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Ten of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning

  • Upright Keywords:

    Wealth, Inheritance, Family Legacy, Stability, Long-term Success, Tradition, Security

  • Reversed Keywords:

    Financial Instability, Family Issues, Loss of Wealth, Broken Legacy, Short-term Focus, Mismanagement, Insecurity


The Ten of Pentacles represents wealth, family legacy, and long-term success. It symbolizes stability, tradition, and security. Reversed, it suggests financial instability, family issues, or a loss of wealth, indicating challenges in maintaining a legacy or managing long-term success.

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What Does The Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean?

The Ten of Pentacles in tarot symbolizes wealth, abundance, and the culmination of a successful journey towards financial and familial stability. Often depicted with an elder surrounded by family and wealth, it represents the achievement of material goals and the establishment of a lasting legacy. As Nebula’s tarot reading experts will confirm, this card suggests a sense of security and accomplishment that comes from building a solid foundation for yourself and your loved ones.

The Ten of Pentacles is about the importance of family, tradition, and the passing down of wealth and values from one generation to the next. It signifies a time of stability, prosperity, and enjoying the rewards of your hard work and dedication. This card encourages you to appreciate and nurture the financial and emotional well-being of your family and community.

The Ten of Pentacles Upright Tarot Card Meaning

Upright, the Ten of Pentacles indicates a period of financial security, wealth, and stability. It suggests that you have achieved a significant milestone in your financial life, and you are now in a position to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This card can represent wealth that comes from inheritance, wise investments, or the establishment of a family business or legacy.

The Ten of Pentacles is about building something that will last, providing security and comfort for yourself and those you care about. It encourages you to think about how you can create a lasting impact with your wealth, whether through passing down your knowledge, investing in your family's future, or contributing to your community.

The Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

In love and relationships, the Ten of Pentacles represents a strong, stable, and committed partnership. It suggests a relationship built on shared values, traditions, and long-term goals. This card can indicate a deep connection that is not only romantic but also built on a solid foundation of mutual support and understanding.

For families, it signifies harmony, legacy, and the strength that comes from family bonds. The Ten of Pentacles encourages you to cherish these relationships and to work towards creating a legacy of love and security for future generations.

The Ten of Pentacles Meaning: Money & Career

Regarding career and finances, the Ten of Pentacles signifies reaching a level of financial comfort and stability that allows you to think about the future and long-term plans. It suggests success in your career, possibly through the culmination of years of hard work or the achievement of long-term financial goals.

This card encourages prudent financial planning and investment to ensure ongoing stability and prosperity. It's a reminder to use your financial success wisely, creating a lasting foundation for yourself and those you care about.

Upright Meaning: Past

Reflecting on the past, the Ten of Pentacles in an upright position may represent a time when you established a solid foundation for your financial and familial future. It could symbolize a period of achieving stability and success, laying the groundwork for long-term prosperity and security.

The Ten of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When reversed, the Ten of Pentacles suggests challenges related to financial stability or family matters. It may indicate financial instability, loss, or mismanagement of wealth that affects not just you but also your family or legacy. This card can also point to family disputes, especially those related to inheritance or the distribution of assets.

The reversed Ten of Pentacles calls for a reassessment of your financial strategies and familial relationships. It's a reminder to address any issues head-on and to seek solutions that foster both financial security and familial harmony. This card encourages you to reflect on your priorities and to consider the long-term impact of your financial and personal decisions on your family and legacy.

The Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

In the context of love and relationships, the reversed Ten of Pentacles can indicate instability or issues within the family unit or partnership. It might suggest tension or conflict arising from financial matters or differing values.

This card encourages open communication and compromise to resolve any issues and to rebuild a sense of stability and security in the relationship. It's important to work together to ensure that both partners feel supported and that family dynamics are healthy and balanced.

The Ten of Pentacles Meaning: Money & Career

Reversed in career and financial readings, the Ten of Pentacles suggests potential difficulties in achieving long-term financial stability. It could indicate setbacks in your career, unexpected financial losses, or poor investment choices.

This card encourages you to reevaluate your career path and financial strategies, possibly seeking advice or guidance to navigate these challenges. It's a call to be cautious and deliberate in your financial decisions, ensuring that you're building a stable foundation for the future rather than focusing solely on short-term gains.

Reversed Meaning: Past

Looking back, the Ten of Pentacles in a reversed position may reflect past experiences where financial or familial stability was challenged. It could represent times of financial difficulty, family conflicts, or situations where your long-term security was compromised, emphasizing the importance of careful planning and management of resources.

Is The Ten of Pentacles a Yes or No Card?

The Upright Ten of Pentacles Meaning: Yes or No

In a yes or no reading, the upright Ten of Pentacles generally suggests a yes, indicating that stability, wealth, and long-term success are achievable. It's a positive sign for questions related to financial security, family matters, and achieving lasting success.

The Reversed Ten of Pentacles Meaning: Yes or No

Reversed, the Ten of Pentacles in a yes or no reading leans towards no, suggesting that challenges in financial or familial areas may impede success. It advises addressing these issues and reassessing your approach to ensure a more favorable outcome.

Reading The Ten of Pentacles in a Spread

In a tarot spread, the Ten of Pentacles’s position and surrounding cards can offer insights into your financial situation, family dynamics, and long-term planning.

Ten of Pentacles and The Emperor. This combination emphasizes the importance of structure and authority in managing wealth and family matters. The Emperor suggests that leadership and disciplined decision-making are key to maintaining stability and harmony.

Ten of Pentacles and The Lovers. Together, these cards can indicate a harmonious partnership that contributes to family and financial stability. The Lovers emphasizes the role of shared values and mutual support in creating a prosperous and secure family life.

Ten of Pentacles and The Tower. This pairing might signify sudden changes or upheavals affecting your financial or familial situation. The Tower suggests that unexpected events could challenge your sense of security, requiring adaptability and resilience.

Ten of Pentacles and The Six of Cups. When combined, these cards represent a connection to the past, possibly involving family traditions or inheritance. The Six of Cups suggests that nostalgia or childhood experiences may influence your current approach to wealth and family matters.

Ten of Pentacles and The Knight of Swords. This combination points to the need for decisive action in achieving financial stability or resolving family issues. The Knight of Swords indicates that swift, strategic thinking is necessary to overcome obstacles and secure long-term success.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot Guide

Ten Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning