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The Chariot

Tarot Card Meaning

  • Upright Keywords:

    Determination, Control, Willpower, Victory, Direction, Confidence. Ambition

  • Reversed Keywords:

    Lack of Control, Aggression, Directionless, Overwhelm, Indecision, Defeat, Impulsiveness


The Chariot tarot card represents determination, control, and victory through willpower. It symbolizes overcoming obstacles and achieving success through assertiveness and confidence. When reversed, The Chariot points toward a loss of direction, lack of control, or aggression. It might predict serious challenges on the way to one’s goal.

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What Does The Chariot Tarot Card Mean?

As you can see, The Chariot depicts two sphinxes in front of a person driving in a vehicle (a charioteer). One is black, and the other is white. Ask a professional tarot reading expert in a tarot session—and you will learn that this card generally represents influence, ambition, willpower, control, focus, and hard work. It’s also the symbol of determination and one’s ability to overcome any obstacle.

The Chariot encourages us to rely on our determination and willpower to navigate the long, complicated road ahead (be it the metaphorical road or life in general). This card represents taking the reins, staying true to one’s big dreams, and channeling one’s energy to reach one’s full potential. Think of The Chariot as the tarot equivalent of the saying nothing will work unless you do.

The Chariot Upright Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot card in the upright position signifies success and willpower. It suggests that besides the regular obstacles of life, you need to stay focused to succeed. With that, it also represents traveling, and if you get The Chariot in an upright position, the journey ahead of you will end well, even if you encounter complications on the way.

If you’re a sportsperson, the upright Chariot might also predict your win in the next match. However, this doesn’t mean you can stop working hard and simply rely on the universe. The one thing The Chariot hates the most is laziness, so don’t disappoint him.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

If your relationship is going through a rough phase, The Chariot card suggests you and your partner should come together and conquer the emotions to make your relationship work. Sorting things out might require a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end. If you’re a single person, the card indicates that you need to move ahead in life and leave the past bad experiences behind.

The Chariot Meaning: Money & Career

The upright Chariot recommends you stay ambitious even if you feel stuck in your career or business. This card indicates that you should clear your mind and stay focused at work; this will ultimately help you reach your desired destination. The upright Chariot also advises you to stay away from any kind of workplace politics and fights.

If you’re facing money issues, don’t worry, as they are about to go away. All you need is to stay focused and deal with your financial troubles calmly. Don’t lose your self-discipline in the process. And if you’re not having a money problem, The Chariot in an upright position predicts an even better investment choice that will ensure a safe future for you and your family.

Upright Meaning: Past

If you ask the deck about the past and get the upright Chariot, think of a time in your past when determination and control led to success. The deck wants to remind you about those events to encourage you to keep the same hard-working and focused mindset going forward. If you do, your effort will pay off.

The Chariot Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot card in a reversed position signifies the lack of direction, powerlessness, aggression, and obstacles. If you’re losing focus or feeling stuck, this card is trying to direct you toward making the right decisions. Remember, The Chariot can’t stand sluggish and idle people. It will happily help you, but you need to do your part of the work, too. If you lose sight of your goals, you’ll fail.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

Have you just lost a relationship or failed to make your relationship work? The Chariot in a reversed position indicates that you should stop feeling overwhelmed as you cannot control everything in life. Stay patient and let things settle themselves.

If you’re single or desperately trying to find someone to build a relationship with, the reversed Chariot advises you to stay patient and let love find you. Keep working on yourself and actively manifesting, and the right person will come.

The Chariot Meaning: Money & Career

Are you trying to beat the odds by working too much or too aggressively? The reversed Chariot recommends you stop that and take one step at a time. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of a massive failure in your career or business.

If you are thinking of investing some money to get quick gains, you need to slow down a bit. As The Chariot card in a reversed position suggests, such fast and poorly thought-out investments could cause financial losses. So, consider doing research and think everything through before making investment choices.

Reversed Meaning: Past

As an answer to a question about your past, the reversed Chariot might be a reminder of past situations where a lack of direction or control hindered your progress. If you can think of an example or to, be careful. The deck is warning you that unless you reconsider your approach and learn to be more focused, you might fail again.

Is The Chariot a Yes or No Card?

Upright Chariot Meaning: Yes or No

If you draw The Chariot in an upright position when asking a yes or no question, the answer is yes. The deck says that if you keep up the good work, your determination and control will lead to a positive outcome. The cards appreciate your focus and willpower and encourage you to maintain the same approach going forward.

Reversed Chariot Meaning: Yes or No

In contrast, the reversed Chariot in response to a yes or no question is typically a no. The cards advise you to reevaluate your approach. As is, it lacks direction and control, which is guaranteed to get in the way of your progress. Take a pause to rethink your methods, and then get back to work (and work twice as hard as before).

Reading The Chariot in a Spread

Now, let’s explore a few common combinations with The Chariot to see how other cards in a spread affect its meaning.

The Tower. The pairing of The Chariot and The Tower predicts a sudden, perhaps disruptive change. You will need to show immediate and decisive action to prevent that change from getting in the way of the outcome you are hoping for.

The Sun. On the contrary, The Chariot and The Sun duo is a very good omen. When drawn together, these two cards point toward success and clarity in your work. You will achieve everything you want, and the result won’t disappoint. Keep up the excellent work!

The Eight of Wands. This combination is also a positive sign; it suggests rapid progress toward your goals. However, you need to be careful to avoid making hasty decisions. The sense of urgency, which is what The Eight of Wands stands for, is good, but you still need to stay thorough in everything you do.

The Lovers. If you draw The Chariot and The Lovers together, expect a big decision or a new direction in your relationship. The cards recommend you stay determined in navigating relationship choices.

The Two of Swords. The painting of the Chariot and The Two of Swords encourages you to act. You’ve probably been indecisive lately, so the deck is giving you the push you need.

The Chariot Tarot Guide

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning