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Different Types of Psychic: How to Choose the Right Psychic and Reading Type

There isn’t one correct way to choose a psychic. Some prefer to go by topics and look for a psychic who specializes in love reading or career reading. Many first-time clients are also interested in specific types of psychic abilities or reading techniques, for example, astrology or palmistry. Whatever the case, it helps to have at least a general understanding of what different types of psychic powers are and how they work in specific readings.

Types of Psychic Abilities

There are a lot of different types of psychic abilities, some more common than others. Also, even psychics with seemingly identical powers are never truly identical; all psychics’ extrasensory perception manifests itself in a unique way. Merely knowing the types of psychic abilities an advisor possesses is never enough.

Still, if you’re interested in what different psychic abilities encompass, here are a few common options:

Clairvoyance. Clairvoyants have the innate ability to see beyond the natural bounds of the world. This could be visualizing events before they happen, seeing auras that represent someone's emotions, or even perceiving spiritual entities. They might have visions that come in the form of images flashing before their eyes.

Clairsentience. Clairsentients can perceive energy through sensations in their body or emotions, which gives them an empathic ability to feel the histories, emotions, or energies of people and places. This allows them to provide guidance based on the undercurrents of a situation, possibly helping others to navigate their paths more harmoniously.

Empathy. Empath psychics have the heart-touching ability to literally feel what others are going through, absorbing the emotions and physical sensations of those around them. This psychic ability can be a guiding light in understanding the deeper layers of personal relationships.

Psychomentry. Psychometry is an intriguing ability where psychics can perceive the history, emotions, or even the essence tied to an object simply through physical touch. This tactile connection offers a gateway to unravel stories hidden in physical objects, perhaps helping to solve mysteries, find lost items, or understand personal histories more clearly.

This list is far from complete; there are many more types of psychic powers, including in Nebula’s pool of psychic advisors. Still, these are the easiest to come across, and they are also the most helpful in psychic-client communication.

Types of Psychic Readings

There are even more different types of psychic readings than there are different types of psychic abilities, so listing them all would take a while. But some readings are more popular than others.

If you’re new to them, chances are you’re considering one of the following:

Tarot Readings. Tarot readings involve a rich, symbolic language expressed through a deck of cards. Each reading, with its unique combination of cards, paints a detailed narrative that can offer guidance, clarity, and understanding. Tarot psychics help people navigate through life’s situations with a broader perspective and insightful advice.

Astrology. Using the cosmic blueprint created at the time of your birth, astrological readings offer a guide to understanding your innate strengths, weaknesses, and potential life paths. It’s a journey of self-discovery; psychics who practice astrology help clients align with their true selves and navigate their lives according to the celestial design.

Palmistry. This ancient art of reading the lines and structures of the hand can offer a wealth of knowledge. Each line represents a different aspect of your life, such as love, health, and life path. To the knowing eye of a psychic, the palm lines provide a roadmap to understanding the intricate patterns of your life, love, and even your future.

Numerology. By studying the mystical relationships between numbers and physical objects or living beings, numerology offers a fascinating perspective into one's personality and life path. Psychics knowledgeable in it have insight into personal compatibility, future predictions, and people’s true nature. They use their knowledge to help every client on their journey of self-understanding and growth.

Aura Readings. Aura readings allow psychics to interpret one’s energy field, which can reveal a lot about the person's personality, emotional state, and spiritual well-being. By interpreting the colors and patterns in their aura, people can better understand their inner selves. An aura reading is a great way to unlock your potential and navigate life with greater awareness.

Once again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to different reading types. The same psychic can possess different types of psychic powers and work across various readings. So, while it helps to know what psychic abilities and readings the psychic industry has to offer, it’s more important to find your perfect psychic match. Obviously, that’s unless you’re after a specific psychic ability, such as mediumship. If you’d like to talk to the spirit of a lost loved one, focus on types of psychic mediums specifically.

An Afterword: Do Types of Psychic Reading Even Matter?

They sure do, but only to an extent. In some cases, it makes sense to choose a psychic by their abilities or the reading types they work with; for example, different types of psychic mediums can help you communicate with the dead, but not every Tarot expert can. However, in most cases, the specific type of abilities the psychic possesses, and the reading types they practice are secondary. What matters more is the trust, communication, and overall rapport between the two of you.

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