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In searching for answers to yes or no questions, the Hanged Man is a powerful and intriguing tarot card. The Hanged Man card has clear and consistent meanings for both yes and no when used upright and reversed, and it covers different aspects of one’s life, such as love, career, and health (among others).

If you’re looking for more in-depth answers, it’s always a good idea to have a professional tarot reading with Nebula’s experts. But if you’d like to master the art of tarot reading yourself, hopefully, our Hanged Man yes or no guide will help you.

The Hanged Man Yes or No: The Upright Position

The Hanged Man is somewhat similar to the Moon card when you draw it to answer a yes or no question in that its short answers are the opposite of what one would assume. The Hanged Man in an upright position will usually answer a yes or no question with a clear and definitive no.

This typically implies slow or delayed progress. The deck wants you to know that some sacrifice or compromise might be necessary to achieve what you want. Unless you make that sacrifice, what you’re hoping for will not be possible—that’s the cards’ verdict.

The Hanged Man Reversed Yes or No

If you are asking the deck a yes or no question and get the reversed Hanged Man, it is more likely that the answer will be a clear and definitive yes. At the same time, the cards suggest that the current situation is not conducive to progress or that there may be obstacles that must be addressed before proceeding. Once you address those obstacles, the road ahead will be fully clear.

The Hanged Man Yes or No Love Meaning—Upright

Taking a step back and reevaluating a relationship is the advice that the Hanged Man in the upright position offers. In order to gain clarity on emotional issues, you might need patience and contemplation; avoid hasty and poorly thought-out steps. If you are in a committed relationship, this card may predict the sacrifice and compromise that will lead to growth and understanding. Think of the things you need to do to help you and your partner grow as a couple.

The Hanged Man Yes or No Reversed: Love

When you get the Hanged Man in a reversed position in response to a question about love and relationships, the deck is trying to communicate to you that it is important to reevaluate your relationship. At the moment, it might be stagnant or stuck; you definitely need to do something to move forward with your partner. Also, the cards recommend that before making any major decisions, you deal with any unresolved issues.

The Hanged Man Tarot Yes or No Meaning: Career

If you are considering a career change, the Hanged Man in the upright position recommends you try a different perspective. Your current plan is unlikely to work, so it’s not the best idea to proceed with it. Taking unconventional approaches and being open to changes or delays may result in better outcomes in the long term.

The Hanged Man Reversed Yes or No: Career

The reversed Hanged Man suggests avoiding hasty career decisions or actions. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re progressing or feeling stuck in a current job or project. Taking a fresh look at things and exploring new opportunities is this card’s advice. At the same time, don’t make any sudden impulsive changes; they are very unlikely to work in your favor.

The Hanged Man Upright Yes or No: Health

It would be better for you to seek second opinions or consider alternative treatment methods in health-related matters. If you keep doing the same things you already are, it won’t be fruitful. Also, the deck wants you to know that this is a time to care for yourself. Look within yourself and assess your life as a whole to make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve your health. Once you reconsider your current approach to health issues, you will start seeing a positive dynamic.

The Hanged Man in Reverse Yes or No: Health

The Hanged Man in a reversed position as a response to health-related questions suggests that you should always get a second opinion or professional advice. Don’t follow other people’s advice blindly, especially when it comes from someone who isn’t a health professional. The deck predicts that you will soon have a chance to make the necessary changes for better health. Use that chance, and you’ll start feeling better almost instantly.


Now you have an answer to the question “Is the hanged man a yes or no card?” When upright, it offers a clear and definitive no. However, when reversed, it gives an even clearer yes. Also, the Hanged Man symbolizes surrender, patience, and new perspectives.

Whether you are looking for answers about love, career, health, or family, the Hanged Man offers a valuable spiritual resource. However, remember that it’s always a good idea to consider the neighboring tarot cards in a spread to fully understand the meaning of each separate card.