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Nebula VS Bitwine Psychics

Bitwine Psychic Review

A psychic reading is a form of divination, which is a type of personal development that involves the interpretation of signs and symbols. Psychic readings are often done over the phone or via email. In this Bitwine Psychic review, you will learn about Bitwine, an online platform that offers psychic readings. They have a variety of psychics who offer a few different types of readings. These include tarot, astrology, and numerology.

As you will quickly understand if you check Bitwine Psychic reviews, Bitwine is a website that supposedly helps you find your perfect psychic. Frankly, the website clearly needs updating because it looks like it came straight out of the 90s. Still, you can use it to have a psychic reading by one of the psychics in their network.

Bitwine Psychic Pros & Cons


  • Attractive deals, such as short two-question readings for $10
  • A forum to communicate with the people who share your interest in the spiritual
  • Available 24/7


  • The website is very dated, confusing, and difficult to navigate
  • It’s nearly impossible to find the lowest-charging ($0.5) Bitwine Psychic psychics
  • Not enough reading types to choose from
  • The service seems to be deleting all negative feedback from customers

Key Bitwine Psychic Features

The best way to start this Birwine Psychic review is probably to address some of Bitwine Psychic’s key features so that you understand how the service is or isn’t different from most competitors.

Readings via chat. Unlike many other psychic reading platforms, Bitwine Psychics supports only one mode of communication—text chat. While it might not be as personal as a phone or video call, chat is more affordable, which a lot of customers appreciate, at least according to Bitwine Psychics reviews.

The so-called “Happy Hour.” As the name suggests, Happy Hour is the time when you can get a reading for way cheaper than normal. It’s 50% off, which is a good deal. Keep in mind, though, that not all Bitwine Psychic advisors participate in Happy Hour, so your options are limited.

Different reading types. The selection of reading types available on Bitwine Psychic isn’t the largest, but you still have quite a few reading types to choose from, including astrology, love guidance, reiki, and spiritual coaching.

Ask-a-Psychic Forum. This is a unique feature that a lot of people mention in their review. The service has a forum where you can post your questions for the service’s psychics to answer to. It’s a way for you to get to know the advisors a bit, which makes it easier to decide which one to choose for a reading. Sadly, though, not all advisors are as responsive on the free forum as we'd like to see.

Psychics’ activity status. You can see which of Bitwine Psychics are currently online (or when they were last online). It’s convenient if you have your preferred advisors but need a reading ASAP.

A separate box for psychics with $10 readings. The advisors who offer short $10 readings are listed separately. It’s convenient because if you are looking for a deal, you can find an advisor without having to leaf through the entire list of readers.

Bitwine Psychics Prices & Discounts

Bitwine Psychics is one of the more affordable psychic reading platforms. The chatbot’s fee is $0.99 per minute. Only a few of Bitwine Psychic’s competitors have lower rates, which is mentioned in numerous positive Bitwin Psychic reviews.

Also, Bitwine Psychic does not require any registration or subscription fees. So you can create an account and spend as much time on the website as you want without actually paying for a reading. We recommend you make the most of the Ask-a-Psychic forum to get answers to your questions. This way, you are more likely to find a reader who is actually a good fit for you.

How to Use Bitwine Psychic

Bitwine Psychics might not have the best-looking website, but according to Bitwine Psychic reviews available online, the affordable pricing of the readings this service offers still attracts clients. If you aren’t scared away by how looks and want to try it yourself, it makes sense to learn how it works first.

An interesting thing about Bitwine Psychic is that you don’t need to create an account to test the service. Once you’ve selected an advisor you’d like to talk to, you can start the reading by pressing the Chat With Me button on the psychic’s profile page. You will have to confirm that you are over the age of 18 and have a PayPal account (no need to provide your payment information for now). Once you do, you will be able to talk to the reader for a bit to see if they are a good personality fit for you.

The problem, however, is that you don’t have much time to test the waters. After just a few messages, you will have to either end the chat or pay for the services. While this is understandable, a lot of clients are upset at this in their reviews because the end of the conversation feels too abrupt.

However, if you do decide to continue the reading—be it with the same reader or a different one—you will have to create an account, which requires you to have a valid address and, most importantly, PayPal. For some reason, this is the only payment method Bitwine Psychics accepts, which isn’t convenient for some people. Once you have an account, can once again go to your preferred reader profile, press Chat With Me, and pay for the reading.

Types of Readings on Bitwine Psychic

As you will soon find out if you decide to look through reviews available online, the selection of reading types on Bitwine Psychic isn’t the best. Most competitors offer way more options. Still, you have a few types of reading to choose from, such as:

  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Love Guidance
  • The Occult
  • Reiki
  • Meditation Guidance
  • New Age
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Spiritualism
  • Parapsychology
  • Psychic Mediumship

You can also ask the psychic you are considering if they work with the type of reading you’re interested in. Perhaps, they have the expertise in the reading types beyond those listed on the website.

In terms of online communication means, only chat sessions can be ordered.


  • For the most part, Bitwine Psychics is pretty legit. At the same time, keep in mind that it’s a platform where various psychics offer their services, which means that its legitimacy and trustworthiness depend on individual psychics. Research reviews and ratings for a reliable choice.

  • Bitwine Psychic doesn't have a unified refund policy; it varies by psychic. Check each psychic's terms and conditions regarding refunds before booking a reading. Alternatively, you can contact the Bitwine Psychics customer support team, and they will let you know how most of their advisors approach refunds. The waiting times aren’t the shortest, though.

  • To find a good psychic, read Bitwine Psychic reviews (including those posted in each advisor’s profile and the ones you can find online, outside the Bitwine Psychics website). Also, consider psychics’ specialties and trust your intuition. Connect with psychics who resonate with you personally for a better experience.

  • Bitwine Psychics promises insights, guidance, and clarity on various life matters. However, seeing as the service’s psycho pool is a mixed bag, whether or not you will get what you hope for is down to luck. In any case, stay open-minded, ask specific questions, and prepare to engage in a meaningful conversation during your reading. Remember, if you are too skeptical, it might get in the way of a successful reading.

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