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Dating is exhausting these days. Luckily, following Zodiac compatibility guidance, you can find your Zodiac sign soulmate and increase your chances of finding a forever kind of love. And isn’t this something that we all crave?

Obviously, your sun sign (or even your entire birth chart) isn’t the only thing that matters for a successful relationship, but knowing who you are compatible with on paper does help. So let’s explore what astrologers have to say about soulmate Zodiac signs.

Aries Zodiac Soulmate—Leo

The ultimate Aries soulmate is Leo. This “fire meets fire” union is all about passion and excitement. Aries and Leo have perfectly complementary energies, which is why Leo understands Aries better than anyone and is certainly an Aries soulmate sign. These two are fearless leaders, and sparks never cease to fly in their relationship.

Taurus Zodiac Soulmate—Virgo

Virgo is the number one Taurus soulmate. As fellow earth signs, these two value stability and practicality, which makes them secure and peaceful partners for one another. Also, Virgo is one of the very few signs that can truly appreciate the love and care that Taurus puts in their physical surroundings, which explains why Virgo is probably the best Taurus soulmate sign.

Gemini Zodiac Soulmate—Aquarius

No one understands Gemini’s spontaneity better than the ultimate Gemini soulmate, Aquarius. Gemini is arguably the most impulsive and unpredictable Zodiac sign, and not everyone can handle them. Aquarius is one of the few who can (and happily so)—no wonder Aquarius is the most suitable Gemini soulmate sign.

Cancer Zodiac Soulmate—Pisces

The best Cancer soulmate is normally Pisces. An in-depth personalized astrology reading will help you learn the Cancer-Pisces dynamics in more detail. But for now, it’s enough to say that Cancer and Pisces are the two signs most in touch with their emotional sides. That’s the foundation of their unique bond and the main reason why Pisces is the ideal Cancer soulmate sign.

Leo Zodiac Soulmate—Sagittarius

Sagittarius is 100% a Leo soulmate. If you’re surprised that it’s not Airies, don’t be: soulmate signs don’t always work both ways because partners need different things. While Leo complements Aries perfectly, Sagittarius is a better match for Leo and the uncontested Leo soulmate sign. Their mutual lust for life will make Leo’s life a never-ending adventure and prevent them from getting bored.

Virgo Zodiac Soulmate—Capricorn

The perfect Virgo soulmate is a fellow earth sign, Capricorn. These two understand the value of hard work and share an exceptional work ethic. Unlike many other signs, they are also never afraid of commitment, especially when they feel like they’ve met the one. That’s one of the many reasons why Capricorn is the best Virgo soulmate sign.

Libra Zodiac Soulmate—Gemini

The Libra soulmate is definitely Gemini. As air signs, Libra and Gemini are both curious minds who enjoy socializing and sharing innovative ideas. Libra can easily get bored with some Zodiac signs, particularly earth ones. However, Gemini matches Libra’s thirst for intellectual stimulation perfectly, which makes them a fantastic Libra soulmate sign.

Scorpio Zodiac Soulmate—Cancer

Cancer is the Scorpio soulmate who understands the emotional depth of this water sign better than anyone. Not everyone can handle Scorpio’s intensity and occasional moodiness, but Cancer definitely can. These two develop a deep magnetic bond almost instantly, which proves that Cancer is definitely a Scorpio soulmate sign.

Sagittarius Zodiac Soulmate—Aries

Only Aries can fully match Sagittarius’ love for adventures—no wonder Aries is the number one Sagittarius soulmate. Any other Zodiac sign (except for Leo) is at risk in a relationship with Sagittarius because of how easily Sagittarians get bored. However, Aries has nothing to worry about; as a Sagittarius soulmate sign, they are naturally attracted to the same whirlwind of activity.

Capricorn Zodiac Soulmate—Taurus

Capricorn and Taurus are both very grounded earth signs, which is one of the reasons why Taurus is a Capricorn soulmate. Capricorn is drawn to Taurus’ sensuality and loyalty, while Taurus appreciates Capricorn’s determination and persistence. Together, these two can move mountains, proving that Taurus is indeed a Capricorn soulmate sign.

Aquarius Zodiac Soulmate—Libra

Libra is the best Aquarius soulmate; these two signs balance each other perfectly. Aquarians need someone who understands and accepts their innate need for freedom, and Libra clearly does. These two form a partnership that fosters continuous mutual growth, which explains why astrologers agree that Libra is the top Aquarius soulmate sign.

Pisces Zodiac Soulmate—Scorpio

The ultimate Pisces soulmate is a fellow water sign, Scorpio. These two feel deeper than any other signs, and they are not afraid to come off as emotionally intense. At the same time, Scorpio compensates for Pisces’ lack of strength and stability, which makes them the best Pisces soulmate sign.

An Afterword

Now you know the basics of soulmate signs Zodiac, but that’s just the beginning. To build a love that will last, you also need to understand how different Zodiac signs behave in relationships. Finding your soulmate is only part of what it takes to build a steady and happy partnership; focusing on learning everything there is to know about the person you are with is no less essential.

And, most importantly, remember that every relationship takes a lot of work, empathy, and compromise. Getting an astrology reading and studying your partner’s birth chart are only the first steps. Next, you need to keep putting everything you’ve learned into practice consistently, day after day.

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