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aquarius & scorpio Compatibility

Plus sign
  • Overall 73%
  • Love 75%
  • Sex 75%
  • Family 76%
  • Friendship 66%

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aquarius and scorpio Compatibility

There is hidden potential and interesting prospect

Positive characteristics of a partner

  • passionate
  • smart
  • purposeful
  • determined
  • strong-mind
  • deep

Negative characteristics of a partner

  • manipulative
  • domineering
  • controlling
  • arrogant
  • inflexible


You will find this connection has moments that you thrive on, intensity, passionate conversations, and deep dives into shared interests.

Scorpio tends to be more of a homebody and your tendency is to be more social; compromise will be important!

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Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus while Scorpio is directed by Mars and Pluto, which means these signs have a complex way of being in the world. Each with two planetary rulers, this implies an inner battle between one's contradictions and an ultimate goal to reconcile and balance these energies. This theme will bleed over into the partnership, creating an opportunity for growth and evolution. Interaction of these two signs can be rather fruitful if Aquarius can make fiery and impulsive Scorpio be a little more patient and tolerant in uncontrollable situations. Scorpio, in their turn, might add some passion and flame in the calmer emotional attitude of their airy mate.

Values for aquarius and scorpio

These two signs were created to be permanent antagonists because they are both so determined to fight for their principles and views. But unfortunately, most of their values do not coincide, as a result, a great part of their communication might be devoted to quarrels, debates, and biting conversations. Being a water sign Scorpio deeply tunes into the emotional undercurrents of the world while the air nature of Aquarius can see the bigger picture and how information, people, and society all fit together. They will be able to unite over their interests in psychology, social issues, and a general dislike of authority and social hierarchies. The energy between them can lead to a powerful friendship alliance and even successful business partners with the right approach.

aquarius and scorpio Love Compatibility

It is hard to predict the probability of harmonic love relations between Aquarius and Scorpio. On one side, their chances are low, as Aquarius needs freedom and will not tolerate any boundaries enforced by Scorpio, who is famous for their possessive nature. However, Aquarius may be intrigued by their jealous counterpart and try to make the relationship work for a time. They are harmonious while their water and air elements can make them a mismatch, but this can lead them to open up to exploring boundaries and sexual fantasies with one another. Both are extremely private about their emotions, desires, and personal motivations. If they are willing to build trust over time, they will be able to feel safe, secure, and free within the partnership to share their deepest thoughts and erotic desires without fear of judgment. Hurdles in the intimacy department may arise if Scorpio becomes too controlling over Aquarius' body, mind, or time. Aquarius will be all too quick to leave if they feel overburdened by the needs, desires, and possessiveness of their partner. Overall, this is an interesting and mysterious love match, to say the least.

Modality & Polarity

Modality: Fixed-Fixed

Scorpio and Aquarius share the characteristic of being fixed signs and therefore, they display strong determination when pursuing specific objectives. Occasionally, their tenacious personalities can lead to stubbornness, yet their diligent and diligent attitude outweighs this imperfection.

Polarity: Masculine-Feminine

Scorpio individuals may tend to be introverted, unemotional, and dislike being in the company of many people. Nevertheless, they possess a remarkable ability to perceive and understand things intuitively. On the other hand, Aquarius is known for being outgoing and amiable.


Both signs like to have growth, but their differences are what helps them overcome problems. The outer-inner energy contrast is great for giving each other what they miss.

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Shared activities

Intellectual activities and competitions that keep the risk and spirit high. If they put their ego aside both can manage to find many things to do together. Aquarius and Scorpio want to take risks of any kind and their best date could be anything from bungee jumping to a night out in a casino. The greatest way for these two to spend some quality time together is if they engage in some sort of intellectual activities and competitions, so they can keep their competitive spirits high.

aquarius and scorpio Marriage Compatibility

When innovative Aquarius pairs with passionate Scorpio, it's a blend of futurism and intensity. The Aquarius and Scorpio marriage compatibility is based on Aquarius's forward-thinking complimenting Scorpio's emotional depth. Aquarius's inventive spirit can stimulate Scorpio's intense nature, while Scorpio's passion can deepen Aquarius's abstract world. The Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility for marriage depends on their mutual appreciation for each other's strengths. Scorpio's intense emotional nature can provide depth to Aquarius's innovative ideas, while Aquarius's originality can add new dimensions to Scorpio's passionate pursuits. Compatibility in marriage between Aquarius and Scorpio is about merging futurism with intensity. With mutual respect and understanding, this partnership can become a deeply profound and inventive relationship. Compatibility between Scorpio and Aquarius depends on their capacity to respect one another's differences. While Aquarius's cerebral intensity can be balanced by Scorpio's emotional depth, Scorpio's universe might benefit from Aquarius's progressive outlook. The partnership between Scorpio and Aquarius is about balancing intellectual rigor with emotional depth. This union can create a dynamic partnership that is full of emotional introspection and intellectual discovery if they realize and respect each other's unique talents.

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