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Coming Love Tarot Spread Free

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When will be my next relationship? Who will be my next boyfriend or girlfriend? What will be the next step in my relationship? What are the signs love is coming? Are you asking these questions to yourself but have no answers to them? Coming love tarot spread can help you find out everything you’d like to know about your future love life. It can’t replace an experienced professional tarot reader, but it’s still a great way to get some answers about your future partner.

Coming Love Tarot Spread

Your 5 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    The Love Is Coming: Step-by-Step Coming Love Tarot Spread

    There are a few versions of different coming love tarot spreads out there, but they are all pretty similar to one another. Here, we offer you the most accurate and detailed coming love tarot spread that, hopefully, will answer every question you have about the romance you are about to experience.

    By the way, if you’re interested in similar tarot spreads focused on love and relationships, a good alternative to coming love tarot spreads is a free soulmate tarot spread that will also help you find out what your future love life looks like.

    Now, back to the coming love tarot spread free. Here’s its basic layout:

    Card #1: Your current love energy. This card reflects your current emotional and vibrational state in terms of your outlook on love and relationships. For example, the deck might say that you seem closed off at the moment, which means you will have to work on breaking your walls down if you want to meet the love of your life.

    Card #2: The nature of your next love. The second card of the coming love tarot spread offers some insights into the personality, characteristics, or key traits of your next love interest. For example, you might discover that your next partner is a kind-hearted and funny nature lover. With this information, it will be easier for you to recognize them in the crowd.

    Card #3: How you will likely meet. This card gives you helpful clues about the circumstances, environment, or manner in which you might meet your next love for the first time (or if it’s someone you already know, not for the first time). Once again, that’s essential information as it will help you understand when to expect the important encounter.

    Card #4: Obstacles you and your future love interest might face. The fourth card describes potential challenges or issues that could arise in your path to finding or in the early stages of your next romantic relationship. Hopefully, knowing what to expect will help you work on your relationship to prevent it from falling apart before it’s even fully formed.

    Card #5: Outcome of your relationship. Finally, the last card of the coming love spread predicts the potential direction of your future relationship or the lessons you will likely learn from it (if it doesn’t end in a happily ever after). Obviously, it’s up to you and your future partner to work on your relations, but still, don’t ignore the cards’ insights.

    An Example of Coming Love Tarot Spread Free Layout

    To make it easier for you to understand what to expect from the coming love tarot spread, let’s look at an example of the cards one might draw during it. Sure, yours will almost definitely be different, but this will give you an overall idea of how this spread goes:

    Card #1: The Empress. When you draw the Empress as the representation of your current love energy, it means that you are in a phase of self-love and nurturing. You’re radiating a loving energy that is attractive to others, and the love is coming your way for sure. Great start!

    Card #2: The Knight of Cups. As the symbol of the nature of your next love, the Knight of Cups suggests that you can expect a romantic and dreamy partner who doesn’t shy away from big love gestures. If you are a romantic yourself, good for you. Otherwise, tension might arise.

    Card #3: The Three of Wands. The Three of Wands, as a description of the circumstances of your encounter with your future love interest, might suggest meeting through travel or a venture outside your comfort zone.

    Card #4: The Five of Pentacles. When you draw the Five of Pentacles as the representation of the obstacles you and your future partner are likely to face in your relationship, it’s a warning of potential feelings of insecurity or financial issues impacting the relationship. Watch out.

    Card #5: The Two of Cups. Finally, if the fifth card of the coming love tarot spread is the Two of Cups, it’s a great sign. The deck predicts a strong, balanced, and loving relationship.

    An Afterword

    Now you know how to perform a detailed coming love tarot spread, which will help you get some insight into what your future relationship must look like. However, it’s also important to remember that tarot cards’ predictions are very rarely literal. Oftentimes, their guidance is so allegorical in nature that it might not be easy to decipher. So, no matter what the deck says, don’t follow its guidance blindly. Trust the cards, but trust your intuition even more.

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