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Love Tarot Spread for Singles

Finding a true soulmate is something that almost every single person wants. People typically don’t always have the courage to admit their loneliness, but it’s way more common than you probably think for people to be searching for love tarot for singles free or asking around for a professional tarot expert for love and relationship readings—we want to know that there is someone out there for us.

Single people will always try to act as if they’re tough and don’t need anyone in their lives, but when they look at that special someone, their hearts will melt. Don’t worry; we as humans are meant to feel this way.

Hypothetically speaking, if you want to figure out when you will meet your soulmate, you can use a 6-card love tarot spread for singles (or another tarot spread for singles you prefer) to uncover that mystery.

Love Tarot Spread for Singles

Your 6 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    Basic Love Tarot Spread for Singles Free—6 Cards

    #1—The first represents you and your current state and feelings about your relationship (or lack thereof).

    #2—The second card represents the person you are interested in, their feelings and emotions towards you as well as their expectations.

    #3—The third card represents common points between you and them. What do you have in common?

    #4—The fourth card represents the strength of your connection with them.

    #5—The fifth card shows the obstacles in your love journey. It may contain helpful information to resolve issues.

    #6—The final card of the love tarot spread for singles is your love card.

    Card One: What do you feel when you think of having a relationship?

    The first card will help you understand how you feel about your future partner or your relationship with them. You will also be able to understand the emotions you’re feeling as of now. It’s important to reflect on what you feel, and only by doing so will you be able to make your move.

    This card is like a mirror to your heart, showing you the true colors of your feelings. Are they bright and hopeful or tinged with hesitation? It's a chance to dive deep into your emotional ocean, discovering hidden treasures of love and maybe some fears that need addressing. Remember, it's okay to feel a mix of emotions; they're all part of your journey to finding love.

    Card Two: Does the person you like have an interest in you?

    When there’s someone that you’re interested in, you’ll need to ask yourself questions like, Is this person interested in me as much as I am? Are they my soulmate? Do they want me? The second card of this tarot reading will have the answers to these questions, which will help you understand your love interest better.

    Think of this card of the love spread tarot for singles as a guiding star in the night sky, leading you towards understanding the feelings of the person who has captured your heart. It may reveal signs of mutual affection or perhaps a need for patience. Either way, this reading is a step towards meeting your soulmate and building a lasting love with the help of a tarot deck.

    Card Three: Do you two have anything in common?

    The growth of your relationship will greatly depend on what the two of you have in common. For instance, if both of you like to spend your weekends in a similar way, you will be able to relate to each other better. Therefore, the third tarot card will tell you if you and your lover have mutual interests.

    This card is like a bridge, revealing the paths where your lives and interests intersect. It's not just about shared hobbies or favorite foods; it's about discovering if your spirits dance to the same rhythm. It's these common threads that can weave the fabric of a strong, lasting relationship.

    Card Four: How strong is your connection with this person?

    After having at least a couple of interactions with the person you’re into, the fourth card will determine how strong or weak your connection is. In other words, the card will tell you how engaging your interactions are with this person.

    Imagine this card as a lighthouse, shining a light on the strength of the bond you share with your special someone. It's about understanding the depth and intensity of your connection. Is it a fleeting spark or a flame that could burn brightly through the test of time?

    Card Five: What’s stopping you from confessing?

    The fifth card of the future love tarot spread for singles suggests that there will be obstacles in your way that will stop you from confessing your feelings. The obstacles could be related to shyness, fear of what might happen after you confess, or anything else. To overcome such obstacles, listen to the fifth card.

    This card acts as a gentle guide, helping you navigate the tricky waters of confession. It might uncover fears you didn’t know you had or provide reassurance about the ones you do. Remember, acknowledging these barriers is the first step to overcoming them, and this card is here to help you do just that.

    Card Six: The Love Card—What does your relationship mean?

    The final card, which is also called the love card, will give you a direction in which your relationship is heading. Keep in mind that there is a possibility that your relationship might not be romantic in nature. For instance, the two of you could be great friends but not yet ready for a proper relationship. This could also be the other way around, meaning both of you might end up being soulmates with an unbreakable bond.

    Consider this card as a compass for your heart, pointing towards the true nature of your relationship; it’s the key card of the tarot spread for singles. Whether it’s a journey toward a lifelong romance or a beautiful friendship, this card helps illuminate your path. It invites you to embrace the journey with an open heart, no matter the destination.

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