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Tarot card readings are a great way to get answers to the questions that keep us up but can’t be answered in a more conventional way. When you have a tarot reading with a professional, they peek behind the curtain and turn to cards for the information and clarity you want.

However, you can talk to the tarot deck even on your own. The result can’t compare to a reading with an expert, but with enough dedication and practice, you, too, can make tarot reveal its secrets, at least a little bit.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of popular tarot spreads, and a large portion of them has to do with love and relationships, including the future husband tarot spread.

Future Husband Tarot Spread

Your 7 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Questions for a Future Spouse Tarot Spread

    Many of you may be asking yourself constant questions, hoping to find clarity about your love life. If they are related to matrimony or your quest for a lifelong partnership, the future spouse tarot reading is the best way to get answers. Here are some of the questions we are talking about:

    Who is my future husband?

    Where will I meet my future husband?

    Is he the one?

    What does my future husband look like?

    Will he marry me?

    Who will be my future husband?

    What will my future husband look like?

    If these questions are bugging you a lot and you have no answers to them, the future spouse tarot spread can help you with that.

    By the way, despite the name, this spread is completely gender-neutral. Similarly to the marriage tarot card reading, you can use it regardless of your future partner’s gender.

    Who Is My Future Husband Tarot Card Reading Free

    The future spouse prediction tarot spread can include five or seven cards. Both options are quite common, and the choice is entirely up to you. Let’s break down what each of the cards would mean in both cases.

    5-Card Future Husband Tarot Spread

    Lay out five tarot cards in front of you or, if you are having a professional guided reading, have the reader do this for you. Now, interpret them one by one, moving from the left to the right.

    Card #1—Personality Traits. As the title suggests, the first card of the future husband tarot spread reveals the personality of your future spouse, including their temperament, core qualities, and things that matter the most to them.

    For example, if the first card is The Emperor, it means that your future spouse will be a person with strong leadership qualities, discipline, and ambition. They might be authoritative at times, but the number one goal for them will always be to protect you and your family.

    Card #2—Emotional Connection. The second card reveals the emotional makeup of your future husband or wife, meaning how emotional they will be, how they will express affection, what the overall emotional dynamic within your relationship will be like, and so on. For example, The King of Cups stands for a very emotionally balanced and mature partner.

    Card #3—Life Goals and Ambitions. The third card highlights your future spouse’s key ambitions and aspirations. It will let you know what their primary drive will be in life and what they would like to achieve in their lifetime. For instance, The Chariot points toward a goal-oriented person who enjoys challenges.

    Card #4—Potential Challenges. The fourth card of the future husband tarot spread is self-explanatory. It will let you know what potential challenges to look out for in the relationship between the two of you. Say, it’s Five of Wands. This would mean that the dynamic between you and your future spouse will be competitive, which might cause challenges.

    Card #5—Overall Energy of the Relationship. The fifth card encapsulates the general vibe of your future marriage. It will let you know if the relationship will be harmonious and nurturing or challenging and transformative. For example, The Sun suggests that your future marriage will be full of joy and positivity.

    7-Card Future Spouse Tarot Spread

    If you choose to have a seven-card future spouse tarot reading free session instead, there will be two more cards to interpret.

    Card #6—Your Role in the Relationship. The sixth card reflects your contribution to your future marriage. It’s less about your partner and more about how you will behave by their side. For instance, The Empress suggests that you will make a nurturing, caring, and supportive partner to your future husband.

    Card #7—Outcome. Finally, the seventh card reveals how your future marriage is likely to end. Will it be til death do us part or divorce? The deck will tell, but not necessarily as directly as you expect. Say, it’s Ten of Cups. That’s clearly a case of til death do us part. Lucky you!

    An Afterword

    That’s it. Hopefully, the future husband tarot spread has answered your questions, and you now have more clarity about your future marital life.

    Remember, even the most trustworthy and time-tested tarot deck doesn’t have all the answers. What’s more, tarot is a tricky technique, and the cards might not be willing to reveal your future.

    So, take the results of your future spouse tarot reading with a grain of salt, especially if you performed it on your own, with no guidance from an experienced tarot reader.

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