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Expertise: Astrology Natal Chart

    Astrology is my passion, it is my tour guide in this life. Many years ago I felt myself so lost and I didn’t know what to do, astrology helped me to clarify my life. It is important for me to feel this life, to live it fully and deeply that’s why I do yoga regularly meditate, taking part in charity – all of these help me to understand the life and feel it from another perspective. I am vegetarian and absolutely love traveling, I have visited 19 countries and I have experience living in Austria and Turkey.

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    What clients say about Sabrina

    • JE
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      what a waste of time. takes forever for reply

    • CH
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      She created compatibility charts that the website already DOES! Makes no sense… gone

    • EY
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      Very likely to have another reading

    What I do

    I am reading the natal chart. I absolutely love to make love readings, this is my favorite. You know love can be different: sometimes love can be like honey and endless pleasure, but sometimes love can be like drama and huge pain. I think it is better to know what is waiting for you. Also, I read kids’ horoscopes, and try to find out their talents. It is so important to grow up a child in the right way for him/her according to his own spirit. I can use the natal chart for career advice. Sometimes people wanna change the jobs and here astrology can help to choose the right path.

    How Can I Help You

    Astrological services help to understand yourself and get some feeling of security because you have already know something about the things you are interested in. For example, in a love horoscope,, you would know for sure whether this love story will work or not or which kind of difficulties you might have. It is always interesting to discover yourself, your heart's desires and deep dreams. It is really important to know what makes your eyes shine.

    My experience and qualification

    I have 7 years of experience in astrological consultations, I have clients of different ages, nationalities, statuses in society, sex. I have heard so many different life stories and found solutions for them. I have qualities of empathy, kind to others, and willingness to grow in the life

    My Approach to Readings

    I use the Vedic method (Indian) and Western together. This is what makes my approach so different to others. I am a good psychologist so I can easily describe and translate from astrological language to the simple human speech. For me astrology is not just about accounting the numbers, it is about a deep understanding of life. I know the deep meaning of every planet in the natal chart. Every planet is responsible for something in the human fate so I can easily describe it.

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    I am a young but wise woman with my own life experience and deep astrological knowledge. I know how this world works and I try to do my best to build my own life in a great way and I will help you to do the same. Let your life shine