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The Tower

Tarot Card Meaning

  • Upright Keywords:

    Upheaval, Catastrophe, Sudden Change, Revelation, Disruption, Chaos, Breakdown

  • Reversed Keywords:

    Avoided Disaster, Delayed Change, Resistance to Change, Fear of Loss, Controlled Chaos, Minor Disruption, Survival


The Tower tarot card represents sudden upheaval, chaos, and dramatic change. It can symbolize destruction, revelation, and the breakdown of existing structures or beliefs, but almost always in a negative way. However, when reversed, The Tower stands for avoiding or delaying disaster or predicts a less sudden and massive change.

What Does The Tower Tarot Card Mean?

The Tower card, one of the most visually terrifying cards in the tarot deck, generally indicates chaos and unexpected upheaval. The flaming tower with the bodies falling out of its windows, which you can see in the image, shows the destruction that needs to be done in order to move forward.

While the way The Tower is depicted is indeed scary, and a lot of people with little to no tarot experience are taken aback the first time they see it, tarot reading experts know that it can be a symbol of necessary change, so the meaning of this card isn’t necessarily negative. Change and destruction are often the precondition for positive transformation and the long overdue rebirth.

The Tower Upright Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower card in an upright position indicates abuse, violence, natural disaster, loss, and tragedies—basically, all the things you should be afraid of. If this card shows up during your reading, it means big changes are on their way to your life. So, you can use these indicators to prepare yourself for dealing with them.

At the same time, as discussed, the upright Tower isn’t always as bad of an omen as some people seem to believe. Sure, you need to brace for impact, as serious changes are coming. But who knows, maybe that’s exactly what you needed to turn your life in a more positive direction.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

If you draw The Tower in an upright position when asking the deck about your love life, your relationship might take some wrong turns in the coming days. The upright Tower indicates a separation, breakup, or even a divorce.

So, if your relationship is going through a rough time, you need to prepare yourself to go through the upcoming destruction as unscarred as you possibly can. However, the upright Tower can also mean that the destruction coming your way might eliminate the reason that is damaging your relationship, and you and your partner will come closer after a hard time.

The Tower Meaning: Money & Career

In the career context, the upright Tower is a sign that you need to prepare yourself for big changes in your career, be it a layoff or a massive project that will change the course of your entire career. You’ll have to handle stress in the workplace, which might frustrate you.

Also, The Tower in an upright position might be an indication that you need to prepare your finances and savings. You might soon experience a significant loss of money, so you need to have something to rely on during a difficult time.

Upright Meaning: Past

Suppose you draw the upright Tower when asking a question about your past. In that case, the deck might be prompting you to think about past events that brought significant upheaval or change and eventually led to a reevaluation of your life’s path. Either those events will somehow become relevant again soon, or there might be another massive change coming your way, and you need to face it prepared.

The Tower Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower in a reversed position shows resistance to new things and avoidance of change. Probably, the deck can sense that you aren’t a big fan of changes and you’d like things to stay the way they are (even if, deep down, you understand that they are no longer serving you).

That’s not possible, though. The Tower is trying to tell you that you need to stop resisting and face the hardships bravely. Going through them is necessary to reach a new beginning. Once you embrace the inevitable change, you will find the strength within yourself to go through it with dignity.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning: Love & Relationships

Suppose you’re in a relationship and experiencing distance and pain without doing anything about it. The reversed Tower is a sign that you need to make adjustments to your relationship immediately. Let your partner know how you feel and discuss the things you’d like to see changed or leave this relationship altogether. Unless you do something as soon as possible, things will keep getting worse, and they will affect your well-being even more.

The Tower Meaning: Money & Career

You may be feeling secure about your current job and career, but The Tower in a reversed position is a sign that you need to stay prepared for the worst. This card indicates that your career might take some unexpected turns, which may put you in a vulnerable position. So, if you’re thinking you’re past the mass layoffs, that’s not necessarily true.

The reversed Tower might also signify the acceptance and declaration of financial defeat. Most of the time, we try so hard to survive, but in reality, we don’t make any progress and only delay the inevitable defeat. If this sounds like you, the reversed Tower suggests that you need to accept the defeat to find peace. For example, if you’ve just invested in a property you can’t actually afford, you should sell it.

Reversed Meaning: Past

The Tower in a reversed position is a reminder of past situations where you avoided or delayed dealing with significant changes or disruptions. If your resistance back then only made things worse, rethink your approach. You might be going through something similar soon, and you should try to avoid making the same mistakes.

Is The Tower a Yes or No Card?

The Upright Tower Meaning: Yes or No

If you draw the upright Tower when asking the deck a yes or no question, the answer is no. The situation you have in mind will soon go through unexpected changes that could be challenging or disruptive.

The Reversed Tower Meaning: Yes or No

The reversed Tower in response to a yes or no question is also a no. However, in this case, there is a chance you will be able to lessen or avoid the negative consequences of the changes coming your way. Not everything is lost yet.

Reading The Tower in a Spread

Now, let’s see how the cards you draw next to The Tower in a spread affect its meaning.

The Star. The combination of The Tower and The Star is a very hopeful one. It suggests that after the period of upheaval that you are about to go through, there will be calmness, hope, and healing. So, don’t fear the change; embrace it.

The Chariot. If you draw The Tower and The Chariot together, prepare for rapid and unexpected changes requiring you to take control to avoid complete chaos.

The Death. The Tower and The Death duo predict a massive transformation, as both cards symbolize the end of an era. The change you will soon experience will likely be exceptionally significant.

The Eight of Cups. The pairing of The Tower and The Eight of Cups suggests that you need to let go of the consequences of the big change you’ve recently experienced. It’s a good idea to withdraw emotionally for a bit to let yourself heal.

The Fool. The Tower and The Fool, drawn together, suggest that after the big disruption you are already experiencing or will soon experience, you will have a chance to start anew. Use it.

The Tower Tarot Guide

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning