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Three of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning

  • Upright Keywords:

    Teamwork, Collaboration, Skill Development, Achievement, Planning, Professional Growth, Quality Work

  • Reversed Keywords:

    Lack of Teamwork, Miscommunication, Inefficiency, Lack of Planning, Disagreement, Poor Quality Work, Isolation


The Three of Pentacles represents teamwork, collaboration, and the development of skills leading to achievement. It symbolizes effective planning and professional growth. Reversed, it suggests a lack of teamwork, miscommunication, or poor planning, indicating a need for better collaboration and organization.

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What Does The Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean?

The Three of Pentacles in tarot highlights the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and skilled workmanship. Often depicted as an artisan in a cathedral or workshop, this card represents the value of combining skills and efforts with others to achieve a common goal. It suggests a time of learning, growth, and achievement in your professional life, where your skills and contributions are recognized and appreciated.

The Three of Pentacles encourages you to work closely with others, to share knowledge, and to respect the expertise of each team member. Most tarot reading experts online agree that it's a reminder that collective efforts and good planning lead to success and that your dedication and hard work will be rewarded.

The Three of Pentacles Upright Tarot Card Meaning

Upright, the Three of Pentacles signifies a period of productive collaboration and teamwork. It indicates that you are working well with others, contributing valuable skills to a joint effort. This card suggests that your work is being noticed and appreciated and that by combining your strengths with those of others, you can achieve significant accomplishments.

The Three of Pentacles also points to professional growth and the development of your skills through teamwork and cooperation. It encourages you to engage in planning and to pay attention to detail, as these will contribute to the quality and success of your work.

The Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

In love and relationships, the Three of Pentacles can indicate a partnership where both individuals are working together towards common goals. It suggests that your relationship is built on mutual support, understanding, and shared efforts.

This card encourages open communication and cooperation in your relationship, ensuring that both partners contribute equally and respect each other's strengths. It can also represent building something meaningful together, such as a home, a family, or shared projects, and highlights the importance of teamwork in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

The Three of Pentacles Meaning: Money & Career

Regarding career and finances, the Three of Pentacles suggests a time of professional development and success through collaboration. It indicates that your skills and contributions are valuable and are contributing to your career progress.

In financial matters, this card can suggest that planning and teamwork will lead to financial stability and growth. It encourages you to seek advice and to work with others in financial planning and decision-making, as collaborative efforts will yield better results than going it alone.

Upright Meaning: Past

Reflecting on the past, the Three of Pentacles in an upright position may represent a period where teamwork and collaboration played a significant role in your achievements. It could symbolize a time when your skills were developed and honed through working with others, leading to professional growth and success.

The Three of Pentacles Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When reversed, the Three of Pentacles indicates challenges in teamwork and collaboration. It suggests a lack of coordination, miscommunication, or inefficiency in group efforts. This card can point to a situation where individual members are not working harmoniously, leading to frustration and subpar results. It may also represent a lack of recognition for your skills or contributions or that your talents are not being effectively utilized.

The reversed Three of Pentacles calls for a reassessment of how you engage in teamwork and encourages you to address any communication or cooperation issues. It's a reminder to find ways to improve teamwork, whether by clarifying roles, improving communication, or ensuring that everyone's strengths are recognized and utilized.

The Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

In the context of love and relationships, the reversed Three of Pentacles may indicate difficulties in working together as a team. It might suggest that one or both partners are not contributing equally to the relationship or there are issues with communication and collaboration.

This card advises revisiting how tasks and responsibilities are shared within the relationship and encourages open dialogue to resolve any issues of imbalance or misunderstanding. It's a reminder to work together to build a strong foundation for your relationship, ensuring that both partners feel valued and supported.

The Three of Pentacles Meaning: Money & Career

Reversed in career and financial readings, the Three of Pentacles might suggest a lack of teamwork or collaboration in your professional life. It could indicate that you are feeling undervalued or that your skills are not being effectively utilized in your current role.

Financially, this card warns against poor planning or solo efforts that may not yield the best results. It encourages you to seek out opportunities for collaboration and to share your expertise while also being open to the skills and knowledge of others. It's a reminder to find ways to improve teamwork and communication in your professional life to achieve greater success and fulfillment.

Reversed Meaning: Past

Looking back, the Three of Pentacles reversed may reflect past experiences where teamwork was lacking or ineffective. It could represent times when you struggled to collaborate with others or your contributions were not recognized, highlighting the importance of effective communication and cooperation in achieving common goals.

Is The Three of Pentacles a Yes or No Card?

The Upright Three of Pentacles Meaning: Yes or No

In a yes or no reading, the upright Three of Pentacles generally suggests a yes, indicating that collaboration and teamwork will lead to positive outcomes. It's a favorable sign for questions related to group efforts, professional development, and joint projects.

The Reversed Three of Pentacles Meaning: Yes or No

Reversed, the Three of Pentacles in a yes or no reading leans towards no, suggesting that difficulties in teamwork or collaboration may hinder success. It advises reevaluating the approach to teamwork and communication and possibly seeking a more harmonious and effective way to work with others.

Reading The Three of Pentacles in a Spread

In a tarot spread, the Three of Pentacles’s position and surrounding cards can offer insights into your approach to teamwork, collaboration, and skill development.

Three of Pentacles and The Hierophant. This combination emphasizes the importance of structure and tradition in teamwork. The Hierophant suggests that following established methods and respecting hierarchy can contribute to effective collaboration and successful outcomes.

Three of Pentacles and The Seven of Wands. Together, these cards can indicate a need to assert your position or defend your contributions in a team setting. The Seven of Wands adds an element of challenge, suggesting that standing up for your skills and ideas is necessary.

Three of Pentacles and The Empress. This pairing highlights the nurturing aspect of teamwork. The Empress adds caring and supportive energy, suggesting that creating a harmonious and encouraging environment will enhance collaboration and lead to growth and productivity.

Three of Pentacles and The Eight of Cups. When combined, these cards suggest moving away from a situation where your contributions are not valued. The Eight of Cups indicates a need to seek environments where your skills and efforts are appreciated and effective.

Three of Pentacles and The Ace of Swords. This combination points to the power of new ideas and clear communication in teamwork. The Ace of Swords suggests that bringing clarity and innovative thinking to the table will be beneficial in collaborative efforts.

Three of Pentacles Tarot Guide

Three Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning