, and password. As soon as you register on the platform, you will be able to claim new member discounts and receive personalized experiences as you chat with top-rated psychics.

After you’ve signed up for the Oranum account, you can scroll down the list of top psychics displayed on the platform. Each psychic has their availability status visible once you click on their profile picture. Psychic experts can be filtered by categories, topics, years of experience, price, session type, and region. If you want an Oranum live session, you can enter one to see if the psychic matches your expectations and energy. Oranum live sessions are free and allow you to assess the psychic’s abilities before you order a reading.

After you’ve seen the psychic do the Oranum livestream, you can either choose to start a private session with a psychic expert or keep browsing to find an ideal match. To receive your credits and have a personalized session, you will be asked to proceed to the payments page to choose the credit package and complete the payment.

Oranum Mobile App

The Oranum app is perfect for mobile users who want to make an appointment with a psychic without wasting a second of their time. The app has the same filtering system that can be found in the Oranum desktop version, allowing customers to connect with an advisor immediately.

The Oranum app was customized for the App Store and Google Play customers, and it offers the same range of reading tools as the psychic website. You can either start a video stream with the selected psychic or chat with them using a chat box. Another helpful feature that you can find at Oranum is a notification system that delivers messages to customers whenever their favorite psychic is online.

Types of Readings on Oranum

The platform offers multiple reading types, including:

  • Tarot - Oranum psychics specialize in interpreting what the cards have to say. This method helps to get more clarity regarding various situations and make the right choice. 
  • Dream Interpretation - Often, the subconscious gives us a lot of hints, but you have to know how to interpret them correctly. That’s when Oranum psychics step into the game. They’ll help you define what your dreams mean and leverage this information.
  • Clairvoyance - Stars can guide our decisions and help us select the right approaches. At Oranum psychics, you can get both traditional horoscope readings and unique ones, including Indian, Chinese, and Vedic.
  • Astrology - Oranum psychic readings can help you find out what the future holds for you, which will allow you to be prepared for any unexpected turns in your life.
  • Love and relationships - This category has a number of subheadings, including horoscope interpretations and karmic love readings. There are many experts to choose from if you need to address some questions related to your personal life. 
  • Horoscope Interpretation
  • Palm Reading
  • Numerology
  • Sound Healing
  • Life Guidance
  • Pet Psychic Services

You can also look through additional materials available on the personal pages of advisors. They are especially relevant for those users who want to enlarge their knowledge of spiritual practices.


  • What is Oranum, and is it legit? Being a psychic service with a screening process and an Oranum psychic test for future applicants, Oranum does seem like a legitimate provider of psychic readings. However, as is the case with most psychic platforms, you can’t be sure of anything; it all depends on the advisor you end up talking to.

  • Oranum reviews confirm that the platform has a refund policy with limited features. It allows customers to request a refund within 24 hours following the reading. If the complaint issued by the customer is approved by the Oranum service (which doesn’t always happen), you have credits delivered to your account, and you can then spend them on another reading.

  • If you want to find an Oranum psychic that will match your preferences and is competent, don’t neglect Oranum live sessions. Not all Oranum psychics are equally good, and those interactive streams with chat rooms are a great way to find those who are legitimately competent at what they do.

  • Most Oranum reviews mention that the website has a great selection of psychics who specialize in various reading types and can be helpful. After you create an account at Oranum, you can receive free credits in your account and expect the psychic to give you insights into your situation. Pick your advisor wisely if you want a fulfilling experience.

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