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Why Is Food Important for Health and Energy Levels?

We are what we eat. You might wince at this cliche right now, but please, take a moment to think about it. Our body is created only from things we consume. Food is not only energy but a source of building materials for our cells and organs. 

You want them to function properly, right?

Then it is important to supply it with high-quality materials.

How Does Astrology Help to Choose the Best Diet?

Astrology allows you to understand which foods are best for you, and this might be a very different one from that of your best friend or the health coach you’re seeing.

Your Natal Chart has several parts that show your individual physical make-up, your metabolism rate, potential health risks, and the type of nutrition you’ll benefit from more.

Which Food Is Best for Your Zodiac Sign?

Pay special attention here!

Don’t look only at the Sun sign when it comes to food and nutrition. If you only know astrology on the level of “I’m a Virgo,” — then you should read up a little about Natal Charts first. 

Without deviating too much from the topic, I can only say that your Natal chart is divided into sectors called houses, and each one shows a specific area of life (money, love, work, etc).

The house we’re interested in here is the 6th House of health. Each house starts in some Zodiac sign (which might be different from your Sun sign).

What Does the 6th House Show About Your Health and Optimal Nutrition?

The following list provides food advice according to the position of your 6th house of health:

Aries: Warm, lightly seasoned foods with a little salt will promote better digestion and nutrition.

Taurus: Pay close attention to what you eat. Identify and avoid foods that make you feel uncomfortable after eating.

Gemini: A balanced diet is your key to good nutrition. Plan each meal to include foods from each of the four nutritional groups.

Cancer: Be sure to include foods that add bulk, such as salads and bran, to help eliminate. Periodic fasting may enhance your feeling of well-being.

Leo: Your key to good health is plenty of exercise. If you don’t do enough, you will tend to feel full and sluggish after eating, so make time for a brisk walk after a heavy meal.

Virgo: As surprising as it sounds, your advice is to pay attention to your posture both during the meal and afterward. This will help you avoid many minor digestive problems.

Libra: You should include more liquids in your diet. They help digestion by washing excess salts out of your system.

Scorpio: You have a tendency to eat when you feel like it, and your meals are very sporadic. This can cause a strong imbalance in your nutritional intake, so pay close attention to it.

Sagittarius: Your body is a very good marker of your state of health. If you have something to complain about - it is a red flag, and you should analyze your diet to see if there is something to improve or eliminate.

Capricorn: Follow your cravings. You’re actually lucky to have tastes in food that guide you toward the best choices for your body and health.

Aquarius: Overindulgence in sweets and carbs is likely to be your greatest problem. Do your best to keep it under control.

Pisces: Food allergies and gas are indicators of an unbalanced diet for you. Also, emotions at mealtimes affect your digestion, so try to create a pleasant atmosphere.

How Can I Improve My Food Habits for Better Health?

The guidelines above are still quite general, and an astrologer will look at other factors in your Natal Chart (the first house of the physical body, the Sun, which shows life force, etc) in order to guide you to a better way of supporting and nurturing your body from the inside. 

You can get a consultation with me now regarding your 6th house of health position.

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