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A soulmate is one of the most misused and misinterpreted concepts that exist. A free soulmate drawing online, especially if it’s a guided tarot reading session with a professional tarot reader, can provide insights into this question. While some of us think that it is untrue, most psychic experts, including tarot readers, agree that having a soulmate is real.

Yet, unlike the romantic impression we always have, soulmates are actually every person’s “core team.” They are the souls that come in and out of our entire life cycle, depending on the life lessons we want to learn; soulmates aren’t necessarily our romantic partners. You can draw my soulmate free online to explore the concept further.

When Will I Meet My Soulmate Tarot Spread

Your 8 Cards Tarot Spread Meaning

    8 Cards Free Psychic Soulmate Reading

    Your Soul Card—How you feel right now

    Their Soul Card—How you might perceive someone you are with now or soon to be involved with

    Karma Card—Factors that could be affecting your life right now

    Thorns Card—How to overcome obstacles and turn them into opportunities

    The Divine Card—The broader perspective and effects of your conscience

    Destiny Card—What the things are moving toward in your situation

    Magic Card—Unknown life circumstances that are still in the process of taking shape

    Kiss of Fate Card—A course of events and actions that will align with what you want and what is currently possible.

    More than One Soulmate in Free Soulmate Tarot

    Soulmates aren’t necessarily the people we are destined to fall in love with. Anyone can marry a person who is not their soulmate, yet they can still end up having a beautiful and happy life together.

    For the tarot experts, this is called the Twin Flame. Twin Flame is not always a lifetime partner. Some meet one of their soulmates during their childhood for a brief moment, while another one remains in their lives forever. Every time we have an essential lesson to learn, a Twin Flame will enter our lives.

    Is He My Soulmate? Tarot Free and Other Soulmate Tarot Questions

    Here are a few insightful tarot reading questions to ask:

    1. When will I meet my next soulmate?
    2. Is it a male or a female?
    3. Are they my Twin Flame?
    4. What was our life connection in the past?
    5. What is their purpose in my life?
    6. In what way will I meet them?
    7. How will we react to our first meeting?
    8. Will they stay in my life for a short time or a long time?
    9. Is he my soulmate?
    10. What is the name of my soulmate?
    11. Who is my soulmate?

    Here are the interpretations:

    When will I meet my next soul mate? Of all the tarot cards, the Star card has the most “spark” in this question. This card can stand alone whenever it shows up. Meanwhile, other timing cards and their meaning are the following:

    Wands—In spring

    Cups—In summer

    Pentacles—In fall

    Swords—In winter

    Major Arcana Cards—During the next major holiday (this differs depending on the person’s religion and belief).

    Free Psychic Soulmate Drawing

    Free Soulmate Sketch. Who is my soulmate? Is it a male or female? Even numbers portray that your next soulmate is male. On the other hand, odd numbers mean it’s female.

    Are they my Twin Flame? In a tarot reading, this question is always a no. However, there are some instances when they actually are, and it is manifested when the star card shows up.

    Again, that’s not something to be alarmed by. A Twin Flame is not necessarily the person you are destined to spend the rest of your life with. Sometimes, your destined partner can be a person who will never become your romantic partner. It can be a person who is closest to you (say, your best friend), or someone you’ve just met for the first time.

    What was our life connection in the past? The two cards pulled to answer this question articulate the brief story of the inquirer’s connection and the soul mate. It challenges the tarot reader to tell a story based on the two cards present.

    Regardless of what the cards are, the reader is not pinpointing which is which. Instead, they focus on the overall energies of the situation shown by the cards.

    What is their purpose in my life? When it comes to knowing the role of each other in their respective lives, the cards portray the relationship between the inquirer and the identified soulmate.

    Wands mean friendship; hearts equal lovers; pentacles mean soul mates; swords portray adversary relationships. The latter means the other person’s chemistry rubs the other person the wrong way. 

    In what way will I meet them? This one is one of the most popular questions in any free soulmate tarot reading. Answering isn’t an easy task for a reader, though. For instance, The Knight of Cups focuses on emotion and creativity, a pathway towards heart and compassion.

    If this card shows up, it might mean that the person will meet their soul mate in a situation where they’re doing something that can make a difference in humanity, like participation in community service.

    How will we react to our first meeting?  There is always a possibility of having more intellectual sparring rather than a tender emotional connection. 

    Will they stay in my life for a short time or a long time?  To answer this, the tarot reader will go back to the suit indicators.

    When it comes to a particular time or period:

    Minor Arcana—For a short time

    Major Arcana—Someone will stay in your life for a long time

    Swords—One year

    Pentacles—Two years

    Hearts—Three years

    Wands—More years.

    If we want a shorter Have I met my soulmate tarot free reading, the reading can be reduced from nine to six questions, as follows:

    1. Who is my soulmate?
    2. Is this a Twin Flame? Same interpretation
    3. What will be the connection in life? Same interpretation
    4. Any past life connection? Same interpretation
    5. What is the purpose of the meeting? Same interpretation
    6. Will the duration be long or short? Same interpretation

    An Afterword

    We encounter different types of people at different points in our lives, and some of them are our soulmates. These people’s appearance is timed to various important circumstances in our lives; they offer the best life lessons we can’t get from anybody else.

    It is nice to be excited at the possibility of meeting your soulmate—no wonder a free soulmate tarot reading is such a popular request. Everyone wants to know where they can find their soulmate, when it will happen, and how the first meeting will go. The number one rule is to be open.

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