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Expertise: Astrology Numerology Dream Interpretation Chakra Healing

    Hello and warm Namaste (greetings) from CHANDRA ! Happy to connect with you awesome souls, my USER ,in my capacity as a TAROT ADVISOR on NEBULA. I consider myself a lifelong seeker, a tarot enthusiast, and a storyteller, deeply in love with tarot. To introduce myself, I first fell in love with Tarot over a decade ago when my friend gifted me my first rider Waite Tarot deck knowing my love for all things esoteric. It was only during the pandemic when my buying and sourcing agency business was nosedive, that I seriously considered turning my vocation into a full-time profession, my ikigai as they say. From reading for free and feedback for friends and family, I turned to reading for a fee and feedback for strangers 🙂

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    What I do

    For more than five years now, I have offered my services as a professional Online Tarot reader. I have online tarot reading experience at the Australian portal Biddy Tarot community and currently offer services through my Instagram account and India’s top online Portal Astrotalk having offered more than 8K readings on the site alone. All in all , it is more than 11K readings and counting !

    My experience and qualification

    I am deeply spiritual, and I practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Besides being an avid reader, (besides aforementioned The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho), The Mustard seed (OSHO) , Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Richard Bach ) , Death , Karma and Inner Engineering (Sadhguru ) etc are my go to books on life philosophies …I have as well dabbled in and completed various online courses in philosophy and psychology, besides ever enhancing my understanding and insights on Tarot, time scheduled beyond my reading hours. I am a public speaker who has been a part of the Japanese Buddhist life philosophy for over two decades, the various tenets of which overlap the reading ethics and tarot messages. This coupled with over two decades of professional experience in buying the Seed selling business In the Apparel Industry , catering to the best of Fashion labels , globe trotting-to and networking all over, gives me a worldview and finesse while dealing with clients and users across the globe whom I serve with utmost humility and gratitude. Last but not the least globe-trotting,, I am a proud mother to a soon to be adultsoon-to-be, whose presence has enabled me to respond and get in touch with my true calling or purpose, as I find myself here, in your august company !😇

    My Approach to Readings

    My Tarot reading style is healing , holistic, Augustadult soon, Personalized, and empowering If one is looking for predictions or a quick fix, one may be disappointed, I encourage my clients to take Tarot tools as guides for a fresh and forward approach, and retain the power to chart out their own destiny . Many a times ,I tell my USER what they already know of , but are just not aware of…I serve as a charging station , at times throwing open the questions (rather than the answers ) , that allow them to connect to their inner voice, the most bankable GPS ever ! I truly believe in the interconnectedness of everything , and as it says , in my favorite book THE ALCHEMIST , “In order to find the treasure , you will have to follow the omens !”🌟

    Why having a reading with me is the best decision

    My endeavor and earnest approach as a reader , is to be the bridge or a mirrortoward, in utmost objectivity , to enable and encourage my USER to start living their life, instead of living in their mind !🙌🏻 To quote Rumi ,” What you seek is seeking you ,” I truly believe any and every one of the souls that I connect to , provides a life-transforming opportunity , by way of give and take…transcending boundaries and horizons , I become as much a part of my USER , struggles and victories , sorrows and they ever continue to be in my thoughts and prayers, helping me to write my ‘personal legend’ as much as I help theirs’ , through the magic and mysticism of TAROT TOOLS & TALES !✨️