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Top 5 Most Rare Aura Colors

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Have you heard about auras? It’s a vibrant concept that lures those who are curious about the spiritual side of their humanity—rightly so!

There are special insights and fascinating ideas about the concept of self, presented with colors. A lot could be said about a person from their aura reading. Each specific color and its unique shade manifests through distinct characteristics and personality traits. It can even shed light on preferences in love, career, and general life choices.

Some hues are more common than others, but what is the most rare aura color? There are several answers to that question, and today we will explore the Top 5 rare aura colors.

What Is An Aura And What Makes One Rare?

An aura is an ethereal energy field that envelopes each and every person. Each energy field has a different vibrancy, creating various colors. Auras can be perceived and interpreted by highly intuitive people known as psychics, who specialize in the topic of aura reading.

Each aura is typically associated with a certain chakra, or even several at once. There are different types of chakra systems, one of the most prominent being a 7-chakra system. In this categorization, seven energy centers are located throughout the body and correspond to various colors. Together those colors create a rainbow, manifesting in a free energy flow.

A blocked chakra and an unbalanced aura can disturb the inner peace of a person, manifesting through both mental and physical hurts. On the other hand, a well-balanced energy field leads to a harmonious and peaceful state of mind.

That's why so many people choose to practice spiritual techniques, like meditation and prayers. Such activities can help with achieving mindfulness and cultivating self-awareness. Achieving true enlightenment, however, is no easy task. It takes dedication, humility, patience, and discipline, to establish a strong connection with your higher self and let the energy flow freely through you.

This is how a lot of rare aura come into existence: through the life-long betterment of oneself. Let's take a closer look at some prominent rare auras and what each of them entails.

Top 5 Most Rare Auras

There is a whole range of rare aura colors. In this quick guide, we will dive deeper into 5 of the most prominent ones.


White is rightfully a rare aura, as it calls for an utmost high level of spirituality. It's a very high vibrational color that is thought to emit pure light from its energy field.

White color symbolizes purity, integrity, and enlightenment. It's extremely hard to achieve, as one must be persistent in their dedication to spiritual growth.

There's rare altruism, generosity, and innocence to a white aura. White auras have a profound connection to the divine and higher consciousness, even grating their healing powers. Generally speaking, a white aura is among the most pure and enlightened ones.


Silver is another rare aura. People with this aura have innate intuitive and psychic abilities. They are considered to have a strong connection to the moon and lunar energy.

People with silver aura are thought to be blessed with natural gifts. Cosmic power manifests in silver aura, granting them a connection to the divine. Silver aura is considered to be a proponent of spiritual awakening and growth.

They possess wisdom and confidence rarely seen in other people. Alongside that, however, silver auras are not erogant, but humble and down to earth. They are grounded and like to see eye-to-eye with their peers, appearing on the same level as those around them.


Gold aura is the color of an enlightened and bright personality. They have a high level of spirituality, that is rather developed through life than being something a person is born with.

Gold auras achieved a strong connection to their soul purpose. Those people typically have a pretty clear idea of what their purpose in life is. They have chosen a path and the means to walk it confidently. They are often selfless, inspiring, and enigmatic individuals, who are determined and devoted to doing the right thing.


Even among rare auras, crystal color stands out. Technically, it doesn’t have a proper color but rather appears as a “crystal clear” energy field.

People with crystal aura are reflective of other colors. They are natural-born empaths, who are tentatively attuned to the emotions and feelings of others. Like a mirror, they reflect the energy of others, creating a unique pathway for healingю By creating a comforting space, crystals a naturally good at providing others with an outlet to express their true emotions.


If there is the most rare aura color, it just might be rainbow. This aura includes a combination of all the prominent colors, manifesting in highly evolved individuals.

Rainbow is thought to be a balanced, harmonious energy. It indicates a high level of spiritual awareness, marking people who became masters of several aspects in life.

They have a lot of talents and generously share their energy with others, being uniquely resistant to negative influences. Overall, a rainbow aura is a sign of an extremely well-rounded personality.

Final Thoughts

There are various aura colors, and some are rare. Aura colors change during one’s life to better reflect the current state of mind, body, and soul. It takes personal growth, spiritual development, and the life of pursuit of improvement to achieve the rarest colors of aura. Whatever your aura color is, it’s important to keep balance, practice mindfulness and nurture your inner peace.

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