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Tarot Spread for Potential Relationship

How likely is it that I will be in a relationship with them? When will be my next relationship? Will I get into a relationship with the person whom I just met? What are their feelings? What will be the next step?

Are you asking these questions to yourself but have no answers for them? Nebula’s tarot spread for potential relationship can help you find answers about your love life. You can take a deck to attempt it using our guide or, better even, let a professional tarot reader perform a potential relationship tarot spread for you.

Tarot Spread for Potential Relationship

Your 6 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Tarot Spread for Potential Relationship: A Card-by-Card Guice

    The tarot spread for potential relationship is a six-card spread that is very beginner-friendly. Even if you have no prior tarot experience, you can still perform it on your own using our detailed articles interpreting each of the tarot cards in the layout.

    By the way, we recommend you don’t stop there and try other tarot spreads focused on love and relationships that our experts have written for tarot enthusiasts. For example, check out our coming love tarot spread, which is similar to this one but will help you get further answers.

    Card #1: Your Current Feelings

    The first card of the tarot spread for potential relationship focuses on what you’re currently feeling. It’s not always easy to understand what your feelings are; we get confused and self-sabotage all the time. This card will help you clarify things.

    For example, if you draw the Five of Pentacles as the first card, this might suggest feelings of insecurity or worry about being left out or not being good enough. If that sounds accurate, some self-work is due before you dive into a new relationship head-first.Card #2: Their Current Feelings

    As confusing as our own feelings can sometimes be, what our love interest feels is an even bigger mystery, especially if your relationship is not yet established enough for you to ask your potential partner openly. The second card will help you understand what’s in your head and heart.

    Say the second card you draw is the Knight of Cups. On the one hand, that’s good news—it means that your love interest is genuinely interested in you romantically. In fact, they’re completely smitten. However, be careful. It also suggests that they’re idealizing you and your potential relationship, which is always dangerous.

    Card #3: Relationship Foundation

    The third card of the tarot spread for potential relationship looks at the foundation on which this potential relationship is or will be built. Is it common interests, shared goals, or perhaps mere convenience? Whatever the case, it’s better that you know as soon as possible.

    Suppose the third card is the Tower. Then, you need to realize that the foundation of your potential relationship is really shaky. A dramatic upheaval of sorts is coming, and it might change things completely. Wait it out.

    Card #4: Obstacles

    The fourth card reveals the obstacles on the way toward your future relationship. It can be different views on love, distance, personality clashes, or anything else. It’s up to you to decide if those obstacles are something you’re willing to work on to build a healthy and happy partnership.

    For instance, if you draw the Seven of Wands in this position, get ready to put in some work. Your potential partnership will soon face big challenges (most likely related to competition), and you will have to deal with them if you want to move forward with the person you’re romantically interested in.

    Card #5: Strengths

    The fifth card of the tarot spread for potential relationship points toward the strengths of your partnership. It might be excellent communication, mutual support, or anything else. Whatever those things are, hold onto them—that’s what will ensure a thriving future for your relationship.

    Suppose you draw The Empress. This is a sign of a loving and caring dynamic. Whether it’s you or your partner who ensures it, great job.

    Card #6: Potential Challenges

    The sixth card describes the potential challenges you and your love interest will likely face once you make things official and decide to be in a relationship. It can be anything—from different love languages to struggles to stay monogamous to different lifestyles.

    For example, if the sixth card of the tarot spread for potential relationship is the Devil, beware. This can point to unhealthy attachments, dependency, or destructive patterns. You will need to work on your relationship relentlessly to prevent it from getting toxic.

    A Word of Encouragement

    Now, you can confidently perform a relationship tarot reading using this tarot spread for potential relationship. But please remember that tarot can sometimes be misleading, especially if you lack experience and don’t yet understand how to get the most out of a conversation with a tarot deck. We recommend consulting a professional reader. Otherwise, take everything with a grain of salt.

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