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Am I psychic? 4 clues to find your hidden abilities

This article is reviewed and verified by our advisor

Look around. Have you ever thought how many people among us have extraordinary skills? You may have noticed a few psychic signs before.

Some of these people are more lucky than others.

Some are very intuitive and can predict future events without noticing.

Some of them are even you.

Below, you’ll discover how to recognize signs of psychic abilities and find our advisors’ stories. Maybe, at the end of reading you’ll recognize yourself in these descriptions and take a chance to become one of the professional psychic readers.

You trust your gut feelings

“Many years ago I realized that I have to follow my inner voice, as it can show me much more truth about this world than even my own eyes,” - Taira, Nebula’s advisor

People with strong intuition are used to relying on it. Why not: it rarely fails and gives hints that lead even out of the darkest forest.

Think of any person who entered your life a year ago. Imagine your first meeting in great detail.

Recall your feelings at that very moment. What did you initially think about them?

Was your intuition right?

If you follow your intuition, it’s one of the signs you are psychic or can be one. Intuition gives you a clear understanding of what's going on. Catch this energy.

Your dreams become a reality

“From a very young age, I was incredibly intuitive and often found myself receiving answers through my dreams. This ability to connect with the unseen and receive insights naturally led me to develop my psychic abilities further as I grew older,” - Laraib, Nebula’s advisor

In ancient Rome, people believed their dreams were messages from the gods. If someone had a dream about natural disasters or war actions, they should bring this information to the Senate.

The wife of Julius Caesar, Calpurnia, had a dream before his death. There, citizens of Rome were soaking their hands in the blood that was spurting from a statue of Caesar.

For people with psychic abilities, dreams have a deep meaning. Dreams open the door for them, and all that remains is to look inside.

You see auras and spirits

“Since I was a little kid, having the name Maya gave me this special ability - an extraordinary sensitivity to the energies that danced through the universe. Later, I was guided by my parents' practice of spiritual teaching,” - Maya, Nebula’s advisor

Many children can see the other side. Few of them can accept what they have seen and keep this gift in adulthood.

For a child, it’s easier to believe what they saw and make friends with it, as Boo did in The Monsters, Inc. Adults are fenced off from such discoveries, and those - from them. However, they may notice afterlife signs around. To pull this info out of your memory, answer yourself to the following questions:

  • Do you ever feel sudden tingling or chills? 
  • Do you notice any colors or vibrations surrounding people when you're with them? 
  • Have you ever felt a sense of being touched when no one is there? 

These feelings may serve as signs of psychic abilities. They might occur when you are in powerful energy areas. Or when the spirits are attempting to reach you.

Your relatives have psychic abilities

“The origins of my exploration into the realms of Astrology and Tarot can be traced back to the enchanting moments of my childhood spent on Sunday with my grandmother,” - Mari, Nebula’s advisor

Psychic talents often run in families. There's an increased likelihood that you may have inherited comparable abilities if you have relatives who claim to have them.

Remember the stories your grandparents told you. Your grandmother might have told you about her dreams that came to life. Your grandpa might have mentioned he saw a ghost in the attic. All these tales may be psychic signs of your potential.

Examine the following points to find out the truth:

  • Family members relate comparable psychic experiences, such as having a vision or feeling someone's presence.
  • Your family has a psychic practice tradition or a reputation for possessing a "sixth sense."
  • Your relatives, who remember similar experiences when they were your age, urge you to investigate your own.

If psychic signs and skills run in your family, paying attention to your personal experiences is worthwhile. One conversation with your grandmother can close the question "Am I a psychic?" forever for you.

Your next steps

The fact you asked yourself today how to know if you are psychic, is the first hint you may be the one.

You can discover your hidden psychic empath signs by following your intuition, taking note of your family history, and identifying unexplained bodily symptoms. 

Psychic abilities manifest differently. Consider choosing an advisor to get clear guidance on your hidden skills. 

Be open to the truth while asking yourself, “Am I psychic?”. It could be your calling.

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