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Best Psychic Love Reading Websites in 2024

Building a relationship might come down as one of the toughest yet enjoyable experiences you encounter in life. Sometimes, you wish that you could read another person’s mind to understand what they think about you and whether your expectations match reality. Also, some situations make you question your soulmate’s feelings, feel like your relationship is at risk, or have a problem you can’t solve.

In these cases, people often seek advice from friends or family but rarely get the answers they’re looking for. That’s when finding an expert in love and relationship psychic readings is the best solution. This specialist will thoroughly analyze your situation, see what’s on your partner’s mind, and address your doubts.  But where can you find trustworthy love psychics and avoid getting lost in the choice of platforms? In this article, you can find a compilation of hand-picked sites with the best love psychic readings. They’ll help you solve any problems you might have in a relationship, understand what to expect in your love life, and identify the correct path.

1. Nebula


Nebula is a sought-after platform where you can find psychic readings about love and enjoy a bunch of both free and paid features. For example, the site is user-focused and aims at providing the best possible experience to its clients by constantly improving its services’ quality and offering new features. 

You can receive daily horoscopes, beauty and health calendars, daily summaries, and information about your biorhythm at zero cost. These services come as notable reinforcement of the paid ones and will help you get a better understanding of what the psychic has to tell you. 

When communicating with love psychics online on Nebula, you pay with credits per minute of the conversation. Namely, 1-minute costs 30 credits, and you get 100 free credits after registration to understand how the site functions. Besides, there are several subscription options to choose from, including a basic package for $19.99, a yearly promotional subscription for $49.99, and a one-time payment lifetime subscription for $119.99. You can choose any option to save money and leverage all the available features. 

Some of the outstanding services that help experts on Nebula address clients’ questions are Tarot readings, numerology, and spirituality, to name a few. They make the aura readings clearer and allow taking a deeper look at what life holds for you.

2. Keen

Keen website home page

If you’ve been looking for a site with high-quality and precise psychic love spell readings, Keen is what you need. The platform has an extensive user database and loads of positive reviews from people who benefited from its services. There, you can choose from a significant number of experts based on their experience, focus areas, and amount of success cases. 

What’s notable about the platform is that you can get the first 3 minutes free or pay only $1.99 for 10 minutes. Also, there’s a chance to participate in the Refer-a-Friend program. It’s an opportunity for both of you to leverage the offered benefit, which implies that your friend gets 3 free minutes that they can use on any desired services. These could be dream interpretation, numerology, or tarot readings. Meanwhile, you’ll receive a $50 coupon to spend on the selected Keen services. 

Besides, the site has a pay-per-minute pricing scheme. This means that the price for reading starts from $1.99 and rises up to $30. In general, the cost you’ll pay for psychic love readings on Keen depends on the specialist you choose. 

Keen is also known for its strict recruitment process because that’s what differentiates it from other similar platforms and has kept it afloat for so many years. You can choose any desired communication option, from chat to call, and quickly select an expert without spending hours exploring the profiles.

Why Nebula is better than Keen?

3. Kasamba

kasamba review.png

Being one of the most popular sites offering psychic readings focused on love, Kasamba boasts a number of various services that will help you tackle important issues. The site has an attractive special offer, implying that you get 3 first minutes for free and can also enjoy 15% off the first session. Besides, Kasamba has frequent deals/coupons sent by email, which is a remarkable opportunity to save money while getting more services. As for the pricing structure, it’s pay-per-minute, and the cost starts from $1.69 and reaches $25.49. The price mainly depends on the psychic you want to get the reading from. 

At Kasamba, you can request Tarot and picture readings and astrology-related services, which, among others, are known as the most credible and effective ways of understanding the aura and defining how others treat you. Even though your communication won’t be in-person, a skilled love psychic will be able to see your aura even when being behind the screen.        

Most experts on Kasamba have several years of experience and bunches of positive reviews from other users, which are the signs of a credible platform where you can choose a specialist who will meet your expectations. Also, you can opt for the most suitable communication channel and even stay anonymous if you don’t feel comfortable revealing your personality.

Why Nebula better than Kasamba?

4. California Psychics

California psychics review.jpgCalifornia Psychics is one of the renowned platforms with a wide choice of specialists that give people realistic love advice and aid them in dealing with seemingly unsolvable situations in their personal lives. There, you can find a love psychic who will guide you through all the aspects of love life, considering your past and taking a look into your future. For example, you can find out more about zodiac compatibility, understand whether your partner is the right person for you, or define how to solve the challenges in your relationship. 

The platform’s standout feature is its discounts which attract many users. For example, you can get a welcome discount, which implies purchasing 20 minutes for either $1, $2, or $4 per minute. Also, your first psychic reading by phone will be charged for only $1 per minute. Besides, California Psychics has a so-called Karma Rewards Program that has 3 packages to choose from. Notably, the site has two payment structures, including a pay-per-minute and subscription-based. The reading’s price starts at $1 and reaches $15, while the subscriptions imply buying 20-minute packages for different prices and with various options. 

At California Psychics, you can chat or have calls with psychics, as well as choose from a slew of features, such as dream analysis, remote viewing, and Tarot reading. There, you can get insightful advice from the best love psychics and understand the directions you should follow to make your love life blossom.

Why Nebula better than California Psychics?

5. AskNow

asknow review.jpg

AskNow is one of the top-rated sites with credible love psychic readings that is exceptionally client-focused and aims to provide its clients with the answers they’ve been looking for to bring change into their lives. The platform carefully selects psychic consultants and offers free daily horoscopes that help its readers understand what the day holds for them. 

Besides, since it’s critical to be confident about the platform on which you’re looking for advice, AskNow offers affordable introductory packages. Namely, you can purchase 30 minutes for $30 and 20 minutes for $20. Additionally, you get 5 free minutes to chat with an Elite or Master-level specialist. As for the prices, AskNow has a pay-per-minute structure, with the lowest price being $5.99 per minute and the highest—$13.99. Moreover, you can choose the love psychic depending on their level, including top-rated, elite, and master. 

The site boasts a variety of services to choose from, including spiritual analysis, dream analysis, and aura reading/healing, to name a few. All these techniques help love psychics to understand where your love life is moving and how your past experiences have affected your current status. Such insights will help you avoid making the same mistakes and aid in making choices that will lead you to happiness.

Why Nebula better than Asknow?

6. Oranum

oranum review.jpg

If you’re looking for a platform with psychic love spells readings and a large number of experts’ profiles to choose from, consider using Oranum. There, you can opt for different communication services to ensure the most comfortable and practical experience. For example, there are mail, video streaming, and calls with psychics. 

Also, the site has a unique feature, free psychics’ live streams that allow you to see how specific experts work and whether they match your “vibe.” In this way, you’ll understand which love psychic strikes a chord with you and help you get all the answers you’ve been looking for. 

Speaking of the special offers you can get on the site, one of them is a free chat with your psychic that allows you to define whether this specialist is the one you’ve been looking for. In this way, you’ll save time and money while getting the most out of your experience on the platform. Additionally, you get $9.99 in free registration credits and 10,000 coins for card validation. The prices vary between $0.39 and $9.99 per minute, making the services available for everyone.  

Oranum is home to some of the best love psychics, and you can find the right one by using the available search filters. Also, you can watch experts’ pre-recorded videos to see what they’re like and what they can offer.

Why Nebula better than Oranum?

7. Mysticsense

Mystic Sence review.jpg

Not all psychic reading services can boost such an abundance of love psychic readings online, like Mysticsense. You can find such categories here as Affairs & Cheating Hearts, Breakup & Divorce, Finding New Love, LGBTQ Relationships, Toxic Relationships, and Soulmates.

Besides, you can even enjoy free psychic reading on love and relationship when you approach Mysticsense. This platform offers five free minutes for your first spiritual experience. However, first, you need to deposit at least $10 to your account. And once your first free psychic reading session finishes, you will be refunded for these five minutes.

As a top-tiered psychic source, Mysticsense has a satisfaction guarantee. If your online psychic reading was far from perfect and brought disappointment, you can apply for a 10-minute time-back.

Also, Mysticsense is the best platform for affordable psychic reading consultations. This psychic reading website has a great number of advisors whose pricing rate is equal to $2–$3/minute. Besides, we were surprised by the abundance of available psychic experts — 724!

It’s worth mentioning that Mysticsense also offers all types of communication. Thus, you can address chat psychics, phone psychics, or order a session with video advisors. 

This online psychic reading platform has advanced filters to select the most suitable expert. Status, special tags, specialties, tools, and reading styles are available options to set.

Last but not least: Mysticsense online psychic service allows every user to read its articles and daily horoscopes for free.

Why Nebula better than Mysticsense?

8. Purple Garden

Purepple Garden review.jpg

If you wish to learn hidden aspects of your love life, you need to consider the Purple Garden psychic reading platform. This psychic source has been around for many years and can offer many exclusive features.

First of all, Purple Garden is one of the online psychic reading sites that offer flexible pricing for love sessions. Thus, when you browse the list of romantic advisors, you can choose an expert from $0.99 to $17.99 per minute. Experienced psychics will set higher fees, while rookie practitioners will ask for a lower cost. However, the majority of love online psychics have a $2–$3 per-minute rating.

It’s worth saying that Purple Garden has decent search filters. Therefore, besides the preferable price, you can also select communication means, number of reviews, and availability online. In terms of communication: you can order psychic readings by phone or address chat psychics and video experts.

You can contact customer support if you have any questions related to the Purple Garden psychic source. These online psychic reading agents are very responsive and work 24/7.

If you are a regular phone user, you can benefit from a fully-fledged mobile application for ordering psychic reading services at Purple Garden.

Moreover, you don’t need to doubt the trustworthiness of the platforms. When you look through the profiles of potential online psychics, you can see their bios, specialties, and reviews to make sure these experts are reliable. These testimonials are real and transparent.

Also, this psychic service has a blog where you can read many articles on psychic readings online.

What other psychic reading services can you order at Purple Garden besides love readings? The following categories of psychic readings online are available on the website: dream analysis, tarot card reading, astrology & horoscopes, palm reading, angel insights, and oracle guidance. You can also enjoy sessions with psychic mediums, clairvoyants, spiritual advisors, and others.

Why Nebula better than Purple Garden?

Best online psychic love reading sites

There is an abundance of love psychic readings online, but some of them are more effective and reliable than others. Therefore, it’s critical to choose the site that fits your needs and preferences to get a top-notch experience. But how to select a platform without getting lost in the sea of various sites? Consider the following love psychics sites to see which one strikes a chord with you. 

What is a love psychic reading?

Most love psychic readings are focused on scanning people’s energy to learn about their current relationships, past experiences, and future events. Psychic readers use various methods to get more precise information and tap into a person’s energy. For example, tarot cards, dreams, and astrology, to name a few.

When requesting online psychic love readings, you’ll communicate with a professional who will observe your energy and aura to see whether something is blocked, weakened, or absent. In this way, they will understand what you need to do to address those hindrances and make your love life flourish.

How Can a Relationship Psychic Reading Help

Ordering psychic readings online doesn’t mean you buy a panacea for all ills and problems. However, accurate psychic readings can provide a lot of assistance on your way to achieving total happiness in a love sphere.

Read our little checklist of things that keen psychics can help you with. 

To find clarity about your relationship

What does this “clarity” cover? Talented psychic readers can help you understand where to move if you feel confused or lost. For example, you are not sure whether your partner is the right match for you. Or you receive some signals from your crush but aren’t sure whether they have feelings for you. With the help of tarot readings, horoscope readings, or other spiritual tools, your experienced advisor will connect with higher spirits who know how to make wise decisions.

To receive guidance from the Universe

Some psychic experts can establish a connection with otherworldly realms whose inhabitants will guide you on your love and relationship journey. Thus, for instance, psychic mediums can convey a message from your lost relatives and friends or ancestors who are watching you from above and want to warn you or navigate you in your relationship-building process.

Angel card reading experts will ask your angel guards for love assistance.

By addressing such psychic readers, you can reach spiritual growth, which will help you move your love path smoothly.

To heal after a painful experience

This healing may concern the break-up or divorce caused by various reasons: affair, abuse, etc. Some people find it hard to begin a new life page after such shocking events. That’s why they apply for an online psychic reading session.

People also seek healing after the loss of a partner. Finding the reasons to move further after your soulmate dies seems an impossible thing to do. It’s hard to disagree with this statement, but if such a woe happened to you, you need to find what to live for, at least for the sake of the memory of your infinite partner. Online psychics can help you find peace of mind.

To uncover new horizons

Online psychic readings contribute to discovering new perspectives and points of view. Thus, your online psychic reader can help you look at the romantic issue from another angle and see why this problem appeared. Also, psychic reading experts assist in dissolving obstacles by providing accurate tips.

 For example, you feel that your relationship has come to a standstill, and you see nothing that could change this situation. However, an online psychic can define what caused your partnership to become worn out. You may suppose this is because you did something wrong, but a psychic reader will see the opposite: you evolved spiritually, but your partner didn’t and has no desire to do so.

How to choose the best love psychic reader?

Although there are some free psychic love readings, you still get what you pay for, so it’s always better to invest in an experienced specialist. These are some tips that will help you select the best psychic reader who will match your preferences:

  1. Choose a comfortable reading style. Some psychics are straightforward, while others are compassionate or inspirational, so you have to decide which style resonates with you the most.
  2. Take a glimpse at other users’ reviews. If the site has various reviews from customers who describe their impressions of using the platform and share their insights about it, that’s a good sign. 
  3. Check the offered services. If you prefer Tarot readings or are looking for someone keen on clairvoyance, explore the site to see if they offer such features. 
  4. See if there are special offers. Some sites offer their users to try out the available services before deciding whether to continue using the platform or offer special bonuses, such as free credits or minutes.

Tools and techniques used by love psychics

When opting for love and relationship psychic readings, you’ll get them thanks to the usage of one or a combination of several spiritual tools that give better guidance and more precise answers. Some of them are the following:

Tarot cards

If you have specific questions about your love life, Tarot will help you understand what you need to know about certain situations.

The tarot deck includes 78 cards, divided into two groups: the Major Arcana (22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (56 cards). Majors represent different forces, virtues, etc., which may point to the most significant life changes. Minors consist of four suits equal to the playing card: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. These cards represent minor events in your life. However, they are more specific in their meanings than major cards.

There are a lot of online psychic websites that offer unpaid online tarot experiences. You don’t need to approach tarot card readers. A psychic service will provide you with a deck where you need to pick a specific number of cards. Then, you will receive an explanation for every card. It is how free psychic love reading works.


The stars can help you get the answers about past or future events because celestial bodies affect the changes in the sublunary world. Astrology online psychics make a special map based on your birthdate — a birth chart — to learn how the Universe defines your future, character, and inner strength.

Also, these online psychic readers can make such a chart to help you decide when it is better to plan something, for example, a trip or a wedding, or whether your partner or crush matches your cosmic energies. 

Free psychic readings on astrology are also easy to receive. Many affordable psychic reading services offer welcoming minutes and free horoscopes to clients and average users. 

Angel cards

Your angel guard definitely has something to tell you, so angel cards will help you get guidance, and love psychics online will help you read them. These cards operate like any other divination card. However, angel cards represent angels and archangels with specific spiritual meanings. 

This is a way to connect your conscious and unconscious minds to get answers to questions or address issues.


Runes are made of stone or wood and contain letters from the old Germanic alphabet. Each rune means something. For example, the Uruz ᚢ – “Ox” rune means motivation and determination. This is one of the oldest divination practices, whose first traces were found around A.D. 150. 


Psychic mediums will help you get a message from your lost significant ones, ancestors, and higher powers. The practice of spirit channeling usually implies that your online psychic will trance. Meanwhile, a spirit will convey the message using the mind of a psychic reading advisor.

These online psychics have fine-tuned their high perceptive powers, which let them penetrate other dimensions and worlds. To master this skill for performing psychic readings, you need to practice a lot, opening yourself to discarnate energies.

 Medium online psychics are divided into other groups:


These psychic reading online experts have the power to define the feelings and emotions of spirits around you. Stress, fear, happiness, satisfaction — these and other vibrations are easy to determine for a client.


Clairaudience means clear hearing. Thus, an expert with these psychic reading abilities can hear melodies, voices, and noises from the otherworldly realms. It’s possible to receive a quality but affordable psychic reading on clairaudience with California psychics, too.


Online psychic readings with clairvoyants imply that your spiritual advisor will use their powers to see the images and symbols your ancestors or lost relatives and friends exploit to convey their messages. Clairvoyant keen psychics can also see in their visions people who are alive.


Online psychic readings with these experts may seem a bit unusual. Clairgustants can feel the taste of different substances, which may point to the answer to a burning question. For example, spirits send a psychic reading advisor the taste of lemon tea. This taste is the answer to the question, “How did my grandmother die?” Most likely, her lemon tea was poisoned.


Psychic readings, which imply seeing or scrying a crystal ball, are called crystallomancy. You have probably watched movies about magicians who use crystal balls to predict the future.

 Crystal online psychics exploit crystal-gazing to receive visions of the upcoming days. Gazing at the crystal induces hypnosis on the seer, which helps the online psychic learn the answers to questions that bother the client. 

 A lot of psychic services offer this kind of divination assistance. You can order video readings or use phone or chat options for crystallomancy sessions. 


Numerology online psychic reading is the so-called belief in the connection between numbers and letters and our destiny. Keen psychics will use a life path calculation based on your date of birth to learn what kind of person you are and what is your inner potential. Destiny calculations imply interpreting the letters of your name to see what waits for you in the future. 


Pendulums are a great tool to receive a Yes/No answer to a love-related question. A pendulum is a crystal suspended from a pivot. Psychic experts, focused on the question, take a pendulum and wait until it swings in a specific direction. One side means “yes”, and another — “no”. Thus, your online psychics can learn what higher spirits have prepared for you. 

Final words

Leveraging the services of love psychics sites can help you find the solutions and answers that will bring changes into your personal life. Understanding what life holds for you and choosing the right path will bring a bunch of positive experiences and help you build a strong and healthy relationship. So, don’t hesitate to opt for one of the mentioned platforms to see what psychic love readings have to tell you.


  • Although you can go with the flow and listen to what the psychic has to tell you, it’s always a good idea to come prepared and ask specific questions to get the most out of your reading. Consider these questions:

    • What should I focus on to find happiness and stability in my relationship?
    • What can you tell me about the future of my love life?
    • How do I attract the right partner into my life?
    • Are things serious between my partner and me?
    • Is my relationship going to last?
    • How can I follow my heart?
    • What do I need to do to advance my love life?
  • When communicating with love psychics online, you can get answers to multiple questions and gain clarity on your past, present, and future. For example, the specialist can elaborate on the mistakes you made a while ago and how they affected you, as well as offer you to take a glance at what life holds for you.

  • If you are lucky to find an experienced specialist in psychic love readings, the chances are high that they’ll read your aura and tell you about people’s intentions towards you. If you’re thinking about specific people, it affects your emotional and physical state, and these changes are noticeable for love psychics. You can also show the specialist a picture or paper with this person’s handwriting to get more precise answers.

  • Yes, you can choose from hundreds of the best love psychics on specialized websites. Finding the right professional significantly affects the overall experience and your reading results. Selecting the right psychic is easier online because you can read other users’ reviews, get to know about their specializations, and check their “vibes” by exploring their profiles. So, psychic love readings online are equally effective as offline but more convenient.

  • Relationship psychic reading advisors can see the potential outcomes of your decisions. Based on this information, psychic readers look for the best ways to improve the future situation if they see something sad happen. However, our life course changes all the time. That’s why the advice produced for a specific case can become irrelevant. It doesn’t mean psychic readers make wrong predictions. Many professional online psychics can impress with the accuracy of their divination services. But keep in mind that even the best psychics can’t see all the details concerning tomorrow.

  • Maybe you have lost your soulmate and are seeking healing. Probably, your partner cheated on you, and you wish to overcome this painful experience. Or, maybe, you went through a divorce or breakup and want to start a new life stage but don’t know how to do it. It may happen that everything is perfect in your relationship, but old traumas don’t let you enjoy it. These and other reasons can be a hint to order a psychic reading session.

  • Tarot cards are one of the various psychic reading techniques exploited by spiritual advisors to take a glimpse at the future. You can see different pictures on tarot cards that possess specific meanings. However, the cards themselves predict nothing. It’s the task of tarot readers to do it. Online psychics use their divine connection with the Universe and magical powers to select the right cards, which will point at the solution to the burning issue.

  • Soulmate tarot readings can assist you greatly in your infinite partner search. These magical cards can point your online psychic at what your potential twin flame looks like, their occupation, or other crucial characteristics. Love tarot readings can also give you a clue where to look for your soulmate.

  • There is no need to worry if you approach online psychic reading services for the first time. All you need to do is to make some preparations for your spiritual session. 

    Firstly, you have to write down the questions that bother you, making them comprehensive yet clear. 

    Secondly, make sure your online psychic meets your requirements, namely, reading style, tools, and communication means. 

    Thirdly, trust your psychic reader: professional local and international psychics will be able to give you meaningful relationship advice if you relax and let them screen you.

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