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aquarius & cancer Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 94%
  • Love 98%
  • Sex 92%
  • Family 92%
  • Friendship 94%

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aquarius and cancer Compatibility

A sweet surprise and a passionate combo

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • rational
  • affectionate
  • loyal
  • considerate
  • sentimental
  • generous

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • secretive
  • concerned
  • unsure
  • emotionally overbearing
  • stubborn
  • hesitant


There is something sweet that is possible in this relationship!

A commitment to truly understand each other is present hiding below a surface of apparent differences; give yourself time and patience to see what is there.

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Aquarius is influenced by the planet of Karma, Saturn and the planet of rebellion, Uranus while the patron planet of Cancer is the Moon. Energies of Saturn and the Moon are opposite: firm, cold and strict from one side and soft, receptive, and emotional from the other side. Aquarius is not overly emotive and often appears detached or aloof while Cancer is highly emotional and extremely sensitive which can create mismatched chemistry between these two signs. Relations of a Cancer and Aquarius are often fraught with arguments and misunderstandings because they are both coming from very different mindsets and wildly different approaches to life.

Values for aquarius and cancer

When it comes to values, Cancer and Aquarius may appear like complete opposites on the surface, but digging a little deeper will reveal their desire to know, understand, and gain wisdom about life, love, and relating. Both are signs that like to give of themselves, just in different ways. With Cancer, being a water sign, they like to give by nurturing and providing to others on a personal level while Aquarius likes to give back to society on a larger scale through social activism and altruism based on their communicative and social air element. These two signs also have a very different take on emotions and how to display them. The highly emotive and heart-centered Cancer will be too much and somewhat overwhelming for the more objective and airy Aquarius. As friends and work colleagues they will be able to make each other laugh, if not only from the point of view that one finds the other one's beliefs and thoughts ridiculous or humorous — but this sense of light-heartedness towards each other can actually help them get along when the situation calls for it!

aquarius and cancer Love Compatibility

Romantic relations of this couple take the risk of being rather complicated, as their views and personal beliefs can be very different. Aquarius trusts logic, facts, and wisdom while Cancer usually follows intuition and tends to believe strongly in unseen and spiritual energy, which Aquarius would like some proof for. Contradictions of this kind are too deep to be ignored and rather hard to overcome for this pair, especially in a romantic situation. When it comes to sex and intimacy Cancer needs a deeply emotional bond that Aquarius is too detached from to provide. Sex for Aquarius is typically seen as a social, pleasant, and more playful part of life while Cancer takes a much more serious tone to being in love or having sex. In addition, energy of Cancer is too dominant and forward in bed for Aquarius' tastes and usual preference to be the lead. There will be conflicts over who is initiating in love and sex, creating disagreements within the bond.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Fixed-Cardinal

Cancer has the ability to bring ideas to fruition by implementing plans, while Aquarius is the one who takes the initial step. When it comes to professional relationships, they make a strong team.

Polarity: Masculine-Feminine

Aquarius enjoys spending time outdoors and being in the company of others, contrasting Cancer's preference for introspection and their strong emotional nature.


The compatibility shows that the two of them are like mixing oil and water. Cancer is all about emotions, while Aquarius is for being free and detached. They only might work well together while personally, the relationship will be a challenge.

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Shared activities

Traveling is what keeps them interested in the relationship. Cancer prefers to stay at home, or go for a quiet picnic in the park. Aquarius will look for the highest skyscraper and his next adrenaline adventure. The key activity that holds them romantically connect is travel. Busy cities (Aquarius) with beautiful beaches (Cancer) can be a perfect place to have a lot of romantic moments and activities.

aquarius and cancer Marriage Compatibility

Cancer's nurturing and emotional approach can provide a comforting, warm base amidst Aquarius's intellectual explorations. The Aquarius and Cancer marriage compatibility lies in their ability to balance and learn from their differences. Aquarius's intellectual curiosity and broad-mindedness can provide Cancer with new perspectives, while Cancer's emotional depth can help Aquarius navigate their feelings more comfortably. Understanding and balancing their distinctive features can help you determine whether Cancer and Aquarius are compatible for marriage. While Aquarius's inventive thinking might encourage Cancer to broaden their vision, Cancer's intuitive, emotive approach can assist Aquarius access their emotional side. The Aquarius and Cancer compatibility for marriage lies in understanding and embracing their differences. They need to balance Aquarius's intellectual focus with Cancer's emotional intuition. This can lead to a relationship that offers the best of both worlds - emotional depth and intellectual growth. Compatibility in marriage between Aquarius and Cancer is about creating a space where intellectual curiosity and emotional depth coexist. With mutual respect and understanding, their union can be a fascinating journey of emotional and intellectual discovery.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility Chart